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The Pendragon Universe (or Pendragon timeline) was an alternate quantum reality that diverged from the mainstream universe in early 2372.

The point of divergence rests on the outcome of Admiral James Leyton's coup on Earth. In the Pendragon timeline, the coup was successful and triggered the start of a Federation Civil War which lasted until 2374.

Another key event that furthered the divergence between the timelines was the destruction of Deep Space 9 during the war, which sealed the Bajoran wormhole and prevented the Dominion War from beginning.

Events not stemming from the outcome of Leyton's coup, such as the second Borg incursion in 2373, occured in the Pendragon timeline as in the mainstream universe, albeit sometimes with different outcomes.

This timeline was called the "Pendragon universe" because of the importance of the USS Pendragon and her Captain, Timothy Sinclair in the years following the civil war.

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