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PaniK in the anime




Yami no Pureiyā Kirā

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Player Killer of Darkness

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Panik, known as Player Killer of Darkness in the manga and Japanese anime, is a player eliminator hired by the Duelist Kingdom. He appears to be a rather brutal man and as Yugi Muto and his group arrive, Mai Valentine has just been defeated by him. In order to salvage the situation and return Mai's Star Chips, Yami Yugi challenges Panik to a Duel. Upon losing, Panik then activates the flame ejectors that are in the ring, attempting to incinerate Yami Yugi. However, Yami Yugi is safe due to the power of the Millennium Puzzle and he inflicts a Mind Crush on Panik. In the English anime, Panik's soul is sent to the Shadow Realm. In the manga, Yami Yugi killed Panik by redirecting the flames to incinerate him instead.

Due to his brutality and the apparent frequency with which he knocks players out of the tournament, he wears two double-sized Star Chip gloves.

Panik also appeared in the Waking the Dragons arc as one of the lost souls wandering the sacred circle Yugi ventures through to find his other half.

Panik plays a Darkness deck. Using the duel system holographic simulator, he produces darkness with his "Castle of Dark Illusions" in order to hide from attacks while launching his own. If that fails, he resorts to increasing the defenses of his monsters. Yugi claims that Panik's tactics were that of cowardice. Most of his cards have unusual ATK and DEF values: whilst most cards' ATK/DEF values end in 00 or 50, most of Panik's cards end in other values, such as 10, 30, 80, etc. Interestingly his main attacking monsters, Barox, Dark Chimera, and the King of Yamimakai all have the same amount of defense points in the anime.


Opponent Outcome
Mai Valentine Win
Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi Lose
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