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From Dofus

Characteristic Scroll
Level: 1
Category: Characteristic scroll
Weight: 1 pod
Sells to NPC: 100-1500 kamas
Characteristic Scroll
Official description
(Double click to gain characteristic)
With this scroll you can safely and permanently increase your
characteristic, but be careful, you can only use it if your characteristic is below level.

Characteristic Scrolls are single-use items that give characteristic points.


There are four types of scroll for each characteristic: small, medium, great, and powerful:

Type Increase Stat less than
Small 1 25
Medium 1 50
Great 1 80
Powerful 2 100


Characteristic scrolls can be obtained:

Characteristic scrolls can be sold and bought at the Scroll markets of Bonta (-36,-56) and Brakmar (-31,38).

Note: There are characteristic-enhancing food items that work exactly like characteristic scrolls.

Exchanging Resources

Stat Type NPC Coords Resource
Vitality Small Ariz (4,5) 100 Bluish Jelly
Small Hugo Bello (12,5) 100 Boar Tusk
Medium Quincy Praïze (3,-1) 80 Bluish Jelly, 30 Mint Jelly
Great Ness Laye (3,1) 60 Bluish Jelly, 20 Mint Jelly, 25 Strawberry Jelly
Powerful Lou Pachoups (0,-2) 60 Bluish Jelly, 25 Mint Jelly, 30 Strawberry Jelly, 1 Royal Bluish Jelly, 1 Royal Strawberry Jelly
Wisdom Small Téha Chicks (10,3) 100 Mushroom
Small Zeurg (8,2) 100 Gobball Horn
Medium Jimmy Rasta (10,6) 80 Mushroom, 60 Wild Sunflower seed
Great Aga Dou (1,1) 90 Mushroom, 70 Wild Sunflower seed, 40 Hemp Seed
Powerful Lanseuft of Troille (-2,14) 90 Mushroom, 75 Wild Sunflower seed, 60 Hemp Seed, 200 Moskito Wings
Strength Small Ronsha (1,-2) 80 Prespic Peak
Small Rish Claymore (1,3) 100 Mush Mush Thorn
Small Kipling Kaykes (2,0) 100 Blue Larva Skin
Medium Otho Laringo (-2,-3) 70 Prespic Peak, 70 Crab Pincer
Great Heûl Leise (8,-2) 70 Prespic Peak, 75 Crab Pincer, 40 Rib Chops
Powerful Otho Laringo (-2,-3) 75 Prespic Peak, 75 Crab Pincer, 45 Rib Chops, 30 Flint
Intelligence Small Elya Wood (7,1) 100 Chance Belt
Medium Eowïne Fiole (0,5) 50 Blue Larva Skin, 40 Orange Larva Skin, 40 Green Larva Skin
Great Drogho Cralasar (5,4) 45 Blue Larva Skin, 45 Orange Larva Skin, 45 Green Larva Skin,
30 Evil Tofu Wing
Powerful Ozen the Wise (2,2) 60 Blue Larva Skin, 50 Orange Larva Skin, 50 Green Larva Skin,
40 Evil Tofu Wing, 30 Vampire blood
Chance Small Ali Akelle (2,-2) 80 Arachnee Leg
Small Azra Lazarus (0,2) 1 Lumberjack Amulet
Medium Koussein Trengon (4,8) 90 Arachnee Leg, 65 Five-Leaf Clover
Great Otomai's Assistant (-2,-4) 75 Arachnee Leg, 60 Five-Leaf Clover, 40 Karne Rider Nail
Powerful Bolzano Vieilletrasse (2,5) 60 Arachnee Leg, 55 Five-Leaf Clover, 40 Karne Rider Nail, 15 Boowolf Tail
Agility Small Edrige Valling (0,3) 100 Nimble Ring
Medium Owlin Mad (2,17) 70 Acorn
Medium Max (8,-2) 70 Acorn, 70 Evil Dandelion Tongue
Great Lee Aibig (3,4) 75 Acorn, 75 Evil Dandelion Tongue, 70 Demonic Rose Petal
Powerful Lee Aibig (3,4) 80 Acorn, 80 Evil Dandelion Tongue, 80 Demonic Rose Petal, 20 Mush Mush Sporm

Exchanging Strokens

Type Strokens
Small 2
Medium 3
Great 5
Powerful 16

Exchanging Dragoturkeys

See Mounded Ghard.

Exchanging Doploons

You may exchange Doploons of one class (of the temple you are in) or of each class with a Dopple Trainer for charateristic scrolls as follows:

# of Doploons
Scroll each class same class
Small (2) 1 14
Medium (1) 1 14
Great (1) 2 28
Powerful (1) 5 70


You can only raise a characteristic up to 101 using scrolls. Because of this limitation, some players decide to create a new character and raise the primary characteristics of it up to 101 right away at level 1 before investing any characteristic points that you gain as leveling class level. The advantage of such scrolled characters, however, is not as significant at higher level because scrolled characters will be affected by soft cap earlier than non-scrolled ones. For example, the difference in intelligence between a scrolled int Feca and a non-scrolled at level 1 is 101; at level 150, the difference is only 25. Since the release of Otomai's Island and the reset dungeons many people reset to scroll the stats to 101 before spending the characteristic points. Such characters are called perfect by some.

