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The following is a list of all the spoken lines said by pedestrians, policemen, paramedics and so on.


San Andreas

Carl Johnson (getting arrested)

  • Come on, do I look like gangster? I’m a businessman!
  • Whats wrong? You ran out of donuts?
  • You can talk about this in the shower with your buddies!
  • Fuck you one time!

Carl Johnson (colliding with other cars)

  • Did you buy your license?
  • Inbreeding makes you dumb, huh?
  • My car!
  • What kind of license you got? Fishing license?
  • Having a bad week, huh? I'll make it worse for that!
  • Your mom must be proud of your driving, fool!
  • Fuck,you hit me!
  • Damn! My Whip!
  • Did you steal your license!
  • You hit me, im gonna hit you back!
  • Idiot!
  • What in fucks name are you doing!
  • My ride! Fool!
  • Ahhh, screw you!
  • Look where you going!
  • What you been drinking?!?!

Carl Johnson (when stealing a car)

  • Heroes get popped, move.
  • Shit fool, you just got jacked!
  • Give me this fucking car.
  • Grove Street needs your car.
  • Would you like to be a victim of a car jacking? Or a homicide?
  • Im having that!
  • This is a robbery, don't make it a murder!
  • I need that shit you driving!
  • You gonna have to walk now sucker!
  • Im having this!
  • Gimme that fucking vehicle!
  • Im a loser so hate me.
  • Get out the ride!
  • Don't take this personal, but you getting jacked!
  • Get out the car!
  • Get outta here punk!
  • Roll outta here NOW!
  • Thats MINE!
  • Be cool its just a jacking.
  • Gimme your whip fool!

Carl Johnson (when stealing a bike)

  • Gimme that fucking bike!
  • You ain't gonna cry now are you?
  • Off the bike!
  • Im having that bike!
  • Get off that bike!
  • Now don't make this get really ugly.
  • You just got jacked!
  • OFF!
  • Don't mind me!
  • Keep quiet and you won't get beat up over no bike.
  • You want a beating as well?
  • Gimme that bike!
  • Don't make this worse for yoursef!
  • I want your bike!
  • I need your bike!
  • Im gonna have to borrow this bike!
  • I'm having this bike!

Carl Johnson (when falling down from a high building)

  • Oh, shit!
  • Damn!
  • What the fuck!
  • Bullshit!
  • I don't need this shit!
  • Oh, motherfucker!
  • I hate gravity!
  • Shit, damn!
  • Aaaah!
  • Oh, fuck, shit!
  • Noooo!
  • Oh, hell no!
  • Oh, no!
  • Aaaah, no!

Carl Johnson (when shooting/aiming at pedestrians)

  • Welcome to America!
  • Oh, look! A gun!
  • You want to get killed?
  • Ah, ain't that a surprise? I got a gun!
  • Let's see what you got!
  • Come on, show me what you got!
  • Come on, fight me!
  • Yeah, I'll shoot you in your face!
  • I'm a punk? Am I?
  • I don't give a fuck!
  • You think it's funny?
  • I'm a lunatic, fool!
  • I'm a well dressed maniac, FOOL!
  • You moron!
  • Run away, fool!
  • Oh, look, I got a gat!
  • It's my constitutional right bitch!
  • Welcome to Ganton fool!
  • What do you expect? Its America!
  • Yeah, i got a gun in your face huh?
  • You lost the will to live yet?
  • Yeah? Its a gun!

Carl Johnson (when picking up money from dead pedestrians.)

  • Gimme that Grip!
  • Aww you so kind.
  • Ah, look at all this paper!
  • Thanks, bitch!
  • Next time you should put it in the bank!
  • I need this more than you, I think.
  • Is that all you got? Cheap fool!
  • Give me them dollars!
  • Come on, pay me! I'm a real criminal.
  • I'll take that paper.
  • Thats going in my retierment fund!
  • Is this for me?
  • Gimme those chips!

Carl Johnson (singing when idle)

  • Warm it up Kane! Warm it up CJ! Warm it up Kane!
  • Girl you dropped a bomb on me!
  • Express yourself! Because i'm from Grove Street!
  • Young hearts be free tonigh....! Aww what was it...
  • Rollercoaster...!

