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Joel Cochin was born a metahuman gifted with the power to mimic the physical and mental capabilities of anyone within a certain range. As an adult, he used this gift to excel within the scientific community, earning himself three Nobel prizes. In his arrogance, Cochin believed that the world had been overrun by those he deemd inferior, so he assumed the costumed identity of Paragon and sought to make a dramatic change by ridding the entire planet of all "inferior" beings. This action invariably brought him into conflict with the Justice League of America. At first, Paragon proved every bit their superior, imitating maneuvers such as Black Canary's judo training or Firestorm's molecular reconstruction abilities. The League determined though that he could not duplicate artificially created abilities such as the energy of a Green Lantern Ring or the aerokinesis of the Red Tornado android. Utilizing this strategy, the League succeeded in defeating Paragon.

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Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy X-2 Superboss
Japanese すべてを捨てし者
Romaji Subete o Shateshimono
Location Via Infinito
Chapter(s) 5

Normal: "The strongest fiend of all time. According to the little data available it has the power to rend the heavens and sunder the earth."
Oversoul: "An even more powerful version of what was already the greatest fiend in Spira. A more difficult fiend could not exist. Defeating it will be nigh impossible."


Paragon (Desolatio in the Italian version) is a secret boss in Final Fantasy X-2. He is located in the bottom of the Via Infinito dungeon under Bevelle. Supposedly, Paragon is the aeon born from Lord Zaon's fayth, summoned by Lady Yunalesca. He was the first Final Summoning used to destroy the first Sin derived from Yu Yevon.

Paragon is ferociously swift and powerful. His physical attacks are devastating to one character, but the real threat lays in his Genesis attack. This magic-based blast affects each party member and delivers considerable damage to all.

This weapon-type boss is considered to be one of Final Fantasy X-2's two real super bosses, along with Trema who awaits the party after Paragon's defeat. It could be argued, and very reasonably so that all of the bosses faced in descending through the cloisters in Via Infinito are super bosses, but Paragon and Trema are the creme-de-la-creme.


Battle Preparation

It is important what you equip before going into battle with Paragon, because you won't be able to switch anything between battles with Trema.

To survive Paragon's strong and fast attacks, you'll want to have high Defense and Magic Defense. The Valiant Lustre Garment Grid is perfect to help with that problem. You'll also need high HP, and the Dark Knight dressphere is perfect for that, because it also has high defense. Equip two girls with the Dark Knight dressphere, and have them wear with Crystal Bangles, and they should have 9999 HP. You may also want to equip a girl with a Ribbon, so she doesn't get affected by the Itchy status that Paragon can cause with his attacks. Have the other Dark Knight use a Defense Bracer, this will come in handy for the Trema battle. Your third girl should be a Gunner with a Cat-Nip accessory, and something that raises Luck, such as a Rabite's Foot or Key to Success. The Highroads Wind Garment Grid is good for her, because of the First Strike status. Make sure your Gunner enters the battle in critical health so she can do 9999 damage with each hit. With this setup, you will be ready for Paragon.

Battle Strategy

Once the battle begins, try to use Trigger Happy with your Gunner as soon as possible. If you can get every shot off (and are in critical health), then most of Paragon's HP will be gone. Sometimes, though, he will attack her first, killing her. Revive her as soon as possible, and try to get Trigger Happy off quickly, for his Genesis attack will surely kill her. Heal your Dark Knights to full, but don't attack him. Revive the Gunner, and have her use Trigger Happy again. The second full Trigger Happy should put an end to Paragon.

You may also want to go around the edge of the Valiant Lustre grid so you get an extra 80 to your defense and magic defense, but this could be a waste, as your gunner kills him fairly quickly.

After this battle and some cutscenes, you go straight to the Trema battle, without healing, so be sure to watch what your health is when you kill Paragon.

It is worth mentioning that Paragon is slightly easier in his Oversouled form. He has slightly more HP, but he doesn't use Genesis as often, instead, he uses high level magic. To Oversoul him, simply fight Ultima or Omega Weapons. When one of them oversouls, escape the battle, and when you fight Paragon, he will be Oversouled.

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Final Fantasy X

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Guild Wars

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The Paragon is a ranged profession first introduced in Guild Wars Nightfall. The term Paragon is used to describe a model of excellence, or one who represents the ideal of their kind. They are a supportive class who enhance teammates within earshot through the use of shouts, chants, and echoes to buff party members and allies. The Paragon has an angelic appearance with white armor and under garments. Several chants have an animation displaying golden wings extending from the Paragon's back, enhancing the effect. They wield spears - ranged weapons with the range of a shortbow - as well as shields tied to the Command or Motivation attribute. The patron gods of Paragons are Dwayna and Balthazar.

Despite being classified a support character, the Paragon is the only other class other than the Warrior to have a base armor of 80 - though Warriors are still better equipped due to their extra +20 armor against physical attacks. They are also the only other class to naturally equip shields.

The primary Paragon's base armor provides 80 armor and +10 energy. A starting primary Paragon begins with 30 base energy and 2 energy recovery.

The Paragon's primary attribute is Leadership, which provides energy for each ally affected by your shouts and chants.


Profession Combinations

See Secondary professions for a Paragon

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Marvel Database

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This article is about the ship. You may be looking for the eBook.
Production information

Assault Frigate Mark II


Rise of the Empire era


Alliance to Restore the Republic

The Paragon was an Assault Frigate Mark II used in service to the Rebel Alliance Fleet. She served in battle during the time leading up to the Battle of Yavin. Her fate after that is unknown.


  • Star Wars: Empire at War (First appearance)

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City of Heroes

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The time spent as a mentor has earned you the right to call yourself paragon.

How to Earn

Cumulatively sidekick other heroes for 12 hours.

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  • Paragon Badge at City Info Tracker
  • Paragon Badge at

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