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Paula Moore is a pseudonym used to credit the writer(s) of Attack of the Cybermen. There is some contention who the pseudonym covers.


Possible "suspects"


Eric Saward and Paula Woosley

A few sources suggest that Eric Saward wrote Attack of the Cybermen, however as the then-current Script Editor, this would have been forbidden under guidelines which stated that editors could not commission themselves. This led to Saward commissioning Paula Woosley (an ex-girlfriend of his) to write other elements of the script and "submit" it to him.

Ian Levine and Eric Sward

Another source suggests that Saward collaborated with Ian Levine, un-official "fan advisor" on Whoniverse continuity and associate of Producer John Nathan-Turner's, to come up ideas that could be tied into many of the Cybermen's 1960s stories. Saward took these ideas from Levine and added the Cryons, drawing on elements of The Tomb of the Cybermen and provisionally entitled the story The Cold War. [1]

Paula Woosley, Ian Levine and Eric Saward

Another source suggests that Paula Woosley wrote "Attack of the Cybermen", with several plot ideas contributed by Ian Levine, however Woosley being completely inexperienced with script writing, had significant assistance from Eric Saward in development and rewriting of her script. [2]

Ian Levine

According to Ian Levine on a post on Outpost Gallifrey, Ian Levine claims full authorship for Attack of the Cybermen.[3]

In an interview with Russell Cook in Doctor Who Magazine 328, Eric Saward stated;

"Ian only produced a couple of pages, that contained an idea - a very brief outline for the story. At the end of the day, I effectively wrote the whole thing. Yes Ian came up with some ideas, I will give him that credit, but he gives the impression that the whole concept was his and that I (Saward) just wrote it up." ..."Despite what Ian has said Paula (Woosley) did make a minor contribution, although she gets all the money, which isn't particularly fair. We don't talk any more." [4]

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