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Party Hat
DR: 1
0 (Stanley's)
item HP: 10
weight: 1
value: 5
repair: none
variants: Kid's Party Hat
quests: A Sticky Situation
base id: 00050E44
000B75E2 (Stanley's)

The Party Hat is a headgear item used by adults for celebrating social gatherings. This is a red paper hat with polka dots and blue streamers. There is a kid's version of the party hat.



The party hat gives no bonuses other than 1 DR. There is a unique version called Stanley's Party Hat which is worn by Stanley Armstrong during Growing Up Fast. The only difference to the normal hat is a damage resistance of 0.



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Party Hat appears in Fallout 3.

Armor of Fallout 3

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A character interchanging between the various partyhats.

Partyhats, also known as party hats, Party Hats in RuneScape Classic, or phats for short,[1] are obtained by opening Christmas crackers, dropped during the 2001 Christmas event. There are six different coloured partyhats, all with the same shape. When worn by a player they resemble a crown. Because they are discontinued, they are very rare and much sought after. Partyhats can usually fetch between hundreds of millions of coins when sold, however they don't give any stat bonuses and are usually worn to show wealth. These are currently some of the most valuable objects in RuneScape. However, partyhats are very unstable, usually skyrocketing in price, or crashing. They are either used as junk to trade extremely rare items, or traded with junk depending on the current street prices (probably due to their 1% trade margin, and not being able to keep up with current street prices.) An important factor in the price of partyhats is due to a glitch that allowed players to create any non-stackable item, the price of partyhats (especially the purple partyhat) was drastically changed after players abused this glitch by creating many partyhats. (See Partyhat duplication glitch for more info.)

Due to their high price, they have become recognised as a symbol of wealth in the game by players and non-player characters alike.


The partyhats

There are six partyhat colours: blue, white, red, green, yellow, and purple. There is a rumour that a Black Party Hat once existed, but it is false. A Pink Party Hat is what the purple Party Hat was assumed to be in RuneScape Classic.

Jagex and partyhats

Jagex's stance on partyhats.

Jagex have stated that they wish to never recreate the effect that partyhats have had on RuneScape's economy. This is the reason that tradable holiday drops were removed and replaced with events with untradable rewards.

Black partyhat

Please see our non-existence policy for more information regarding non-existent items.
A hypothetical image of a black partyhat

Black partyhats are believed by some players to have existed for a short period of time in the early days of RuneScape Classic. It is accepted by most players, however, that this is a myth. According to this myth, black partyhats no longer existed because Jagex declared them "not festive enough," so they changed the existing ones to white or purple partyhats. A variant of this story suggests that few people were able to obtain these black partyhats, so Jagex decided to turn the existing black ones into white or purple ones. However, despite all rumours, black partyhats do not, and have never, existed. Some players believe that the rumour started when players saw Red partyhats with their computer brightness turned down, which may have made them appear black.


Wikipedia has an article about:
  • When examined, partyhats say "A nice hat from a cracker.", which refers to Christmas cracker, which when pulled gave a Party Hat and a few other items.
  • It is rumoured that it was no longer possible to high alch or low alch a partyhat. This is not true, the partyhat is simply turned into one coin. The player however, will be prompted with a confirmation message as for all items with a Grand Exchange value of 500,000gp or higher.


  1. ^ Jagex. Player Dictionary (N - Z), P. RuneScape Game Guide. Retrieved 24 January 2010.

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File:Party Hat.gif
This item is in the Other Items class
Party Hat
Attributes: Arm:1
Weight: 7.50 oz.
Loot value: 600 gp.
Dropped by: None.
Buy from: Stan 600 gp
Sell to: Players.
Notes: Can be obtained when using a surprise bag that is looted from many monsters. Also given away by Ned Nobel. When the hat is equipped on the helmet slot it will let loose confetti over you when you use it.

See also: Items.
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