Carl Johnson (when fighting pedestrians)

  • Make it easy on yourself and run away!
  • Come on! Fight then!
  • Come on! Punch!
  • This gonna be easy bitch!
  • Oh you real hard huh?
  • I warn you, I don't give a fuck!
  • You got scraps huh?
  • You got scraps huh bitch?
  • You think you tough?
  • Do you know who your fucking with?
  • Your fucking with Carl Johnson!
  • You know who you up against?
  • You know who you messing with?
  • It's your funeral asshole!
  • You should back down and run away!
  • You little punk!
  • Run away fool!
  • You gonna back down soon?
  • Run away bitch!
  • Come on! Show me what you got!
  • Toe to Toe fool!
  • Come on asshole, then fight!
  • You just a bitch!


  • Place your bets!
  • Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!
  • An author of credit has been made, Sir. (?)
  • The house is prepared to offer you credit, Sir.
  • The house regonizes _ credit rating.
  • Sorry, Sir, you don't have enough funds.
  • No more bets, please!
  • No more bets, ladies and gentlemen, please.
  • No more bets, people.
  • You win!
  • You win, Sir, well done.
  • Congratulations, Sir.
  • Thank you, Sir, have a nice day.
  • Thank you for playing, Sir.
  • Jackpot!
  • Another win for Sir!

Motorcycle Police (while chasing the player)

  • Don’t make this a 99A!
  • You have a last request?
  • You are going down!
  • I’m ready when you are, pussy!
  • I’m gonna get that bastard!
  • Bring it on!
  • You wanna fight a cop?
  • Officer, requesting backup!
  • Easy there!
  • I need backup here!
  • Hey!
  • Let’s see what you got!
  • Careful, partner!
  • Where'd you learn to throw a punch?
  • This one’s mine!
  • I’m going after it!
  • I’m gonna hum with you!
  • Ah, you want some of this?

Police Countryside (the player pushes the policeman)

  • Police, move!
  • Excuse me, please!
  • Out of the way!
  • Don’t you push me there!
  • Police, out of the Way!

Police Countryside (while chasing the player)

  • Get back here!
  • Come back here, you’re under arrest!
  • Stop running away, boy!
  • I will kill you, boy!
  • My daddy told me about guys like you!
  • You’re getting yourself in a hole heap of shit!
  • You think I didn’t kill bigger bands than you, pal?
  • I’m a racist, boy!
  • You don’t hit cops in my town!
  • I’m gonna mess you up, boy!
  • Out of your little mind, boy!
  • I can hardly wait to put you in!
  • You await your death, boy!
  • I see you, boy!
  • You think you’re tough now, boy?
  • You disgust me!
  • I’m on to kill you!
  • Hey, dump bastard, look at me!
  • You should play nice, boy!
  • I’m gonna put my pistol on your mouth!

Police Countryside (the player gets busted)

  • Yeah, boy, happy now?

Police Los Santos (while chasing the player)

  • I’m gonna get that fat asshole!

Police San Fierro (the player pushes the policeman)

Note: There are different policemen in SF, but this list isn't separated

  • Watch where you going!
  • Sorry, my fault, entirely!
  • Did you hurt yourself?
  • Yeah, let’s connect!
  • Did your mother drop you as a child?
  • Hey, watch it!
  • Hey, I just polished these shoes!
  • When you see this badge, step the hell aside!

Police San Fierro (while chasing the player)

