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A baby penguin animation.
An adult penguin animation.

Penguins are pets that can be incubated at a pet shop at level 30 Summoning. Penguin eggs can be obtained for free by talking to the Ardougne Zoo penguin keeper. On average, they take about around 2 hours to hatch once put in the incubator (note, it only counts time spent logged in). (Incubators are located in pet shops, which are located in Taverley and Yanille.) After hatching, a baby penguin eats raw fish and will mature into a grown penguin over time. Baby penguins come in the colours of blue and black. When taken from the incubator, the player taking the penguin will get a message saying "There is a newborn baby penguin here!"

When the baby penguin is born, for every 15% hunger it gains, it grows by 1%, and 1% takes about 4 mins (400 mins/6.66 hrs).

To know if a penguin is hungry, wait for the noise: "awk awk awk."

Penguins come in three different colours: plain grey, reddish grey, and bluish grey.
A player with a baby penguin.
A Adult bluish grey penguin.


Penguins can be understood at 40 Summoning.


  • If you take your penguin to a really snowy place, he will slide on his belly (only fully grown penguins can do this).
  • The penguin could be a Snares Penguin, a real (very rare/endangered) penguin that lives on one of the southern islands of New Zealand, Snares Island. Hence the name Snares Penguin. However, the examine text for the adult form, 'Emperor of all he surveys', may imply that it is an emperor penguin.
  • Pet penguins are the offspring of the evil penguins from Cold War and they have been revealed as part of the plot line in Postbag from the Hedge 35.
  • "Slide" could be a reference to the book/movie Fight Club. It could also be a reference to the fairly common activity among penguins that is sliding.
  • When you have your baby penguin in your inventory, the examine information used to be Can't fly and can barely walk, but adorable none the less, but if you have it out and following you, the examine information is Can't fly and can barely walk, but adorable nonetheless. This has been fixed.
  • You can build a Polar habitat at your Menagerie in your Player-owned house. Even when you do so, your penguin may complain that it is too warm, even when standing in the menagerie. (In reality, penguins enjoy warm weather) It also won't slide, like it does on snow elsewhere.
  • There was a glitch involving penguin followers. When a member player dropped their penguin in a members' world (to have it following them) and then logged into a nonmembers' world, the penguin was not visible and could starve and run away without notifying the player. If this happened and players talk to the Penguin keeper, players are unable to obtain another penguin egg. It is unknown if this glitch has been fixed. However, if this glitch had happened to players, they still cannot obtain another penguin egg. So always remember to pick it up before going on a nonmembers' world!
  • For some strange reason, penguins have a faster hunger rate than other pets.
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