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Pash Cracken
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"Pash is a very talented man."
Airen Cracken

Pash Cracken was a starfighter pilot and military officer in the Rebel Alliance and New Republic. He was a handsome, tall Human with sea-green eyes and vibrant red hair, which held its color into his fifties. Cracken spoke Basic, Bothese, Huttese, and passable Yuuzhan Vong.




Galactic Civil War

"Being my father's son, I have a question you may not want to answer, but I have to ask."
―Pash Cracken

Born into the Cracken family on Contruum, Cracken was raised with his father Airen Cracken's deep sense of morality. Even at a young age, Cracken knew he wanted to follow his father’s example and aid the resistance against Emperor Palpatine. When he was old enough, Cracken entered an Imperial Academy with falsified identification provided by his father to keep Imperial interest off Cracken.

Cracken proved to be an exceptional pilot, skilled yet unconventional tactician and a natural leader. Upon graduation at the top of his class, Cracken was offered an immediate commission as a wing commander. Shortly thereafter, Cracken led his entire wing of TIE/ln starfighters in a defection to the Rebel Alliance, destroying their home Victory-class Star Destroyer in the process.

Pash Cracken.

The pilots became known as the Cracken Flight Group in the Alliance fleet, and earned a reputation for hit-and-fade raids, including one of the first raids by an A-Wing squadron. When his unit was forced to abandon their base at Xyquine, Cracken developed the Cracken Twist to fool the Imperial assault force. Cracken had high personal success in his interceptor, but his reckless methods proved too inspiring to his pilots, and many perished trying to replicate their leader's luck. Frustrated, Cracken requested and received a transfer to Wedge Antilles's Rogue Squadron, where he flew as Rogue 4. While in Rogue Squadron, Cracken participated in operations at Nar Shaddaa, Kessel and Coruscant, and served with distinction during the Krytos threat and campaign against Isard's forces at Thyferra.

Cracken returned to his flight group after his stint with the Rogues, and led them during Grand Admiral Thrawn's campaign against the New Republic five years after the Battle of Endor.

The Yuuzhan Vong War

Leia: "Your father's never going to forgive us, Pash."
Pash: "He will understand"
Leia Organa Solo and Pash Cracken

By the time of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Cracken held the rank of major in the New Republic Defense Force and was promoted to acting-general under Antilles' battle group due to combat attrition. Pash was given command of Memory of Ithor. When this vessel was destroyed following Operation Trinity, Cracken was held prisoner on Selvaris until Galactic Alliance forces rescued him. His liberation was short lived as he was captured again defending Caluula Station.

Cracken was one of many prisoners brought to Coruscant to be offered in sacrifice to the gods, but fortunately, he was rescued by a group of Shamed Ones. Seizing the opportunity, Cracken organized the Shamed Ones into a guerrilla unit and helped sow confusion during the Galactic Alliance's counterattack against Coruscant in the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar to great success.

Behind the scenes

The Wizards of the Coast article detailing the New Jedi Order series era Pash Cracken indicates that the Imperial Academy he attended was on Carida, while the Databank entry and The Last Command Sourcebook both indicate that it was at the Vensenor Flight Academy.

Cracken's name is also similar to the name legendary sea monster known as the Kraken.

In 2008, he was listed at number 63 in the article The 100 Greatest Things About Star Wars… Ever!, in Star Wars Insider 100.



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