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  3. Illogical or previously disproven.
  4. Proven by canon source, and moved to main article.
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See the Lostpedia theory policy for more details.

From Lostpedia Theory Policy: "A theory is an attempt to explain a certain mystery using logic backed up with logically consistent observations and facts. Without supporting evidence, statements are merely speculation. Speculation is similar to theories except there are no facts or logic to back the theory up." - This is a theory page, not a speculation page. Speculation without supporting evidence can be deleted. To respond to a theory, use the discussion page. Feel free to add supporting evidence to an existing theory.



  • She and her father Charles have access to the listening stations which is how she was able to transmit her message to Charlie so quickly. Naomi lied about working for Penny to gain their trust.
  • She is the daughter of Charles and Eloise. Her mother has never been revealed and Charles is removed for consorting with an outsider. As Daniel does not get nosebleeds, it is reasonable to assume that he was not born on the island--therefore Eloise evacuated after the incident but before having the baby. Eloise switches to Dharma-side (hence her presence at the Lamp Post) making her an outsider at the time of the the birth of Penelope.
    • Doesn't need to be that complicated. An "outsider" may simply be somebody who's no longer on the island. Eloise left the island, clearly, and thus became an outsider. Widmore carried on a relationship with her long-distance, conceived Penny, and was promptly kicked out.
      • Didn't Eloise leave the Island because just like DHARMA, the Others knew of the risks when having babies on the Island that is why people from DHARMA left the Island to give birth. Eloise left the Island to give birth to Faraday and then Widmore had a relationship with someone else because if Eloise was the leader at the time if she left because of pregnancy why would she be hated and cast as an outsider when knowing so many secrets. Further proof is that Richard didn't have a problem with Ben even though he left and was not cast an outsider even though he disobeyed Jacob. Also Eloise probably left to take control of the Lamp Post because she knew they would have to go back to the Island proving that she was contributing and not leaving to be an outsider.
  • A left-field theory: Claire is Penelope's mother. If Claire wasn't dead when Locke found her in the cabin with Christian, it's possible Claire has been on the island jumping through time with the others, and finally settling in 1974. She then could have met Charles Widmore through Christian, and has spent three years with him. She would definitely qualify as an outsider, and may have started the complications with pregnant women: she would not have been born in 1977 - which could have side effects? Also, it's obvious Eloise and Charles had a major falling out over something: this would qualify.



Theory 1: When Desmond time travelled to the past, he told her about the island, it's general location, etc. so she would know where to look for him.

  • She could know that Desmond is on the island because Desmond told her all about it when he (probably) travelled back in time.
    • He (probably) didn't travel back in time. He maybe time travelled. But probably relived his whole life in flash forward in his mind.
      • According to Damon Lindelof in the June '07 issue of the Lost magazine, Desmond did travel back in time.
  • Penelope knows to look for a magnetic anomaly because Desmond told her during a flashback/time travel or whatever you call this experience.
  • She appears to have hired the two men assigned to Listening Station to search for the electromagnetic signal and/or Desmond.


  • If Desmond goes back in time, why not prevent himself from going to the island in the first place rather than tell Penny where to find him?
    • Because, as Faraday tells Desmond, "you can't change the future." Being on the Island was already part of the 1996 Desmond's future and he could not change the course of any events that occured BEFORE his last "consciousness jump" into 1996. He could only affect things that hadn't already happened, such as Penny being there to take his call on Christmas Eve.

Theory 2: She is the person who planted Libby to meet Desmond and give him the Elizabeth.

  • According to the words of Penelope in Desmond flashback where Jack arrives to the stadium: "With a lot of money and determination, you can find anyone." Now she is trying to track Desmond because of love, but it appears to be a hard bone because the Island's electromagnetism scatters light in a way that makes the island invisible, see Daniel's journal.
  • She put a tracking device in The Elizabeth that tracks where Desmond goes and is.
    • The tracker stopped functioning when he got to the Island so Penny searched the area, discovering strange magnetic activity and set up the post with Henrik and Matias to pinpoint the area. Just a theory but it explains why Penny might know the general whereabouts of Desmond.
      • That would beg the question why the post was put up in the Arctic.
        • Perhaps the post is in the Antarctic, the only landmass south of Australia -- its mentioned as being close to the Island in Exodus. This would be much closer to the Island.
  • After Desmond disappears, she tracked down Donovan and found out some of the information Desmond told him, and then began to investigate her father's involvement with the island. Evidence?

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