Many players scroll non-primary characteristics also, most notably vitality, wisdom (AP & MP loss resistance and better experience gain), and agility (dodge-rolling and critical hit). Agility characters often scroll strength to meet the requirements for daggers.

F2P players also can use scrolls, although they cannot exchange materials for characteristic scrolls because all the scroll exchange NPCs are in P2P area. Scroll sellrooms are also in P2P area only. Therefore, the only way a F2P player can get characteristic scrolls is from P2P players and P2P merchants in F2P area.

Although in general the lower types of scrolls cost less money, in some cases using powerful scrolls could be more economical depending on the price of the required materials at the time.

It should be noted that because the max characteristic point when you can still use a characteristic scroll is 99, and beyond 79 you have to use powerful scrolls that give 2 points each, you need to start using powerful scrolls when the characteristic that you are raising is odd number; otherwise you will end up with 100 rather than the maximum 101. (For example, if you start using powerful scrolls when your characteristic reaches 80 rather than from 79, your final scrolled characteristic will be 100, Instead of 101.)


25 Small scrolls (2500 Mush Mush Thorns)
24 Medium scrolls (1680 Prespic Peaks, 1680 Crab Pincers)
26 Powerful scrolls (1950 Prespic Peaks, 1950 Crab Pincers, 1170 Rib Chops, 780 Flint)
Alternatively, use the 4-star edible meats.


25 Small scrolls (2500 Boar Tusks)
25 Medium scrolls (2000 Bluish Jelly, 750 Mint Jelly)
29 Great scrolls (1740 Bluish Jelly, 580 Mint Jelly, 725 Strawberry Jelly)
11 Powerful scrolls (660 Bluish Jelly, 275 Mint Jelly, 330 Strawberry Jelly, 11 Royal Bluish Jelly, 11 Royal Strawberry Jelly)


25 Small scrolls (2500 Nimble Rings)
25 Medium scrolls (1750 Acorns)
29 Great scrolls (2175 Acorns, 2175 Evil Dandelion Tongues, 2030 Demonic Rose Petals)
11 Powerful scrolls (880 Acorns, 880 Evil Dandelion Tongues, 880 Demonic Rose Petals, 220 Mush Mush Sporm)


25 Small scrolls (2500 Chance Belts)
24 Medium scrolls (1200 Blue Larva Skins, 960 Orange Larva Skins, 960 Green Larva Skins)
26 Powerful scrolls (1560 Blue Larva Skins, 1300 Orange Larva Skins, 1300 Green Larva Skins, 1040 Evil Tofu Wings, 780 Vampire blood)


25 Small scrolls (2000 Arachnee Legs OR 25 Lumberjack Amulets)
24 Medium scrolls (2160 Arachnee Legs, 1560 Five-Leaf Clovers)
26 Powerful scrolls (1560 Arachnee Legs, 1430 Five-Leaf Clovers, 1040 Karne Rider Nails, 390 Boowolf Tails)


25 Small scrolls (2500 Gobball Horns)
38 Powerful scrolls (3420 Mushrooms, 2850 Wild Sunflower seeds, 2280 Hemp Seeds, 7600 Moskito Wings)

Scrolling via Strokens

You can also scroll via PvP, though it is generally better to scroll with the above method (Except for Intelligence and Vitality). Medium Chance and Agility scrolls are also relatively easy to obtain from dropping too.

Type Quantity Strokens needed
Small 25 50
Medium 25 75
Great 29 145
Powerful 11 176

So, you'll need 446 Strokens to scroll to 101.

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

Roll of Parchment
Item details
Crafting Material

Rolls of Parchment are a rare crafting material used in most Monk and Necromancer headgear.




Armor Crafting


What salvages into it

The following items may turn into a Roll of Parchment when salvaged with an Expert or Superior Salvage Kit:

Salvage Items

  • None

Collectable Drops


Facts about Roll of ParchmentRDF feed

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

Parchment can refer to:

  • Parchment may also refer to Ecto-tokens which are called 'The ghost of parchment.'
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From TibiaWiki

This item is in the Household Items class and has history.
It is not rewritable.
Attributes: Writable
Weight: 2.00 oz.
Loot value: 8 gp.
Dropped by: Dharalion, Pirate Ghost.
Buy from: Ahmet (Ankrahmun) 8 gp

Gorn (Thais) 8 gp
Thomas (Edron) 8 gp
Bezil/Nezil (Kazordoon) 8 gp
Halif (Darashia) 8 gp
Shiantis (Venore) 8 gp
Timur (Fibula) 8 gp
Perod (Port Hope) 8 gp

Bertha (Svargrond) 8 gp
Sell to: Players.
Parchment (Yellow)
Parchments can be found in gray and yellow type. The ones you buy from stores are yellow and not rewriteable. You can find gray and yellow parchments around the world, and some of then are rewriteable. Anything written on a not rewriteable parchment will be permanent and cannot be changed once saved.

The gray parchment looks the same as a draw Lottery Ticket.

The yellow parchment looks the same as a Gingerbread Recipe, Research Notes and Parchment (Poetry).

See also: Items.
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