  • If I’m finished with you... (laughing)
  • Let’s see what you got, boy!
  • Take it like a man!
  • Bruise yourself for pain!
  • Don’t make me ramming on you! (?)
  • When I kick your ass, I’m gonna fuck it!
  • Careful, I know how to use this stick!
  • Move it or loose it!
  • I’m gonna take you down!
  • First I gonna beat you up, than I’m gonna beat you off!
  • Do you wanna bump up? Come on: Show me what you’re hiding down there!
  • Man to man, like nature intended!
  • Prepared for a beating!
  • You wanna bump up, huh?
  • I’m gonna violate your ass!
  • Come on, pal, one fist or two?
  • How can I help you? Please stop!
  • I’m actually a social worker in a uniform!
  • Stop, can I help you with your ___?
  • Let me help you, I’m a social worker!
  • I can help you crying out with my help!
  • Did your daddy kiss you?
  • Fighting is never the answer!
  • I just wanna know why you’re so unhappy!
  • Wait, bro!
  • Come on, we can get on the bottom with this!
  • Why you wanna hit me?
  • Stop, we can hold hands and talk about it!
  • The police are your friends!
  • I’m licensed by the state!
  • Hold it, I’m also a social worker!
  • Slow down!
  • Go ahead, at least we get attention! (?)
  • Stop, you’re just troubled!
  • Didn’t your mother love you?
  • Come, let’s open a constructive dialogue!
  • I can feel your pain!
  • You have a death wish, punk?
  • Slow down!
  • I can make this look like a suicide, you know?
  • You’re leaving me no choice; I got to kick your ass!
  • You can’t escape!
  • You ain’t losing me, asshole!
  • I’m dragging your ass to jail!
  • I’m right behind ya, buddy!
  • I’m going to terminate this chase in any cost purpose! (?)
  • My wife puts up a better fight!
  • Slow down, damn it! I just ate!
  • I smell the fear of a criminal!
  • I’m on your ass, daisy!
  • Come on, let’s talk about this!
  • This badge does not brake for no one!
  • You can’t escape!
  • You see me coming, don’t ya?
  • I’m on the edge, asshole!
  • I’m gonna slap you good! (?)
  • Get your bitch and switch! (?)
  • You’re discovering your double-bagger? (?)
  • Drop your pants, honey!
  • Let’s wrestle to submission!
  • Wrestle me, honey!
  • Let’s hope we don’t have to hurt him!
  • Don’t move a muscle!

Police San Fierro (the player hits a police car)

  • What are you doing?
  • You’re going downtown!
  • My ex-wife drives better than that!
  • What the hell are you doing?
  • You better pay a price for that!
  • Son-of-a-bitch!
  • Hey!

Police Boat

  • Suspect is overboard.
  • Where you gonna swim to?
  • Get out of the water, you can’t escape!
  • He tries to swim away!
  • There he is, in the water!
  • We’ve got a man overboard, a man overboard!
  • Oh, you think you’re a fish, huh?
  • Get out of the fucking water, right now!
  • There he is!
  • Get out of the fucking water!
  • Hey, get outta there!
  • We’ve got a suspect in the water. Repeat: A man in the water!

Police Helicopter

  • We've got a clear vision on our suspect and we’re about to open fire.
  • Co-Pilot: I see her, SHE'S beautiful!
  • Pilot: HE'S over there!! He's A GUY!!
  • Co-Pilot: Hey, when I kill him, do I get a medal?
  • Pilot: You get two!
  • This is aerial support - the suspect is about to get terminated.
  • You’re going down, hard man, right now!
  • Give up, the game’s up.
  • You think you’re hard, huh, asshole!
  • We’re the police, you moron, we’ve got helicopters!
  • This is aerial support - we’ve got a clear vision on our Suspect.
  • Put your hands up, it’s over!
  • Pilot: There is he, shoot him!
  • Co-Pilot: Why I always have to do the fucking Killing?!
  • Pilot: Because I'm a pacifist! Kill him!
  • Suspect is trying to escape - we have to soon stop that.
  • We had a headshot on you, tough guy. Stop!
  • This is aerial support - we’re about to neutralize all visible threats.
  • Co-Pilot: Hey, I can see my house from here-
  • Pilot: Hey, will you shut the hell up!
  • You, stop!
  • You’re in trouble now, bad boy.
  • This is chopper support - suspect is in sight.
  • This is heli support - I’m gonna put the suspect down!
  • This party is gonna be shot down!
  • You’re mine, tough guy!
  • You! Stop, or we will kill you!
  • We are the good guys, you little chump!
  • Pilot: Kill that asshole!
  • Co-Pilot: I’m trying, I’m trying!
  • Co-Pilot: You, stop!
  • Pilot: Just kill him, you pussy!
  • Suspect is escaping, repeat: Escaping!
  • You can’t escaping, asshole!
  • You! Stop running! Now!
  • It’s time to shut you up, asshole!
  • Pilot: Playtime is over, kid!
  • Co-Pilot: Oh, you’re so dominating!
  • Pilot: Hey, do you see anything?
  • Co-Pilot: Higher! Shoot him!
  • Co-Pilot: Where is he?
  • Pilot: Over there, you dick, kill him!
  • You’re going to respect the law, pal!
  • Hey, stop, or we will kill you!
  • We’ve got a clear sighting on our suspect!
  • Pilot: (says something not to make out)
  • Co-Pilot: Oh, you’re so really butch!

