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The penguin egg was released on 15 January 2008 along with the Summoning skill. To obtain an egg, players with a Summoning level of 30 or higher must talk to the penguin keeper in the zoo in East Ardougne. To hatch it, players must go to the incubator in the Yanille or Taverley Petshop. The egg will take about 2 hours to hatch into a baby penguin (logging out will stop the incubator).

Players can also make a Pengatrice egg by using the Spirit cobra's special ability on a Penguin egg (requires level 63 Summoning).


  • Players can receive multiple penguin eggs by dropping the first egg the penguin keeper gives them, asking for a new one and pick the dropped egg(s) back up. If players already have an adult penguin, they may receive another egg by placing the penguin into storage in a Pet house in Player-owned houses, then talking to the Penguin keeper.
  • Before the Summoning skill was released, Jagex introduced the raven egg and vulture egg into the game. In addition, there were several pictures of birds' eggs in the Knowledge Base, including the penguin egg. However, no one knew how to get this egg. Some players speculated that it could be received as a drop from penguins, and they began to kill penguins, hoping for an egg drop. It was not until Summoning was released when it was revealed that the penguin egg was not a drop from penguins, but could simply be retrieved from the penguin keeper with the required Summoning level.
  • There was a glitch involving penguin followers. When a member player dropped their penguin in a members' world (to have it following them) and then logged into a nonmembers' world, the penguin was not visible and could starve and run away without notifying the player. If this happened and players talk to the Penguin keeper, players are unable to obtain another penguin egg. It is unknown if this glitch has been fixed. However, if this glitch had happened to players, they still cannot obtain another penguin egg.

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