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A penguin in disguise.
A very suspicious rock.

Penguin Hide and Seek, also known as Penguin Hunting (not to be confused with the new Penguin Hunting Area), is one of the broadest extensions of Distractions and Diversions, and can be used to earn money or experience in any skill. Penguin Hide and Seek was released with the original three Distractions and Diversions on 2 September 2008.

The devious KGP are plotting to take over RuneScape and the authorities are unwilling to accept Larry’s ramblings as true claims and proper caution, rather than paranoia and insanity. He requires help to track down these conniving spies that have infiltrated even the farthest settlement, but he has a slight problem: if he went after them, who is going to watch those scheming penguins in the Ardougne Zoo? It is up to you to track down these sneaky spies and relay their movements to Larry!



After completion of the quest, Hunt for Red Raktuber, Larry is replaced by a polar bear npc, Chuck.

Getting Started

Our paranoid friend Larry is positioned near the south west side of the Ardougne Zoo, at a comfortably close proximity to the Penguin Exhibit. While the rest of RuneScape thinks he is insane, he alone realises the true threat the penguins pose and stands in faithful guardianship at the side of the Penguin enclosure!

  • Note: After Hunt for Red Raktuber, you will have to use the polar bear Chuck, instead of Larry. Chuck is located in the Polar Bear pen, east of where Larry was.

Simply ask him about penguin hunting and he will decide he is able to trust the adventurer with the information required to get out and do the dirty work for him.

He will give you a Spy notebook that keeps track of how many penguins you have found that week and how many Penguin points you have that are ready to be spent. Please note that the book is completely optional, but handy nonetheless. If you happen to lose your spy book, talk to Larry and he will give you another after a slight scolding

Can you spot the penguin?

Note: Every Wednesday (between 00:00 and 01:00 GMT) the penguins reset so you can hunt them down again.


There are no skill or combat levels required, but if you are low-level, you may want to bring food if going to a dangerous place.

Optional Quests Requirements

There are 2 quests rewarding extra features in Penguin Hunting:

  • Cold War - Once you complete Cold War, 5 of the 10 penguins will start rewarding two points instead of 1. Therefore pushing the maximum amount of points up to 15 per week.
  • Hunt for Red Raktuber - Once you complete Hunt for Red Raktuber, you will be able to spy on a Polar Bear each week. Therefore pushing the maximum amount of points a week up to 16.

Certain other quests may be needed to get to places that penguins are, however, not all of them will need to be completed, you will only need to start some of them (note that other quests may be required to complete these quests):

Complete Quests: These quests must be completed to be able to reach the new places.

Start Quests: You only need to reach a certain point in these quests to reach the new places.


Penguins can come in a variety of disguises that help them blend into their surroundings and go around unnoticed. The KGP went to great lengths to make sure the disguises are perfect, and indeed, they are near perfect! The only flaw is when the feathery spies are moving or looking around. The Feathery Bolshevik Investigations (FBI for short) had the sense to make their disguises common knowledge so that there will be little confusion on what is or is not a penguin spy!

Penguins in disguises Other
A penguin in a barrel. A penguin in a bush. A penguin in a cactus. A penguin in a crate. A penguin in a rock. A penguin in a toadstool. A polar bear in a well (after Hunt for the Red Raktuber)
Barrel Bush Cactus Crate Rock Toadstool Polar bear

Examine texts

  • Barrel - "What's black and white and smells like beer?"
  • Bush - "What's black and white and down to earth?"
  • Cactus - "What's black and white and covered in spines?"
  • Crate - "What's black and white and on a sneaking mission?"
  • Rock - "What's black and white and looks like a rock hopper?"
  • Toadstool - "What's black and white and covered in mushroom?"
  • Pumpkin - "What's black and white and smells of pumpkin?" (During Halloween, ALL penguins turn into pumpkins!)
  • Snowman - "What's black and white and covered in snow?" (During Christmas, ALL penguins turn into snowmen!)


A penguin spy wearing a disguise seen only during the Halloween events.
A penguin spy wearing a disguise seen only during the Christmas Events.

The Pumpkin Penguin (sometimes known as "pumpguins" to players) was first released during the 2008 Hallowe'en event and also used during the 2009 Hallowe'en event. This disguise is only seen during the Hallowe'en festivities.

The Snowman Penguin (sometimes known as "snowpengs" to players) was first released during the 2009 Christmas Event. This disguise is only seen during the Christmas festivities.

Helpful Hints

Suggested Items

Spellbook Teleports

The general Magic teleportation spells are very useful for getting around to find the penguins quickly. Common locations include:

Several players like to use the Lunar Magic Spell book, as they can teleport to some uncommon but useful places while still being able to get clues from Larry anywhere with the NPC Contact spell. Some Lunar teleportation locations include:

Not many use the Ancient Magicks spell book, as the Ancient teleport spells are generally less convenient in getting around. But it is still an option. Some Ancients teleportation locations include:

The Lunar spellbook has a significant advantage for those with 96 magic as they can cast Spellbook Swap and make use of all teleport spells.

Note: If you are on Lunar or Ancients, or just have a low mage level, House Portals or Teleportation Tablets are other time-saving options!

Larry/Chuck Location Hints

For a list of confirmed locations, see Distractions and Diversions Locations.

Chuck or Larry offers hints to help players locate penguins. Some of the hints are general areas, while other are more specific. Some locations may require certain quests to be completed in order to allow access to that area. If you receive more then ten location hints, it may be because a penguin has recently run over into another hint's area. Chuck or Larry will give hints for all penguins—whether you have already spied on them or not!

Polar Bear Agent

The PBJ Polar Bear Agent.