Soldiers (while walking without chasing the player)

  • Fuck government thing in the desert.

San Fierro Triads

  • Fuckhead
  • Muttonchops
  • So Sorry
  • Hey
  • Dont get to close to big money
  • Get away from me

When attacking without guns

  • Dam Mutton-fool
  • Your children are going to miss you
  • were gona cut you up
  • were gonna slice up
  • were goona slice your face off
  • you goin down fuckhead

When attacking with guns

  • Keep his dam haed down
  • gimmie a clip on this motherfucker
  • hoped you liked your face.

When in thier cars

  • Do we have to torture you?
  • did your brain just stop working
  • You got brain freeze or something?
  • out the way mutton-head
  • Off the road idiot!

Big Smoke

  • Dam Fool!
  • a look out
  • watch were your goin moron
  • excuse me

Vice City

Tommy (as he collides with another vehicle)

  • You drive like you look: stupid.
  • Dumb...Florida...morons.

Tommy (while jacking a car being driven)

  • I need this, pal.
  • You got insurance, so don't be afraid.
  • Run away.

Tommy (while being chased by the police)

  • Dicks! You're all dicks!!!
  • If I have to kill you, I will!
  • Go shower with the guys!
  • I did your wife,you poor bastards!
  • Whats your wife doing!
  • Hello? Officer?
  • Get away moron!


  • Don't make me run; I'll get all sweaty.
  • You think that's funny, asshole? (when the player tries to run down an officer)
  • I am an officer of the law, stop!
  • You're all mine, tough guy.
  • I got him.
  • He's mine.
  • Don't run away from me!

Police Helicopter

  • Pilot: There he is, over there, take him out!
  • VCPD!
  • This is the VCPD! Stop Right Now!
  • This is the VCPD! You are under Arrest!
  • You are compleatly surrouded!
  • Don't worry boys, we see the asshole!
  • We've engaged with suspect, backup requested!
  • VCPD stop right now!


  • This is the F.B.I.!
  • No Tryin' to be stupid! This is the F.B.I!
  • F.B.I Stop Immidiently!
  • (When player hits their vehicle) Vehicle Hit! Vehicle hit!
  • (When player hits their vehicle) We got a vehicle down!

Drivers (when crashing into them)

  • I hope you got whiplash.
  • He's trying to kill me!

Tommy with a prostitute

  • I've been in prison a loooong time baby.
  • Let's do some buisness.

Liberty City Stories


  • No insurance? Here, take an aspirin.


When shooting

  • Aim for his head!
  • Aim for his spine!
  • Aim for his nuts!
  • No judge no jury!
  • It's the justice!
  • I'm opening fire!
  • I ain't asking for it again!
  • This is going to end right now!

Collides with Toni or pedestrians

  • Use your damn eye.
  • Have respect for the law!
  • Hey! I'm gonna crucify you!

Toni blocks the way of a Cruiser

  • Don't make me arrest ya pal


  • Opening fire! Opening fire!
  • You were asking for it!

Police Helicopter

  • LCPD!
  • This is LCPD!
  • Hold it right there!
  • Your momma ain't gonna save your ass now!
  • You just got my buddy! GAAH!
  • You are cheating death buddy! QUACK! QUACK! (means to indicate that the player cannot get a helicopter in any ways)
  • Running a marathon, buddy? STAY DOWN!
  • I got this person in my sight!
  • See me up here! I ain't smiling tough guy!
  • Says something about Toni in the movie 'The Mainframe'.

