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The Pandemonium Warden
The Pandemonium Warden in battle.

Pandemonium Warden is one of two High Notorious Monsters in Final Fantasy XI (along with Absolute Virtue) to garner special maintenance to weaken its powers. It is initially seen in one base form, a Dvergr, but instantly shifts to resemble other High Notorious Monsters from the Aht Urhgan Expansion, such as Cerberus, Khimaira, and Medusa. It will also spawn multiple satellite monsters which assist each version in battle. When one form is defeated, it transforms into another. It has a total of ten forms, which when defeated forces it to return to its "base form". All eleven forms must be beaten to claim victory.

Upon its introduction into Final Fantasy XI, an entire party of players marathon fighting Pandemonium Warden for 18 hours were unable to defeat it. They were forced to retire after members of the party started to become physically ill; after such a prolonged period of gaming, they began to faint and vomit, creating news reports to be filed in argument of the game's User Message present at every login, which states that Square Enix "...does not wish to see [their players'] lives..." suffer as a result of extensive play. Following the 18 hour attempt, the monster (along with Absolute Virtue) was patched to only have a spawn time of two hours, and its overall difficulty was significantly decreased - if not beaten within that time, it despawns and vanishes; also its satellites no longer have 25,000 HP each, but closer to only 2,400.

The primary difficulty with defeating the monster nowadays involves how to deal with its use of the Summoner 2-Hour ability Astral Flow, which all 8 satellites execute simultaneously when it is in its final form. Three times. Pandemonium Warden has been defeated twice by the Linkshell Apathy on the Remora server, the first of which essentially involved mass-logging out during each instance of Astral Flow. Absolute Virtue, however, remains a complete enigma to the playerbase.

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