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Pavlo Celcho was a Starfleet officer from the 24th century. A youth spent repairing shuttlecraft would see him enter Starfleet Academy to be an engineer. His dedication to his profession would see him rise to the position of chief engineer on a starship. In 2373, he was assigned to the USS Swiftfire (NCC-76125-A) to serve as that vessel's chief engineer. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)


Early years

Pavlo Celcho was born in the city of Moscow, Earth in 2332. When he was five years old his family moved to San Francisco and took their shuttle repair business with them. The Celcho family had a proud tradition in the maintenance and repair of small spacecraft that saw their business grow and they expanded from the European continent to North America and more importantly to one of the busiest centres on Earth: San Francisco. It was here that Celcho would get his first taste of engineering.

As Celcho matured he started to help out in his parent's business, assisting the staff in their repair and maintenance work. He would have been happy to stay with this for the rest of his life but when he was fourteen he had an experience that changed his outlook. One of the Celcho's clients experienced a failure of critical systems in Earth orbit and was rescued by the Ambassador-class, USS Horatio. The owner requested that the Celcho's come to repair the vessel and Starfleet granted the civilians permission to travel up to the Horatio to perform the necessary repairs.

Celcho went up with his father and several other technicians to the ship. While on the vessel they were given a tour of the vessel including a look at several systems, from the warp drive to the phaser arrays. Celcho knew from the minute he looked at the ship's systems that this was where and what he wanted to do, travel across the quadrant working on large starships. ("The Front")

Starfleet Academy

Celcho entered the Academy in 2350 and took the engineering course, where he showed he was one of the best engineers of the current crop of cadets. He graduated in 2354.

During his time at the Academy he met a woman named Grace whom he would marry just prior to his graduation. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

Starfleet career

In an amazing twist of fate his first tour of duty was on the ship that inspired him, the USS Horatio. For the next ten years Celcho would serve on the Horatio.

In 2356, Celcho's marriage broke down due to the distance between him and Grace and they divorced. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

In the same year while visiting Earth when he witnessed an altercation between several Starfleet Marine cadets and Starfleet Security cadets. Celcho ended the fighting when he intervened posing as the adjutant to the Academy Commandant. One of the Marines involved in the fight was a young David Tiki. ("The Front")

Following his service on the Horatio he was moved to Starfleet's premier ship building facility, the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. At his time at Utopia Planitia he was involved in the construction of the USS Defiant.

In 2367, he attended the funeral for his ex-wife after she was killed in a shuttle accident. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

In 2368, he was transferred to the USS Mirabella. After three years on the ship he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and made Chief Engineer.

In 2373, Celcho requested a transfer to a new ship after he felt he had done all he could do on the Mirabella. Starfleet Command transferred him to the newly built Akira-class, USS Swiftfire-A, as the chief engineer.

Service on the Swiftfire-A

He was assigned to the ship prior to its launch and oversaw the final stages of the ship's preparations before it entered service. He was on board when the ship made its hasty departure during the search for the renegade USS Fury. During the mission he warned Captain Jonathan Masters about the dangers of pushing the new untested engines. His warning was proved apt when an overload in the system caused a feedback through one of the nacelles, causing it to explode. ("Vengeance")

The Swiftfire was returned to Utopia Planitia for repairs following the successful conclusion to the mission. Celcho again oversaw much of the repair work to the vessel.

For the war games held on the ship as it transited to the Cardassian front at the beginning of the Dominion War Celcho helped prepare the transporter wristbands that would beam a person out of the game once they had been "killed". ("Deployment")

After the Fifth Fleet's repair docks in Sector 432 were damaged Celcho joined the effort to help repair the facility. During an extravehicular mission his EV suit developed problems and he was forced to take shelter in an isolated part of the facility as he attempted to repair the suit. This nearly saw him left behind by the retreating Starfleet forces in the chaos of the evacuation. Luckily he was found and rescued by Colonel Tiki and Major Rachel Stevens. ("The Front")

