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Planet of origin


Average length

3 meters

Peko-pekos were large, strong reptavians, whose great raucous squawks carried over long distances. They were native to the Gungan swamps of Naboo.


A peko-peko.

They congregated in large flocks but generally traveled in pairs and mated for life. Both male and female had beautiful indigo-sapphire plumage that could be seen and both were the same size. Peko-pekos had powerful wings and fairly toxic skin. Most animals left Peko-pekos alone as their toxins caused sharp stomach pains, vomiting, and occasional deaths. Not all animals were susceptible, however. Ironically, the peko peko's blood contained anti-venom for glie-based poisons. They also had keen eyesight, clawed wings to help them climb, and a powerful beak that could crush even the hardest of nuts.

Besides nuts, the Peko-Peko also ate kaadu eggs and small creatures. Certain nuts and seeds would not germinate unless they passed through the peko-peko's gastrointestinal system. They were preyed upon by tusk-cats.

Skilled mimics, they imitated perfectly the sounds of many other animals. Easily taught to talk in captivity, they were a favorite pet of both Gungans and Naboo. The peko-peko nested in the high hollows of trees. The female laid two eggs at a time. Both partners cared for hatchlings.

Impressively sized specimens were known as "Giant Peko-Pekos". It is unclear if they were simply more mature, or a separate breed.


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