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The Parlour in a Player-owned house is one of the only two types of rooms a player can build starting at Level 1 Construction skill.

Every player starts out with this room. The procedure will cost 1,000 Coins. Once created, the room will look like this:

As shown, there are 7 Hotspots available:

  • (x3) Chairs
  • Rug
  • Curtains
  • Fireplace
  • Bookshelves
  • Exits

There is little you can do with a parlour. The only practical uses a parlour has is the experience gained from lighting a fire in the fireplace, and the books you can store in the bookcases. Based on a player-submitted poll in March 2009, the Parlour is thought to be the least useful POH room.

To fully furnish a parlour, you will need Planks, Bolts of Cloth, a hammer and saw, and soft clay. The actual items you require will depend on what you choose to build.



Chair Image Level Materials Experience Flatpackable
Crude wooden chair File:Crude wooden chair.png 1 2 Planks, 2 nails 66 Yes
Wooden chair File:Wooden chair.png 8 3 Planks, 3 nails 96 Yes
Rocking chair File:Rocking chair.png 14 3 Planks, 3 nails 96 Yes
Oak chair File:Oak chair.png 19 2 Oak planks 120 Yes
Oak armchair File:Oak armchair.png 26 3 Oak planks 180 Yes
Teak armchair File:Teak armchair.png 35 2 Teak planks 180 Yes
Mahogany armchair File:Mahogany armchair.png 50 2 Mahogany planks 280 Yes


Rug Image Level Materials Experience
Brown rug File:Brown rug.gif 2 2 bolts of cloth 30
Rug File:Rug.gif 13 4 bolts of cloth 60
Opulent rug File:Opulent rug.gif 65 4 bolts of cloth, 1 gold leaf 360


Fireplace Image Level Materials Experience
Clay fireplace File:Clay fireplace.png 3 3 Pieces of soft clay 30
Stone fireplace File:Stone fireplace.png 33 2 Limestone bricks 40
Marble fireplace File:Marble fireplace.gif 63 1 Marble block 500


Curtains Image Level Materials Experience
Torn curtains File:Torn curtains.png 2 3 Planks, 3 bolts of cloth, 3 nails 132
Curtains File:Curtains icon.png 18 3 Oak planks, 3 bolts of cloth 225
Opulent curtains File:Opulent curtains.png 40 3 teak planks, 3 bolts of cloth 315


Bookcase Image Level Materials Experience Flatpackable
Wooden bookcase File:Wooden bookcase.png 4 4 Planks, 4 nails 115 Yes
Oak bookcase File:Oak bookcase.png 29 3 Oak planks 180 Yes
Mahogany bookcase File:Mahogany bookcase.png 40 3 Mahogany planks 420 Yes

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