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The island in the Underworld with the entrance to the Passage.
The entrance of the Passage of the Eidolons in the DS version.
"The entrance to the Feymarch, hidden on an island within the earth!"

The Passage of the Eidolons (げんじゅうのどうくつ) is a location in Final Fantasy IV. Its caverns links the Underworld to the Feymarch, land of Eidolons. The cave is littered with many lava-filled pits, which will damage the entire party if stepped on. Rosa can prevent this damage by casting Float on the entire party. The spell will need to be recast whenever a new floor is reached. On the third basement level of the Passage, a blue prism awaits that will teleport the party to the Feymarch.

The Passage of the Eidolons is a completely optional dungeon and as such may be accessed at the player's leisure. It is only accessible after the airship Falcon is obtained, though the player may wish to level up their party first in order to be prepared for the tough monsters that nest in the cave.



Enemy formations


Final Fantasy IV

The Passage of Eidolons is difficult to traverse without the Float spell.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

B3F (The Imprisoned Eidolons)

B2F (The Imprisoned Eidolons)

B1F (The Imprisoned Eidolons)

B1F (The Magic Ship That Vanished into the Moon)

B2F (The Magic Ship That Vanished into the Moon)

B3F (The Magic Ship That Vanished into the Moon)


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