Forelli Family

  • You are dealing with the real gang!
  • You're messing with a real gangster now!


Triad fires at Toni

  • Shut up

Toni tries to run down Triad

  • Watch it!
  • You Crazy!
  • Oh Hell No!
  • Crazy Idiot!
  • You Idiot!


jumping away from car

  • Wa, Goregore (=What the hell)

Leone Family

collides with Toni, pedestrian, etc.

  • You'd better learn some respect here, junior.
  • Ah, the Italian Americans shoot you, OK?


  • I'am going to shoot you on sight!
  • I'll show you what it is to be fucking with the Leone!

Southside Hoods

Toni pushes them

  • Stand outta my fucking way!

Random dialogue

  • I got some rage!

Uptown Yardies

Yardies fire at Toni

  • You want some of this?

Toni rams a Yardie Lobo

  • What are you doing!

Pedestrian (seeing carcasses made by Toni)

  • Oh, hell, what a mess!

Pedestrian (when Toni pushes them)

  • Stop breaking my balls!
  • Don't push me, will ya?
  • Got something in your eyes?
  • Get the fuck outta my way!
  • Ow! My heart!
  • Get out of my damn way!
  • Pushing is an insult.
  • Watch it pit black son.
  • You're rude.

Pedestrian (jumping away from car)

  • You tried to kill me!
  • Hey!
  • Easy man! I'm over here!
  • Woah!
  • Learn how to drive!
  • Crazy idiot!
  • Hey, watch it man!
  • Keep your eyes open!
  • Crazy fool!
  • Oh my God!
  • Oh, help!
  • Look out!
  • Trying to kill an old lady!
  • Are you insane?
  • That's bullshit yo!
  • Damn son!
  • Ah you tried to kill me!
  • Holy moley!
  • Psycho!

Random dialogue between Pedestrians

  • A: It's good that I don't have to be angry these days.
B: Eat more meat.
A: I gotta keep my blood pressure down.
  • A: I wish I were rich.
B: The ferry situation is not getting any better.
A: Can I borrow 2 dollars?

Drivers (when Toni blocks road)

  • Hurry up! I'm late for a swinging party.
  • Come on, get out of the way.
  • Come on, move it!
  • Come on, I'm waiting for my marriage guidance!
  • Come on, man, let's go!
  • Move! I'm late for a meeting!
  • Don't make me lose my shit pal!
  • Oh lord!
  • Move it!
  • Move it Welfare boy!
  • Move! I'm late for the show.
  • Move bighead move!

Drivers (When Toni jacks car)

  • What?! What?!
  • My Pornos are in there!
  • Take it, take the car!
  • That's my dad's car!
  • Help! Police!
  • Get off!
  • Oh no I'm having a heart attack! Get away!
  • My corporate car!
  • This is my car!

Drivers (When Toni rams into car)

  • My Car!
  • Oh lord!
  • It's a company car!(?)
  • What, man!
  • Oh! I had an accident!

Toni (as crashing into a random car)

  • Is it gonna be any worse?
  • Sorry about that.

Toni (as he jacks cars)

  • Out! Before I shoot you!

Toni (as he aims people with his gun)

  • Feelin' scared, huh?
  • Don't try to mess with me.
  • You want some of this?
  • LCPD Morons!
  • Now stay away from me.
  • Look, I'm armed.
  • You should be running away.

Toni (when he is arrested)

  • Let me go, officer!

Avenging Angels

As they join Toni on Avenging Angels missions

  • Kickin ass rocks!
  • We're the law in this town!
  • I'm your man!

Collides with Toni, pedestrian, etc.

  • I'm the law!

Vice City Stories

Police (while chasing player)

  • Ooh, look who's running.
  • I'm aiming for your nuts.
  • Let's go sweetheart.
  • Goddamn you!
  • I'm the law, boy!
  • You know you're dead, right?
  • I'm gonna beat your sweet ass!
  • I will kill you slow
  • I'll have your balls for breakfast, boy!
  • Stop you fuck-O!
  • You're messing with the law!
  • You must be a DCT! (?)
  • I got something for you boy!
  • You wanna see me boy?
  • Take my shot punk!
  • Come on, boy!
  • Fuck you John!

