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The Penance horn can be obtained for free from Commander Connad at the Barbarian Assault minigame (no Barbarian Assault points are required to acquire the horn). The item gives double experience to Agility, Mining and Firemaking (burning logs). When receiving double experience from a skill task, the Penance Horn will lose some of its charge. The charges can be regained by fighting through all ten waves of Barbarian Assault several times. The player can click 'Check-potential' on the horn to see how much charges it has remaining. It can be upgraded to a Penance master horn, but the player needs to be level 5 in any Barbarian Assault role. Neither item offers any combat bonuses.

To begin charging the horn, the player should enter any waiting room and rotate the statue located in the northern part of the room. After rotating, the horn will gain charges as the player plays the minigame, but no honour points will be earned. Thus, the player cannot charge the horn and gain honour points at the same time. If the player dies with the horn, Commander Connad will give it back for free and with the same amount of charges it had before it was lost.

Note that the Penance master horn can hold much more experience than the regular horn.



The XP reward can be gained through completing agility courses excluding the Werewolf Skullball or the Agility Pyramid courses. When doing the Dorgesh Kaan agility course the horn only affects the experience you get for the obstacles, not the bonus you get from Turgall. The XP you get from the Horn is based upon your level in agility. The higher your level, the more bonus you can get.


While lighting logs, you will receive double XP. If you also wear either the Ring of fire or Flame gloves the bonus won't apply to the extra xp from the horn. You will get the normal XP on top of what you would get from burning it with any accessories, making the total experience rate x2.02 or x2.05 with one or both equipped, respectively.


While mining ores you will receive double XP. When used with a Sacred clay pickaxe, you will receive 3x the xp from the ore. And neither will degrade any quicker. For example: if you mine an iron ore without the Sacred clay pickaxe, or the horn, you receive 35 XP. If you mine it with either the horn or the Sacred clay pickaxe, you receive 70XP, if you mine 1 iron ore wielding both the horn, and the Sacred clay pickaxe, then you receive 105XP. The xp bonus does not work with a Shooting Star.

Horn messages

When checking the horn potential you can get the following messages to indicate how much you have left:

  • Your horn is empty.
  • Your horn is almost empty.
  • Your horn has only a little potential remaining.
  • Your horn is less than a quarter full.
  • Your horn is around one quarter full.
  • Your horn is nearly one third full.
  • Your horn is around one third full.
  • Your horn is nearly half full.
  • Your horn is almost half full.
  • Your horn is around half full.
  • Your horn is nearly two thirds full.
  • Your horn is around two thirds full.
  • Your horn is nearly three quarters full.
  • Your horn is around three quarters full.
  • Your horn is more than three quarters full.
  • Your horn is almost full.
  • Your horn is full.

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