When the Swiftfire came across a static time bubble Celcho adapted the transporter wristbands into a temporal shield to protect the wearer from being frozen in time. He tested the solution using a shuttle in an effort to rescue one of the Peregrine-class attack fighters that was frozen at the edge of the anomaly. When the fighter returned to normal spacetime it accidentally clipped his right arm, tearing it off. Lieutenant Commander Nikki Whitechapel, who had been observing the Celcho from the shuttle managed to rescue him and quickly transported him back to the Swiftfire for medical attention. ("Regression")

He was briefly moved to the Guyra IV starbase where he received a new arm. He was evacuated from the system prior to the Battle of Guyra. Once his recovery was complete he returned to duty on the Swiftfire. ("Over the Horizon", "Moral Actions")

During a battle with Dominion forces he was ordered to eject one of the ship's warp cores. The warp core was then used as a projectile to destroy a Jem'Hadar super carrier. With only one active warp core and extensive damage from the battle the ship was ordered back to Sol for repairs and to give the crew a much needed rest. Unlike most of the crew Celcho did not spend the entire time relaxing, spending some of his time on the ship to oversee the installation of a new warp core. ("Task Force 59", "No Rest for the Wicked")

When the ship was stuck in a temporal causality loop Celcho made several attempts to stop the ship's warp cores from destabilising and destroying the ship, but was not successful. He was however not aware of the time loop, losing the memory of the previous loop at each reset. ("Q, Time and Again")

The Swiftfire was severely damaged by a Keldon-class warship during a battle and forced into hiding behind enemy lines in the Tong Beak Nebula. The damage was extensive and the warp drive system was taken offline. It took Celcho and his team several days to bring it back online. When Commander Susan Core informed him of her decision to attempt to make it back to Federation lines Celcho voiced his objection due to the lack of operating weapons systems on the ship. ("Change in Command")

Following the ship's first encounter with the Vendoth he oversaw the repairs on the ship at Deep Space 9 and in orbit of Bajor. This included significant repairs to the forward shuttlebay after the hull above collapsed in on the forward section. ("The True", "Into the Fire")

He led a team of engineers from the Swiftfire to repair damage to the Majestic-class starliner, Fairstar. Despite their best efforts they were not able to repair the warp drive of the massive ship before the Jem'Hadar found them and destroyed the ship. ("Waiting for the Sun")

Celcho had the grim task of confirming wreckage as from the captain's shuttle after Masters was reported killed. While some of the wreckage was from the shuttle the report would be proved to be erroneous. ("Crossfire")

After retrieving the Echlan warp ship Celcho dedicated his time to fixing it. This helped form a friendship with its pilot, Groa Ilata. He eventually discovered the problem with the craft and fixed it. After Ilata used the ship to attack his state's enemies and kill a large number of civilians Celcho felt particularly responsible. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

He was still serving as chief engineer during the Vendoth attack in 2376. ("United We Stand")


Celcho was briefly married in his 20s to a woman named Grace. His marriage only lasted two years before the realities of serving in Starfleet and been removed some his partner ended their marriage. Celcho was slow to let go of his relationship, wearing his wedding ring on his finger for weeks after they divorced before attaching it to a necklace and wearing it around his neck. He eventually moved past this relationship, though in 2375 he still kept possession of the ring, though he no longer wore it on his person. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

Celcho was good friends with most of the crew. He often joined Ensign Frank Cole, Lieutenants Terri Letac and Karak and Lt. Commander Nikki Whitechapel in one of the ship's lounges to socialise. He has formed a strong friendship with Whitechapel due to her part in saving his life after the accident that cost him his right arm. ("Over the Horizon", "Into the Fire")

Due to the Swiftfire's frequent combat duty Celcho had had to contend with almost constant repairs to keep the ship in fighting shape. As a hands on person he often gets into the trenches to keep the ship running. This often hard work has started a small joke amongst his friend on the bridge about his hygiene. He argues that if he does smell it is only because he is the only one who actually does any work. ("Into the Fire", "Section 214C")

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