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"I don't really expect you to do it..."
―The Doctor
Paradise Towers
Series: Doctor Who -
TV Stories
Season Number: Season 24
Story Number: 146
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companions: Mel
Enemy: Kroagnon
Chief Caretaker
Tabby and Tilda
Setting: Paradise Towers
Writer: Stephen Wyatt
Director: Nicholas Mallett
Broadcast: 5th October - 26th October 1987
Format: 4 25-minute episodes
Previous Story: Time and the Rani
Following Story: Delta and the Bannermen



Mel wants to go swimming so the Doctor takes her to a tower block called Paradise Towers where there is reputed to be a fantastic pool. When they arrive they discover that the place is far from being the superb leisure resort they had expected - it is run-down and dilapidated.

The hallways are roamed by gangs of young girls known as Kangs; the apartments are inhabited by cannibalistic old ladies, the Rezzies; and the building is managed by a group of dictatorial caretakers, presided over by the Chief Caretaker.

The latter is in thrall to the disembodied Great Architect Kroagnon, the building's creator, who is using giant cleaning machines systematically to kill all the occupants as he considers that they are spoiling his creation by living there.

The Great Architect eventually manifests himself by taking over the Chief Caretaker's body, but the Doctor and Mel join forces with the Kangs, the Rezzies and Pex - the only young man left in the complex - to defeat him. Pex, however, is apparently killed in the struggle.


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  • Paradise Towers, designed by Kroagnon, otherwise known as the Great Architect, won many awards in the 21st century.
  • Kroagnon was also responsible for Golden Dream Park, the Bridge of Perpetual Motion and Miracle City.
  • The TARDIS swimming pool was leaking and has been jettisoned.
  • There is, according to the Doctor, a spectacular pool on the planet Griophos, although it is for the exclusive use of the Gulmeri, flesh eating octopi.
  • The Robotic Self activating Megapodic Mark 7Z cleaners have oxymotive blades.
  • The Doctor describes an antique phone as a splendid piece of audioarchitectonicalmetrasynchosity.
  • Kroagnon 'transplants' his brain into the Chief Caretaker's body via corporal ectoscopy.

Story Notes

  • This story had a working title of; Paradise Tower.
  • Julie Brennon, who played Fire Escape, was at the time married to former companion actor Mark Strickson.


  • Part 1 - 4.5 million viewers
  • Part 2 - 5.2 million viewers
  • Part 3 - 5.0 million viewers
  • Part 4 - 5.0 million viewers


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Filming Locations

Discontinuity, Plot Holes, Errors

  • Why didn't the architect just take the caretaker's body earlier?
  • The caretaker's moustache doubles in size after being posessed by Kroagnon perhaps this is a side-effect



DVD and Video Releases

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