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The agreement that ended the war.
Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty

Galactic Civil War


19 ABY

  • Galactic Civil War comes to an end
"After more than two decades, the galaxy's most devastating war ended with the muted scratch of a writing stylus."
Voren Na'al

The Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty, or Bastion Accords, was the treaty of peace signed by the Imperial Remnant's Supreme Commander, Fleet Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, and the New Republic's Acting Chief of State, Ponc Gavrisom, in 19 ABY, marking the formal end of the Galactic Civil War.

The treaty was the brainchild of Pellaeon who, after acknowledging the impossibility of an honorable victory over the New Republic, proposed it to the Imperial Council of Moffs, select officers of the Imperial Starfleet, and other officials who, for the most part, grudgingly agreed. The Braxant Sector's Moff, Disra, though openly siding with Pellaeon, chose to side with Imperial Guardsman Grodin Tierce and a con-artist named Flim to take advantage of the Caamas Document Crisis in order to nearly bring both the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant into separate internal civil wars. The plan, though, was foiled by agents on both sides. After Pellaeon and Leia Organa Solo engaged in preliminary talks aboard the Millennium Falcon in the Pesitiin system, the signing of the treaty was carried out by Pellaeon and Gavrisom at Bastion aboard the Star Destroyer Chimaera.

Terms of the treaty

Another view of the treaty

The treaty did not outline a surrender of any sort on the side of either the Imperial Remnant or the New Republic; it instead put forth terms that would leave what remained of the Galactic Empire intact but with an end of hostilities between the two rival parties. It additionally opened the Imperial Remnant to trade and commerce with the New Republic, and put forth limitations on smuggling for both governments to enforce. In addition, systems in either government group would be allowed to choose their alignment, satisfying Imperial-loyal systems in New Republic space.




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