Vic Vance (While either aiming, beating up people, or getting chased or busted)

  • Oh look, its me , and my pet gun.
  • Fight? Sure, OK, but let's make it quick.
  • D'you like it? Me too.
  • You're good at pissing me off.
  • Fight? Why not?
  • Never, Ever to me!
  • You'd make a real fight.
  • You gotta be joking!
  • Say hello to Mr. Death
  • Just cleaning up
  • Just cleaning the shit.
  • You wanna get killed, amigo?
  • Fuck You
  • Yeah, it's death time
  • I got plenty of this!
  • You want some of this?
  • Your biggest mistake, being born.
  • This may stink a little!
  • Freeze bitchhead.
  • Die, street trash!
  • Meet my gun!
  • This is like strangling!
  • This is not a rehearsal!
  • Hey dead man!
  • Last chance to draw our breath!
  • Hey, you're gonna die.
  • Your life is about to expire.
  • Oh yeah? OH, YEAH?
  • Want a little more action, why not?
  • Truck back it if you like.
  • Fire in the hole!
  • This train stops here.
  • Want a break? Me as well
  • Have a nice death!
  • Sure it's a gun!
  • Yeah! Piece dead!
  • Let's play... I'll fuck you up!
  • Go to hell!
  • Hey, stiff
  • Bye asshole
  • You have every right to shit yourself.
  • Hey, all I want is your very meat!
  • I'm a professional.
  • This ain't no movie, and it ain't no kid's toy.
  • You are now about to die.
  • You're about to get wasted!
  • Your biggest mistake, being born!
  • I'll put you all down!
  • You want this to get ugly?
  • I got kicked out of the army (Only shortly after Conduct Unbecoming.)
  • Yeah, yeah! That was a drill. (when busted)

These quotes are only said when Vic is part of the army:

  • You're fuckin' with the military!
  • Don't mess with the army!
  • Do you know who you're messing with?
  • I know! I know! I am a disgrace.
  • I'm a soldier, friend!
  • I'm a soldier, don't push me!
  • Glad you pay taxes?
  • Don't fuck with me!
  • This is the army!
  • You are in America, friend!
  • Yeah? Yeah? You want this?
  • Don't make me do this!
  • Don't be an idiot!
  • You think you're fucking hard?

Vic (When crashing into random cars)

  • Oh yeah, very intelligent!
  • Damn you!
  • I hope that really hurts!
  • Designed by experts, wrecked by a moron.

Drivers (When player blocks road or rams random cars)

  • Move your bitch ass
  • Move your ass
  • Move bitch move!
  • You're trapping me in!
  • You gotta cut that shit out and move!
  • You little bitch, move!
  • Don't keep me in your rear!
  • When will you people learn?!
  • Estupido! (Cholos will shout out if player rams their car)
  • What are you doing?
  • Not today, not now!
  • Hey Gringos! I got a shit to do today!
  • Move the vehicle!!!
  • Man I gotta call my whacking!(?)
  • This buddy is mine!
  • I gotta move up ahead!
  • Who the hell is gonna pay for that?
  • Stop your fucking! (?)
  • Punk ass bitch!

Pedestrians (When player pushes them)

  • Hey amigos! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!
  • You're rude
  • Watch where you're going
  • Move back soldier!
  • Hey, watch it!
  • Well, how dare you asshole! (?)

Pedestrians (When angry)

  • Come on asshole
  • You want a piece of me?
  • You think I am a little sexbutt, huh?
  • Hey amigos! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!
  • I'll beat you insane
  • I'm a real killing machine!
  • Don't make me hurt you
  • Wow looks like this kid's going down.
  • You're a bitch
  • Come on then come on!
  • You're gonna be one of my burlap system!
  • Bring it on, you loser!
  • Ok then, let's go, let's go!
  • I'm on my lunch break.
  • You want a fist in your face?
  • Get your hand off my car (though player hits a typical pedestrian without a car, sometimes that pedestrian says this)
  • I was born to fight! (security guards)
  • Let's go you two digit midget!
  • You know what, seńor?
  • I can fight, I'm white trash.
  • Uh, hello
  • Alright, my apologies (and runs away)
  • I'll kill you American!

