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Final Fantasy

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Japanese Name Penelo
Kana パンネロ
Romaji Pannero
Voice actor(s)
Yuna Mikuni
Voice actor(s)
Catherine Taber
Age Final Fantasy XII
JPN16 / NA, PAL17
Revenant Wings
JPN17 / NA, PAL18
Height 160 cm (5' 3")
Race Hume
Home Rabanastre
Quickenings Intercession
Revenant Wings Job class Dancer/White Mage/Sky Pirate
Revenant Wings
Dance of Rapture
Final Fantasy XII Character
"I'll be going too, of course. Every good sky pirate needs a partner, right?"

Penelo is a player character in Final Fantasy XII. She is Vaan's childhood friend, and the two are very close. Penelo could be considered Vaan's love interest, but unlike previous installments, she does not take major relevance in the plot, in contrast to previous characters like Aerith Gainsborough and Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII, Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII, Garnet til Alexandros XVII from Final Fantasy IX, and Yuna from Final Fantasy X. Although in Square Enix's Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, the story line mainly revolves around her relationship with Vaan becoming ever the more closer.



Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Final Fantasy XII

Penelo with Vaan - Artwork by Isamu Kamikokuryo.

Growing up in Rabanastre, Penelo and her family lived happily for some time. Five years prior to the start of the story, a plague had hit Rabanastre killing many people, but Penelo's family survived. Vaan's parents had a tragic fate, however, both meeting their deaths then. Penelo's parents decided they would care of both the orphaned Vaan and Reks.

Three years later, the war between Dalmasca and Archadia began. During the conflict, both of Penelo's parents were killed as well as Vaan's brother Reks. Penelo was taken in by her parent's friend, the Bangaa Migelo, who let her and Vaan work at his sundry shop, doing various odd-jobs.

Vaan and Penelo are childhood friends. Although they are both close, they never pursued romance. Penelo is often frustrated with Vaan's obsession with becoming a Sky Pirate, and frequently tries to dissuade him from getting into trouble. Penelo is seen right at the beginning of the game, lecturing Vaan about trying to steal from Archadian soldiers. Some time thereafter, Penelo meets up with Vaan at the Giza Plains nomad camp, when Vaan was trying to obtain a few sunstones. She accompanies Vaan and later admits that she enjoyed their time together at the plains. When she hears that there were intruders caught trespassing the palace grounds, she rushes to the site, knowing full well that Vaan had planned to sneak into the palace. She meets up with Balthier at this point, where the sky pirate assures her that Vaan will be safe.

Penelo in the ending of Final Fantasy XII.

Unknowingly, her first meeting with Balthier was seen by the headhunter gang led by Ba'Gamnan. They then assume mistakenly that Penelo knew Balthier personally and kidnap her, leaving a note for Balthier to meet with them at the Lhusu Mines in Bhujerba if he wanted to save her. Penelo is freed by her captors when Balthier shows up, and she makes her escape, only to be caught by Archadian soldiers. She is brought to Judge Ghis, where she meets Larsa Ferrinas Solidor. The two become friends quickly, although Penelo is initially reluctant to trust Larsa, the latter being the brother of Vayne Carudas Solidor. However, Larsa explains how the men of his family are taught to put the needs of others first, and having earned her trust, lends her some manufacted Nethicite.

She later reunites with Vaan onboard the Dreadnought Leviathan. The Nethicite Larsa gave her helps protect them from Judge Ghis' magick. She then escapes with the band of sky pirates and asks that Vaan let her follow through their journey. Along their quest, Penelo and Vaan exchange knowledge about the world of Ivalice with the rest of the party. After they defeat Vayne Carudas Solidor, she takes on new clothes and joins Vaan, now a sky pirate with his own airship, as his partner.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Penelo's "new" design.
"Vaan's childhood friend, always there to lend a helping hand--or a proper scolding. Penelo is ever the faithful navigator, even when Vaan strays off course in new (and alarming) ways."
Revenant Wings instruction booklet

Penelo is the female protagonist in Revenant Wings. Together with Vaan, the two of them travel Ivalice looking for treasure. They meet up with Fran and Balthier in the Glabados Ruins and manage to find two shards of Auracite, one of which is given to Vaan and Penelo as their introduction to Sky Pirating. However, the ruins started to collapse and while they managed to escape on the Strahl, Vaan and Penelo lose their airship.

Penelo in a FMV from Revenant Wings.

With no means to continue Sky Pirating, Vaan and Penelo are forced to go back to a quiet life in Dalmasca. Penelo is relieved because she no longer has to worry about Vaan constantly putting himself in danger; however, she is also afraid that Vaan would never be content in a life without adventure.

With the arrival of the derelict outside Rabanastre, her fears prove true as Vaan sneaks into the ship and steals it. Although she is a bit reluctant to go, she agrees to travel with Vaan to the sky continent of Lemurés and their adventure starts once again. During the events of the game, In the Sky Saloon, Penelo will man the Cafe. Speaking to her at certain points in the game will unlock new missions, most consisting of collecting food.

While in Lemurés, the party comes across a wounded soldier named Velis (and Llyud) in an island otherwise only occupied by Yarhi. After she treats his wounds, Penelo and Velis become very close, much to Vaan's dismay. Penelo shows a unique bond with Mydia's late love, Velis. After getting close, Penelo seemingly tempts him into speaking using a dance. However, he later reveals that he is dead, an illusion, and once he tells Penelo the truth about himself, the Judge of Wings arrives and turns him into his true form. The party is forced to fight Velis, but Penelo holds back, unwilling to hurt her friend.

