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DHARMA parka

Worn by Ben in the Tunisian Sahara

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The DHARMA parka was an item of clothing worn by Ben. The olive-green parka is thick, hooded, and fleece-lined. Imprinted on the left side is the name "Halliwax", and on the right, the logo for the DHARMA station the Orchid. Having put on the parka before descending into the Orchid's frozen wheel chamber on December 30, 2004, Ben fell on a broken ladder, leaving a gash through the coat's right upper-arm. Ben turned the frozen wheel almost half a rotation, causing a white light to envelop the Island before it disappeared. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3") Ben subsequently appeared in the Tunisian Sahara on October 24, 2005, wearing the parka and exhibiting the same injuries he sustained almost a year earlier. The parka was left in the Tunisian desert by Ben. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

The existence of the parka suggests that Dr. Chang either knew of, has visited or was planning to visit the frozen wheel chamber.


  • In the April 25, 2008 Official Lost Podcast, the producers nickname the coat the "Dharka".
  • The producers stated in the April 25, 2008 Official Lost Podcast that this item will be available on the ABC store this fall.
  • The eight trigrams of the Dharma logo on the parka are arranged in a different order when Ben arrives in the desert, but are in the standard position whilst he is in the frozen wheel chamber. This has been speculated (but not confirmed) as a prop error, but could have some significance to Ben turning the wheel. It's worth noting that the modern Dharma logo from the ARG Dharmawantsyou, although not necessarily canon, has trigrams in an altered order, rotated 90 degrees clockwise from the standard configuration.

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A Parka was a type of clothing worn in cold weathered environments.



Lando Calrissian wore a electrically heated parka on Rafa V in 5 BBY. It had a thermoknob that could be used to adjust the heating setting. The maximum setting was Emergency Full.[1]


Non canonical appearances

  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Non-canonical appearance)
  • LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (Non-canonical appearance)


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