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The Penance Queen is the boss monster of the Barbarian Assault minigame, as well as RuneScape's 26th most powerful monster in combat level, though some believe she is easily as hard as the Kalphite Queen. She uses magic attacks in rapid succession that can easily hit over 20, and simultaneously strike all players fighting her. Players may not use protection prayers whilst fighting her. She can easily wipe out a whole party of players, especially if there is no cooperation between team members.

Upon defeating her, players will receive 80 Honour Points in their chosen class, as well as 5 points in all other classes. Also, players may now receive trade items from Commander Connad on the ground floor of the Barbarian Assault building. Previously, this was not the case.

Since the Queen is located within a "safe" minigame, you will not lose any items if you die when fighting her.


Fighting Strategy

Remember, teamwork is vital!

Recommended member roles:

  • 1 Attacker
  • 1 Defender
  • 2 Healers
  • 1 Collector

After a certain amount of time, the Queen will come out and fire wave upon wave of magic attacks. Level 63 Queen Spawns will be aggressively moving around the chamber; ignore those as they will have little effect on the outcome of the fight. Upon arrival of the Queen, the team should start making Omega eggs. 8 Omega eggs are needed to kill the Penance Queen. It is required that all other Penance monsters, excluding spawns, are killed before attempting to kill the Queen.

The CHAD system must be used to defeat her, it goes as follows:

  • The Collector gathers Yellow eggs that the Queen drops. The eggs are passed ("Use" option) to the Healer.
  • The Healer dunks the eggs in the poison springs. Once done, the eggs are given to the Attacker.
  • The Attacker adds spikes to the eggs from the spiked mushrooms. The eggs are passed along to the Defender. It is recommended that you collect the spikes before the queen comes, as it will speed up the process of passing the eggs on, and ultimately improves chance of survival.
  • The Defender dunks the eggs in the lava craters, and hands them back to the Collector.
  • The Collector places them in the Egg Hopper, and the Egg Launcher is ready to be fired.

Once the Omega eggs are loaded, any team member can start shooting the Penance Queen. Each hit damages the Queen by about 30+ damage. Keep hitting with Omega eggs until the Queen is killed. (This is just as easy as it sounds if you communicate with your team).

The purple rings are lethal projectiles.


  • Guthan's armour is quite useful for this fight. Players with this set can heal off the Queen Spawn, taking some pressure off the healers.
  • It is best for the team to stay near the healing pool, so they can be constantly healed by one of the healers.
  • Dragonhide armour seems to make no difference from Rune armour in protecting against her Magic attacks, as she can hit constant 20s on either armour.
  • Patience is necessary, as killing the Penance Queen may take a while.
  • As with all Barbarian Assault waves, prayer cannot be used.
  • Level 5 healers are VERY useful in this wave.


  • The examine text "Run Away! Run Away!" may be a reference to the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."



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