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Series: Voyager
Story by: Jim Trombetta
Teleplay by: Brannon Braga
Directed by: Kim Friedman
Production information
Episode no.: 1x03
Production no.: 103
First aired: 23 January 1995
Date: 48439.7 (2371)

As the USS Voyager sets off on its long journey home, its crewmembers - part-Starfleet, part-Maquis - are having trouble coming to terms with working together.



The squabbling between the two groups has to take a back seat when Voyager encounters a strange space phenomenom. Another problem is that Commander Chakotay, the first officer, wants his fellow Maquis, B'Elanna Torres, to be appointed chief engineer.

This proposal, made during a senior officers' meeting, is met with amazement - not surprisingly, in the light of Torres' temper - by Captain Janeway, who instead favors Lieutenant Joe Carey for the post. Chakotay insists that Torres is the best person for the job and that people should be judged solely on their merits. Janeway agrees to talk to Torres, but after the meeting she feels that the half-Klingon woman's temprament is unsuitable for such a responsible role.

Meanwhile, Voyager follows a ship's distress call, which it traces to a quantum singularity - the result of a star collapsing in on itself. Voyager gets pulled into the singularity itself and heads for Illidaria for protection, but the ship keeps ending up in the same place - stuck in the singularity.

Torres impresses Janeway when she suggests a possible way out as well as a means of communicating with the other trapped vessel. Breaking through the distortion, the crew make sense of the message - it is the message sent earlier by Janeway. The ship becomes clear on the viewscreen: a mirror image of Voyager.

The crew manages to find the crack in the singularity through which they originally entered. Its a possible way out, but the hole has started to contract. Janeway and Torres set off in the shuttlecraft Sacajawea and manage to widen the rupture using a tachyon beam.

Finally, Voyager manages to break through to safety and Janeway makes her decision. Throughout Voyager's journey home, B'Elanna Torres will be serving as chief engineer.





  • Joe Carey (Josh Clark)
  • Seska (Martha Hackett)
  • William Jarvin (Justin Williams)
  • Ayala (Tarik Ergin)





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Parallax is a manifestation of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum and the sentient embodiment of fear. Originally the name that Hal Jordan took following his absorption of the energy in the Central Power Battery of Oa during Emerald Twilight, Parallax was later retconned to be the cause of both Jordan's insanity and the Yellow Impurity within the Green Lantern Ring.


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Minor Characters

  • Doctor Fingel Parallax is a friend and ally of Tom Strong.

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