Pedestrians(When Vic aims them with gun)

  • Is that real?
  • OK, I was rude
  • Cowering like a bitch? Shoot!
  • I hope you don't kill me!
  • I ain't scared of that bullet
  • You'd better shoot fast!
  • Come on, I'll fix your toilet for free!
  • Free the fire! Stand away!
  • Want me to fix that for you?

Pedestrians(When they see people killed by Vic)

  • Man, this town is crazy!
  • This town is full of bitches
  • He's gone, ya he's gone


  • Come on 50 boy!
  • I'm gonna shoot you in the ass


  • Sharks, me?
  • You wanna swim with the sharks?
  • You are messing with the sharks.
  • Sharks bite!


  • You can't kill me! I'm indestructible!
  • Show me you're the man.
  • Disrespectin' my familia? I'll hurt you!

Mendez Cartel

  • I see your face now, big man!
  • I'll knock your teeth out.
  • I'm doing this one for you!


  • Handicapped parking for you
  • Sticky turfs!
  • I think he's drunk
  • You'd better be American

Marty J. Williams

(the following are mentioned only during Marty's missions such as Shakedown and D.I.V.O.R.C.E.)

  • You, come on! (from D.I.V.O.R.C.E., after Marty bails out of his truck)
  • Quit pissing me off! (from Shakedown, when player randomly hits Marty)

Bryan Forbes

(only mentioned in Forbes' mission, The Bum Deal)

  • All right, bring it on you assholes, bring it on! (from The Bum Deal, after Forbes is knocked off his bike)


Pedestrians (when carjacked)

  • I'm an old lady for Christ's sake...
  • MY CAR!
  • Hey!
  • Get off!
  • That's my Mummy's car!
  • That's my company car!
  • Stop!
  • Leave me alone!
  • Sure, sure, TAKE IT!

Pedestrian (on the streets)

  • My mother's my sister.
  • In the navy!
  • People kill people.
  • Haven't you got respect for your elders?
  • I'm gonna get a gun.
  • HEY! He hit me!

Police (when chasing Claude)

  • We will open fire!
  • Police! Freeze!
  • This is the police, stop!
  • Take him out!
  • He's over there...
  • This is the LCPD!
  • Police!


  • FBI! Stop!
  • I'll kill you...
  • You're making Rosco mad!
  • I'm gonna kill you!
  • They'll rape him.
  • This is the FBI!
  • Stop right there!


  • This is the Army!
  • Kill him!
  • I wanna kill him!
  • Do we get medals for this?
  • Take the enemy down!
  • Shoot him! SHOOT HIM!
  • This is a WAR!
  • Damn civilians!

Gang members

Colombian Cartel

  • You want the chainsaw, gringo? (Scarface reference)
  • I'm going to kill you.
  • You're gonna be sorry...
  • You're a big dumb Yankee boy!
  • Run or die!
  • You're a brave man, huh?
  • It's no problem to kill you.
  • You move, big man?!
When carjacked
  • It's MY car, idiot!
  • He taking my car!
  • My car!
  • You're going to pay for that!
When vehicle is hit or someone is in the way
  • Watch the wheels, gringo!
  • You're going to pay for THIS!
  • You cannot drive dude!

Southside Hoods

  • Let's go, cracka!
  • Yo, check it out!
  • You got a problem?
  • I'm gonna bust your ass!
  • I'm gonna bust your head!
  • You know who you messin' wit?!
  • Check out the featherweight!
  • It's ass-whoopin' time!
When carjacked
  • Hey man, I just bought that!
  • Not my wheels!
  • That's my wheels!
  • Man, I just stole this!
When vehicle is hit or someone is in the way
  • It's PANCAKE time!
  • Next stop, you're dead!
  • I see the world of pain!
  • You're a dead man!


  • Somebody call a medic!
  • I see pain in your future!

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