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Castle Pandaemonium, the Palace of Hell
Pandaemonium on the world map
"The castle that appeared at the time of the emperor's resurrection...It can only be Pandaemonium, the fortress of the lord of Hell."

Pandaemonium or Pandemonium (パンデモニウム Pandemoniumu) is the final dungeon of Final Fantasy II. The capital of Hell, it has been risen to the surface by the Emperor after arising from the dead world. It also destroys and replaces Palamecia when summoned.



Pandaemonium emerging from the depths of hell.
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Many centuries ago, a great hole opened in the world, and many monsters spilled out. After them, the palace of Hell, Pandaemonium, rose from it. The people, fearing for their lives, made the ultimate spell, Ultima. Using this spell, they managed to seal the palace back from where it came. However, the monsters still remained, and the mages who cast Ultima, fearing their new power, went away and founded the town of mages, Mysidia, in a secluded area. Here, they sealed the Ultima Tome away, so that no one else could use its power.

After the party kills the Emperor, his soul goes to Hell. Here, he absorbs the dark powers, and becomes Emperor of Hell. Using his new powers, he is able to raise Pandaemonium to the Earth again, where Palamecia used to stand.

The party travels through the Jade Passage, and arrives in Pandaemonium. Here, they travel to the top and find the Emperor. They manage to defeat him in battle, and with his powers now gone, Pandaemonium once again sinks back into Hell.


Item Location
Ether Second Floor
Elixir Third Floor
Genji Gloves Fifth Floor, guarded by Zombie Borghen
Masamune Fifth Floor
Genji Helm Fifth Floor, guarded by Tiamat
Genji Armor Sixth Floor, guarded by Beelzebub
Ribbon Sixth Floor, guarded by Astaroth
Sage's Wisdom Seventh Floor
Hellfire Eight Floor
Acid Phial Eight Floor


Castle Pandemonium's lower floors' battle background
Castle Pandemonium's upper floors' battle background
Emperor battle's battle background


"Castle Pandaemonium"
Image:FFII - Castle Pandemonium.ogg
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The Background Music that plays in Pandaemonium is called after itself, "Castle Pandaemonium".


Other Appearances


Final Fantasy Tactics


Pandaemonium was mentioned as one of the wonders in Final Fantasy Tactics. It bears the following description:

The capital of the ancient Palamecian Empire. The towering mountain range encircling the city guarded it from even the most ambitious airship captains. A warping device was the only means of bypassing this natural barrier.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Pandaemonium in Dissidia

Pandaemonium is the representative arena of Final Fantasy II in Dissidia. Here, Warrior of Light, Tidus, and Firion each battle the Emperor in their respective storylines, and Zidane speaks to Cosmos here. Terra and Onion Knight also have an encounter with Exdeath here, as does Bartz.

The palace is perhaps the most closed-in arena in the game, with many walls, low ceilings, and very few open areas. The Emperor's throne can be found in one corner of the stage, and it is in this corner that all the storyline fights with the Emperor begin. The stage's alternate form features darkened patches of ground that can extend Brave-draining tentacles and spikes from time to time.


"Pandæmonium" is the capital of Hell in John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost.

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