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A player mastered in all four roles doing the Penance Master Horn emote.
The Penance master horn is a horn released with the Barbarian Assault Improvement Update on 19 January 2010. To obtain it, players must have level 5 in any Barbarian Assault role. Players may obtain a normal Penance horn from Commander Connad for free, and he will upgrade it to a Penance master horn. The Penance master horn lasts for more experience than the regular penance horn.

The horn slowly accumulates charges if the player is playing Barbarian Assault. When wielding a charged horn and training Mining, Firemaking, or Agility, players will receive double experience at the cost of charges.

The horn has an inscription engraved around the spiral that reads: "Take me here, take me there, for skill improvement if you dare. From my saved potential, when training, I will grant you double experience in the arts of burning logs, mining ores and completing agility courses."

When using the check-potential option on the horn it reads: "While equipped, the horn doubles the XP your receive. The amount you can use to gain this XP depends upon the activity and your skill level." Followed by the stage it's in.

When you purchase this item, keep in mind that you DO NOT lose your mastery in a certain role.

To charge the horn, enter any wave waiting room, and rotate the statue located in northern part of the room. After rotating, the horn will gain charges instead of the honor points being given for playing a certain role in one wave. When playing for honour points, that wave's stats will count also in the minigame hiscores. When playing for experience potential, then that wave's stats will not alter the player's position in the minigame hiscores.

Operating the horn when wielded yields a new emote as well. Players need level 5 in a role for each emote.

When a player has mastered all roles in the Barbarian assault minigame, all 4 roles will circle around the player.

If a player dies with the horn, a replacement horn can be obtained from Commander Connad. Any charge that the horn had when lost is retained and still available to be used in mining, agility and firemaking experience.

As soon as your penance master horn runs out of charges it will continue to give you the message: "Your penance horn has run out of XP potential. You can get more by playing Barbarian assault." every time you do something the horn gives xp while charged.



  • Your horn is empty
  • Your horn is almost empty
  • Your horn has only a little potential remaining
  • Your horn is less than a quarter full
  • Your horn is around a quarter full
  • Your horn is nearly a third full
  • Your horn is around a third full
  • Your horn is almost half full
  • Your horn is around half full
  • Your horn is nearly two thirds full
  • Your horn is around two thirds full
  • Your horn is less than three quarters full
  • Your horn is around three quarters full
  • Your horn is more than three quarters full
  • Your horn is almost full
  • Your horn is full

Experience bonuses

Each of these stages beyond empty will last for approximately 1k exp * (your level), resulting in 500 * (your level) free exp for each of the 15 stages.



When the master horn has full potential it will last for approximately 1,350,000 experience (at level 90), resulting in 675k of free experience (at level 90) for agility, firemaking or mining. This does not double exp when barbarian rod fishing, or catching butterflies.


Completely loaded Penance Master Horn lasts for approximately 1,210,000 mining experience (605k of free experience).

This stacks with the Sacred Clay tools. Completely loaded Penance Master horn lasts for approximately 1,815,000 mining experience whilst using a stealing creation pickaxe


The bonus stacks with ring of fire and flame gloves. Example: Burning a willow log will net 195 experience.

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