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Peccati Syn
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4 ABY (39:11), Fi, over Kashyyyk

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Rebellion era


Peccati Syn was a Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy. He was one of the original twelve Grand Admirals, raised to that newly-created rank by Emperor Palpatine two years before the Battle of Yavin.



Syn was born into a deeply religious family, who devoutly followed the Sacred Way; then the Empire came, and the Sacred Way was forbidden. To fill its place, Syn became deeply loyal to the New Order. He rose through the ranks on the strength of his devotion and talents, until he became Grand Admiral, at which time he devoted his efforts to battling the Rebel Alliance aboard his personal Star Destroyer, the Fi ("son" in the High Galactic language). But with the death of the Emperor at the Battle of Endor, Syn's faith in the New Order was no longer tenable, and he began searching for yet another replacement. Shortly thereafter, Ysanne Isard plotted with the false Prophets of the Dark Side to set up a "Church of the Dark Side", which Syn fervently embraced, going so far to make Prophetess Merilli part of his personal staff. While Syn claimed to be a loyalist under Sate Pestage, he truly took orders from the Church.

Syn was killed while battling Admiral Ackbar during the liberation of Kashyyyk; Ackbar demonstrated a better command of strategy than Syn, ultimately vaporizing his ship.

Behind the scenes

Though never published and thus not canonical, Star Wars Insider author Daniel Wallace indicates that Syn's personal Star Destroyer Fi was later renamed to Silooth.[1]

The Italian word "peccati" means "sins" in English, while "syn" could be referred to "sin". This is an intentional pun on the part of Who's Who: Imperial Grand Admirals coauthor Abel G. Peña, who is fluent in Italian.[2]


Notes and references

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