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A good amount of Palisades' offerings

Palisades Toys was a manufacturer of various media-related action figure lines, geared to the collectors' market. The company received the rights to produce Muppet Action Figures and mini figures from 2001-2005 (a number of which were announced, but never produced).

The company also ran the Palisades Collector's Club, which offered members exclusive figures and was founded after collectors complained that it was too difficult to obtain the rare Vanishing Cream Beaker Action Figure.

In 2004, Palisades acquired the license for the Sesame Street action figures. However, only the Super Grover Action Figure was commercially released, as an exclusive at the San Diego Comic-Con and other conventions.

The company's bankruptcy in early 2006 cut the line short, and none of the other figures were produced.


Muppet figure series

Series 1 (Spring 2002)

For the first three series, the package art resembles a red curtain, and includes The Muppet Show's 25th anniversary logo. The front of the packaging also includes a group image of the characters included in each series. Each figure comes with a "The Muppet Show 25 Years" base for the figures to stand on.

Series 2 (Fall 2002)

Starting with this series, the back of the packaging includes images of what characters will be included in the next series. Starting with this series, each case of figures includes three of each character (for each character who gets a repainted variant, each case has two of that figure in it's standard coloring and one repaint), as opposed to each case having more or less of certain characters.

Series 3 (Spring 2003)

Starting with this series, the bases are now smaller and blank.

Series 4 (Summer 2003)

Starting with this series, the pakaging artwork has a new style. The packaging is now blue, the group photos now include images of the figures (instead of the actual puppets), and the Muppet Show anniversary logo is now replaced with a "Jim Henson's Muppets" logo. The line now includes figures and variants from Muppets Tonight and the Muppet movies. Also, none of these figures come with a base.

Series 5 (Fall 2003)

Each figure comes with a base once again.

Series 6 (Winter 2003)

The packaging has gone back to including images of the puppets in the group photo, instead of the figures.

Series 7 (Spring 2004)

None of the figures in this series come with a base.

Series 8 (Summer 2004)

This is the last series in with the figures don't come with a base

Series 9 (Fall 2004)

Special Retailer Exclusives

Mega Animal Action Figure

Industry Giveways

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San Fierro's Palisades district

Palisades is a district of San Fierro, San Andreas. It is an extremely affluent neighborhood situated on the western shore of the city. To the east is Juniper Hill; to the north is Paradiso; to the south is Santa Flora.

Palisades is influenced by San Francisco's Presidio Heights, the site of some of the city's finest homes and richest residents, second in affluence only to neighboring Pacific Heights. Similarly, the residents of this district are very wealthy and somewhat pretentious. Expensive cars and limousines can frequently be seen driving its streets, and pedestrians are often very well dressed. The one eyesore in this lush, rolling area is the Tuff Nut Donuts building at the very southeast corner of the neighborhood, with a garishly large plaster doughnut perched on its roof.



Stationary Vehicles


  • A palisade, is a plant cell.


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