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Members can train Smithing using different methods from free players. However, free-to-play suggestions can also be used.
  • Smelting gold ore is very fast experience while wearing goldsmithing gauntlets from the Family Crest quest. Doing so grants 56.2 Smithing experience per ore (1,574 experience per 28). This method can grant 60k per hour at a furnace. It is very easy to find players selling gold ore on the Grand Exchange. Although gold bars have high liquidity, they sell for 205 less. Gold ores cost 313 coins each. Gold bars cost 108 coins each. Gold bars can also be used for making gold rings, to reduce the losses. A Gold ring will give you 15 experience per ring.
A player operates a blast furnace.
  • The Blast Furnace, found in the dwarven capital city of Keldagrim, is a very good way to train Smithing because half the amount of coal is used for smelting bars requiring coal than at a normal furnace. Furthermore, iron ores have a 100% chance of becoming iron bars. Many things can be smelted here, but high-alchable items and stackable items are preferred, because they will not result in immediate banking.
Mithril bolts
By purchasing mithril ore and twice the amount of coal from the Grand Exchange, players can unnote their ores from Ordan for a small price, use the blast furnace, and make the bolts from the nearby anvils. It has been rumoured to grant up to 30,000 Smithing experience per hour, but unfortunately not making a profit.
Mithril platebody
Using the same method as above, but alching the bodies made, you can gain up to 70,000 experience an hour while using a Sacred clay hammer. However, the cost is roughly 1 coin per 1.06 experience using the hammer.

It is suggested players head for world 58 for either method, as that is the official Blast Furnace world. Cannonballs are slow and worse experience than any other steel smithing (roughly 13k experience/hour), but there is profit from them. Four cannonballs are made per steel bar, and the price of 4 cannonballs is 399 coins more than a steel bar. If you buy iron ores and coal, you make 612 coins per steel bar you smelt. Cannonballs are often in high demand by those who are training Ranged and/or Slayer.

See the Cannonball smithing calculator for latest profit calculations using Grand Exchange Market Watch prices.
  • Selling bars on the forums - Because it does not require filling the inventory with coal, melting iron ore into iron bars and then smithing the iron bars into other iron items provides better smithing experience than other metal ores. Players can make iron bars and sell them on the forums. Because more smithing experience is gained from smithing bars into items than from smelting ore into bars, selling bars is slower at gaining experience than smithing the bars into items. Furthermore, there is a 50% chance that each iron ore will fail to be smelted if a Ring of Forging is not worn.
  • Throwing Knives and Darts - This is done by buying iron ore, using rings of forging to make them into bars (or buying iron bars), and smithing them into Iron knives and Iron darts to sell. A player can make money by starting from ore and almost break even by starting from bars.
  • Smithing Iron Bars - Simply buying Iron Ores on massive amounts and buy several Rings of Forging and go to a furnace to smith is also a highly profitable method. An Iron ore costs roughly 200 coins, an Iron bar costs about 300 to 400 coins. It's 100-200 coins profit per bar.  You can also smith at the Smith at Edgeville If you've got Varrock Armour that allows you to have a chance of smithing 2+ bars every time you put an ore in. And that is counted as 1 charge off the ring of forging too!
  • Using Beast of Burden familiars - Players can bring their Beast of Burden familiars (eg. Spirit terrorbird) to carry extra bars whilst smithing. This can help save some time and trips to the bank, thus getting the level or profit faster.

Tip: Obtaining morphic tools and transforming them into sacred clay hammers will double the amount of experience you receive for creating items. There is no bonus experience for smelting. After about 64000 total experience a fully charged hammer is used up and crumbles to dust.

Generally, smithing bolts is the least expensive way of smithing bars, but it is a lot slower than platebodies.


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