In contrast to Final Fantasy XII she has a set Job, in this case a hybrid of White Mage and Dancer, and she wields staves as her weapons of choice. She cannot do physical harm to enemies, as her normal action is to automatically use Cure on nearby allies. Since she can send healing magic from afar, she is classified as a Ranged unit. Penelo's Quickening, Dance of Rapture, fully restores the HP for all allies and removes all debuffs. It can be obtained by defeating Ultima.

She also appears in a secret ending clip (obtained by completing everything in the game, including the hidden dungeon Midlight's Deep) where her and Vaan are attempting to sneak out of Rabanastre, only to be caught by Filo and Kytes, leading to Vaan picking up Penelo and making a mad dash for it while Filo and Kytes pursue with several Yarhi. It is notable that in this clip, she kisses Vaan before they are caught sneaking off.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

"Vaan's steadfast partner, Penelo sometimes gently - but more often severely - keeps him from staying too far off course. Already a famed sky pirate, she is also fast gaining renown as a skillful dancer."

After fighting alongside Vaan in the Moorabella Aerodrome, Luso meets Penelo when she shows up to scold Vaan for going to the wrong Aerodrome hangar. When she forces Vaan to apologize to Luso for nearly stealing his mark, Vaan leaves, mumbling about how one of his other leads being a waste of time. Penelo then turns to Luso and tells him this is Vaan's way of apologizing, by giving him a head start on a good treasure lead.

As in Revenant Wings, her unique job is Dancer, though she now has the degenerating dances of the Final Fantasy Tactics Dancer. She can access Viera Jobs. To recruit Penelo you must be at the last quest and go to Fluorgis. An event bubble will pop up. Go to Fluorgis and Al-Cid Margrace will give you a letter for a sky pirate that you "know", upon which Penelo will appear and join your clan. The law system in the game views her has a Viera, so any laws that effect Viera also effect her.


Out of the playable characters of Final Fantasy XII, Penelo has potentially the highest MP, and at Level 99 has the highest magic power, tied with Ashe. However, she has the lowest HP growth and strength, and her vitality is high and speed is average, making her a good mage character. She joins the party with the Licenses "Daggers 1", "Light Armor 1", and "White Magick 1", and equipped with a Dagger, Leather Cap, and Leather Clothing.

Final Fantasy XII

Level HP MP Strength Magic Vitality Speed
1 65 - 66 36 - 37 20 18 23 24
10 244 - 275 51 - 62 25 23 26 25
20 570 - 658 73 - 100 30 28 30 26
30 989 - 1,153 95 - 140 35 33 34 27
40 1,385 - 1,621 123 - 189 40 38 38 29
50 2,018 - 2,372 146 - 231 45 43 41 30
60 2,577 - 3,035 168 - 270 50 48 45 31
70 2,894 - 3,407 185 - 297 55 54 49 32
80 3,259 - 3,838 201 - 325 60 59 53 34
90 3,758 - 4,428 212 - 341 65 64 56 35
99 4,321 - 5,096 217 - 346 70 69 60 36

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Level Ability Description
3 Curaga Restore HP to all allies in range.
7 Mystic Dance Give Faith to all allies in range.
12 Esunaga Remove debuffs from all allies in range.
18 War Dance Give Bravery to all allies in range.
25 Raise Revive one KO'd ally.
33 Hypnotic Dance Inflict Disable on surrounding foes.
42 Holy Deal damage to one foe.


Catherine Taber as Penelo
Image:PeneloVoice 1.ogg
Trouble with the audio sample?

Penelo is voiced by Catherine Taber in the English release of Final Fantasy XII. In the Japanese release she is voiced by Yuna Mikuni.


For a time, it was mistakenly believed that Penelo was voiced by Tara Strong, the English voice of Rikku in Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, and Kingdom Hearts II.

Musical Themes

Penelo's theme is simply titled "Penelo's Theme". It is a light, cheerful piece that prominently features woodwind instruments. It is played near the beginning of the game, when Penelo scolds Vaan for stealing.

Other Appearances

Itadaki Street Portable

Penelo also appears as a character in Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Penelo makes a small cameo in Dissidia Final Fantasy as a tutor from the in-game manuals, the Character Info, in which she also expresses her personal opinions on each character. Curiously, she does not seem to like all the heroes, namely the Warrior of Light (too tough on himself and others), Firion (intimidating), Cloud Strife (not interesting), Squall Leonhart (always worrying and moping around), and Zidane Tribal (too flirtatious). Also curiously, she appears to like some Warriors of Chaos like Cloud of Darkness (calling her snake-tendrils cute and wishing she had them), Golbez (seeing him as a sweet older brother), and Jecht (commenting him to have the body of a bronzed god). She also expresses her discontent on the fact that Gabranth, and not Vaan, is representing Final Fantasy XII in the game. She also references Vaan and Kytes by comparing them to Bartz and Onion Knight, respectively. She also admits that she idolizes Terra of Final Fantasy VI due to being the lone female on the current Warriors of Cosmos, and for possessing a mature personality.


Penelo in battle.

Render - Final Fantasy XII.

Penelo's concept art.

Render - Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

Sprite - Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

Portrait - Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

Sprite - Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

Portrait sprite - Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

Itadaki Street Portable.

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