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Patra Tebut
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40 ABY (75), Anakin Solo

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Patra Tebut was a female watch officer on the starship Anakin Solo.


Shortly after the battle of Gilatter VIII, Patra Tebut was working on the Anakin Solo when Ben Skywalker docked the Sith Meditation Sphere he had recovered while on his mission to Ziost in the Anakin Solo's hangar bay. Colonel Jacen Solo ordered her to remove all traces of the ship from the records, and that nobody had seen it, it hadn't docked, and for most purposes, the sphere did not exist. She complied quickly and effectively, leading Solo to muse that like Captain Lon Shevu, Tebut was utterly reliable.

Following the escape of the Anakin Solo from Kashyyyk after their attack on that world, Tebut became an executive officer candidate, and began training on all of the bridge stations present on the Anakin Solo. It was Tebut who discovered that the Jedi had placed a tracking beacon on the cloak that Darth Caedus, once Jacen Solo, had been wearing. While upset that he had allowed the Jedi to plant a tracer on his cloak, Caedus was pleased with Tebut's performance, and ordered the ship's Captain Kral Nevil to place a commendation in her permanent record.

A short time later, the Anakin Solo encountered General Tycho Celchu's shuttle, apparently being chased by a squadron of Confederation X-Wings. The shuttle broadcast all the correct identification codes and passwords, and Tebut allowed the shuttle to land. What she did not know was that General Celchu was not on board the shuttle, instead a strike team consisting of Jedi and their allies were on board. The Jedi infiltrated the Anakin Solo, and were able to successfully rescue Tenel Ka's daughter Allana from the ship.

After the Jedi had departed, Darth Caedus returned to the bridge and demanded to know who had allowed the shuttle to dock. Tebut admitted that she had allowed the shuttle to dock, but that the shuttle had broadcasted all the correct codes and passwords. Caedus didn't listen to her, and used the Force to break Tebut's neck and shatter a number of other bones in her body, ignoring her protests of being loyal, and the fact that she had done much for him. When Captain Nevil tried to prevent Caedus from killing Tebut, Caedus responded by using the Force to throw him against a bulkhead. This attack, committed in rage, truly bound Caedus to the ways of his grandfather: Darth Vader.[1]

News of Tebut's murder spread quickly throughout the fleet. The news deeply disturbed many in the fleet, including Admiral and Co-Chief of State Cha Niathal. However at this point Niathal was still unwilling to overtly oppose Caedus, and refused to have Caedus removed from power and arrested. Niathal later informed Luke Skywalker of the nature of Tebut's death and that his nephew was responsible; Skywalker was not particularly surprised that this had happened.[2].


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