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Paxi Sylo
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31 BBY (4), Dantooine[1]

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Rise of the Empire era

Paxi Sylo, a Human male was born in 31 BBY on Dantooine, the youngest child of his parents, Griggen and Tashna. His family had owned their large farm on Dantooine for ten generations.



Paxi was a quiet daydreamer, and had a vast interest in tales of long-past wars and the Jedi Knights, and would spend hours at a time sketching on his datapad and flimsiplasts. When he heard that the Clone Wars had begun, he despaired of never seeing a Jedi fight.

Paxi watches the Battle of Dantooine.

However, all this changed with the Separatist invasion of Dantooine. Paxi watched as Mace Windu defeated the Confederate forces, and met the Jedi himself. For weeks following the battle, he would talk of nothing else and spent all of his time drawing pictures of Windu single-handedly destroying a seismic tank.

By the time the Galactic Empire rose, the Sylo family had abandoned their estate, and it is unknown what happened to them afterwards. However, during the Galactic Civil War, bootleg HoloNet broadcasts were made showing animations of Windu's activities during the Battle of Dantooine. The Imperial Security Bureau unsuccessfully attempted to stamp them out, as they were a large recruiting tool for the Alliance to Restore the Republic. It is believed that Paxi was responsible for those broadcasts, as they matched his earlier style.

Behind the scenes

The idea that Sylo later made videos of the Battle of Dantooine has been used by some fans to claim that the entire Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series is nothing more than an in-universe cartoon, and thus its events cannot be taken as absolute continuity but rather as a general outline of what really "happened." This theory especially gained ground with the release of Volume II and the continuity errors between it and Labyrinth of Evil.



Notes and references

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