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"Four legged creature who attacks with sharp fangs and quick moves. Causes abnormal status with its venom."

Panthers are a race of monster in Final Fantasy Tactics. They are stronger than the other common enemy encountered early in the game, the Goblin, with higher attack power and mobility. They have an elemental weakness to Earth.


  • Rank I: Red Panther

Red Panthers are the first type of Panther battled in the game, at Mandalia Plains. They also commonly appear in random battles in other locales.

  • Rank II: Coeurl (Cuar)

Coeurls are light blue variations of the Red Panther.

  • Rank III: Vampire Cat (Vampire)

Vampire Cats are much more dangerous than their kin, due to their innate Blaster ability, which can Petrify units.


Monster Move Jump Phy. Evasion Rate Move in Water? Common Poach Rare Poach
Red Panther 4 4 23 No Antidote Battle Boots
Coeurl 4 4 26 No Gold Needle Germinas Boots
Vampire Cat 4 4 24 No Holy Water Croakadile Bag


Ability Description Red Panther Coeurl Vampire Cat Range Effect Vertical
Claw Attacks enemy with sharp nails. Yes Yes Yes 1 1 3
Venom Fang Uses poison to make enemy sick. Adds Poison status. Yes Yes No 1 1 2
Cat Scratch Attacks enemy by kicking. No* Yes Yes 1 1 2
Blaster Attacks enemy by emitting shining energy. May Petrify or Stop. No No* Yes 3 1 Infinite
Vampire Recovers HP by sucking enemy's blood. May inflict the Vampire status. No No No* 1 1 0

* Abilities can be learned by this race when a unit with the "Monster Skill" Support Ability is nearby.

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