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"So, this must be Garland's haunted mansion...Talk about bad taste in interior decorating."

Pandemonium is Garland's castle in Final Fantasy IX. It is the place where Garland docks the Invincible and oversees the soulless Genomes. Referred to as a floating castle, it is situated near Bran Bal on the planet of Terra. Pandemonium is also where the souls of Terra, killed in years long past, lay in stasis, anticipating the absorption of Gaia. It can only be accessed by a transport portal similar to those found within the castle proper.

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It is here that Garland reveals to Zidane his true purpose as an Angel of Death. Zidane is distressed by this and tries to attack Garland, but Garland apparently modifies Zidane, altering him so his body becomes an "empty vessel", just like the other Genomes. Zidane is then left on a throne in a secluded room of the castle. Zidane's friends come to try to help shake him out of his reverie, but Zidane brushes off their attempts angrily. After several fixed battles where various party members help Zidane defeat various monsters of Pandemonium, he comes to grips with himself and rejects Garland's proposal.

The party then battles Garland's Silver Dragon and then Garland himself. Though the master of Terra continues to prophesy the eventual decay of Gaia, the party defeats him, and Garland crawls to the precipice of his fortress. The party spares his life, but Kuja chooses this moment to enter Pandemonium on the Invincible and kick Garland off the ledge, sending him plummeting to his death. After Kuja's achievement of Trance, Pandemonium is destroyed, along with the rest of Terra.




  • Holy Miter
  • Carabini Mail
  • Elixir
  • Battle Boots

Musical Themes

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The theme that plays in Pandemonium is known as "Pandemonium".



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