After the completion of Hunt for Red Raktuber, a single Polar Bear agent, a member of the PBJ can be found stationary in a well, looking for the penguin spies. Finding the agent will earn players an extra Penguin Point.

An example of a trapped penguin, with 2 spaces to move between.


It is possible to trap a penguin in one spot so that it can not move around by positioning players and the scenery around the penguin and boxing it in. When players are standing still, the penguin can't pass through them thus allowing the penguin to be trapped. This illusion is broken though when another player stands on the same square or runs through the trapper, allowing the penguin to escape from the trap. It is therefore very important not to step on or run through trappers when spying a trapped penguin.

If a trapper is stepped on, they should wait until the other player moves off them and then move off the square and then back to their original spot quickly. Alternatively, left clicking on the square they are standing on has the same effect.


1: If penguins are unable to move from the square they are standing on for approximately 7 minutes, then the penguin will "respawn" or teleport to its primary spawn point. Each penguin has one respawn point. So unless you’d like to go hunting all over again for that penguin, give it at least two squares to move around in!

Four Penguins trapped in Rellekka.

2: If you want to help herd penguins to trap it for others, follow it until it is near a suitable location, then open doors in front of the penguin and close them behind it. This works easier with 2 or more people.

3: Have some common courtesy. If you see a penguin trapped in a building or pen and open the door or see the door open, close it! It's considerate to do so not only for your fellow Penguin Hunters, but also for those that trap the penguins for all to have easy access to.

  • If you can, spy over water, lava, fences, through windows, low walls, etc.

4: Try not to stand on people who are trapping a penguin; standing on a person allows the penguin to pass through the trap. Players should take the following precautions:

  • Turn off run when approaching the penguin.
  • Move to a square with a line of sight to the penguin before spying.
  • Click away after spying. (Otherwise players may automatically walk towards the penguin).
  • Immediately shut doors behind you if you are entering a room that a penguin is trapped in.

Penguin Hints and Tips

Tip: Since penguins do not appear as a dot on your Mini-map, turn your sound up! Penguins are very noisy spies, and can be generally heard if they are visible on your screen. It is sort of a mechanical chugging sound, interspersed with Penguins peeps.

Tip: Look for the polar bear; they can't move, are always in wells and give one extra penguin point. You must have completed Hunt for Red Raktuber quest.

Tip: Don't be afraid to ask other players if they have recently seen a penguin, you never know!


Players may earn a maximum of 10 points per week if no penguin quests have been completed, 15 points per week if the Cold War quest is completed, and 16 points per week if the Hunt for Red Raktuber quest is completed.

  • The penguins in the easier locations are always worth one point each.
  • The penguins in more difficult locations (such as areas that require a quest) are worth one point. A bonus point is awarded for these penguins after the completion of the Cold War quest, for a total of two.
  • If the quest The Hunt for Red Raktuber has been completed, players may also spy on a Polar Bear once a week for an additional penguin point.

Note: Penguins worth two points will only provide their bonus point after Cold War is complete. Spying a "two-point" penguin without finishing Cold War will only earn one point. The PBJ agent from the Hunt for Red Raktuber quest cannot be spied until that quest is complete.

Penguin points can be redeemed by talking with Chuck or Larry. Players may choose either a coin reward or an experience reward. The player will be rewarded for as many points as they have at the time of speaking and will not be asked how many points to redeem. Keep this in mind if you wish to use penguin points for multiple skills.

  • If coins are chosen, the player will receive 6,500 coins per point
  • If experience is chosen, the amount of experience gained is dependent on the player's current level in the chosen skill. The formula for determining the amount of experience gained is:
    • Level of skill choice times 25 = amount of experience per point
      • i.e. if your Summoning is level 16 and you trade in 11 points, you will receive 4400 experience in total. (25x16)x11 = 4400

Note: Chuck the polar bear in Ardougne Zoo replaces Larry after completion of the Hunt for Red Raktuber quest. Speak to him to redeem Penguin Points after the quest.

Note: Chuck or Larry will only keep track of up to 50 points per player. Any points earned beyond 50 will be lost.

Note: Even if the skill level increases in the process of spending points, the "Skill level" in the above formula does not change. For example, if a player needs 1000 experience to get to level 41, spending 2 points would only earn 2000 experience.


  • The examine text for penguins disguised as crates is a reference to the video game Metal Gear Solid. The main character of the game, Solid Snake, uses Cardboard boxes as disguise and often goes on "sneaking" missions in the game.
  • During December 2009, a graphical glitch allowed a player who was Bait or Fly Fishing to "fish on land". To do this, the player had to be in the process of fishing and then attempting to spy on penguin they had already spied on.
Spying on a penguin while fishing. (low quality)
  • During Thanksgiving 2008,free players could spot 10 Hidden Turkeys. This was similar to Penguin Hide and Seek, and was available for free players.
  • Players used to be able to spot all the penguins twice in a week. If a player spotted all penguins within the first few hours of the penguins resetting, later that week they could be spotted again. Jagex has fixed this bug.
  • On 28 January 2009, there was a glitch where players were able to spy on the same penguin over and over again. This led to masses of players abusing the glitch, allowing them to gain points quickly and receiving massive amounts of experience or coins in a short time. On 3 February, Paul Gower posted a thread in the Recent Updates forum, saying that 159 players have been permanently banned and a number of players involved were given temporary bans for breaking Rule 4.
  • After Hunt for Red Raktuber, players could continue to contact Larry through the NPC Contact spell in the Lunar spellbook and receive hints, even though Larry had been taken to the Motherland. This is now fixed, so you can only contact Chuck.
  • When exchanging points its says "show me the money" a catch phrase from the movie Jerry Maguire

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