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Palamecia Castle on the World Map.

Palamecia Castle (パラメキア城 Paramekia no Shiro) is the capital of the Palamecian Empire, and home to the Emperor in Final Fantasy II. The party cannot simply walk to Palamecia Castle, since it is located on the top of a mountain range, and as such, need the airship to enter. It is composed of seven floors.



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The Emperor arises from Hell.

After the party defeat the Emperor in the Cyclone, they are about to celebrate their victory, when they suddenly hear that the Dark Knight has taken over the Palamecian Empire, and is ruling them from the Emperor's castle. The party set out to the castle to stop him.

When the party reaches the throne room, Leon is about to take the title of Emperor. However, the Emperor comes back from Hell and reveals that he was controlling Leon, revealing that when Leon was about to declare himself Emperor he could return from the dead and crush it. Infuriated, Ricard gives his life to hold back the Emperor while the Wyvern comes and take the party out.


Item Location
Diamond Cuirass First Floor
Hourglass Second Floor
Garlic First Floor
Ether Second Floor
Buckler Second Floor
Thunder Spear Third Floor
Saint's Spirit Fourth Floor
Sleepgrass Fourth Floor
Healing Staff Fourth Floor
Mage's Staff Fourth Floor
Wizard's Staff Fourth Floor
Sun Blade Sixth Floor
Wind Flute Seventh Floor
Hellfire Seventh Floor


Palamecia Castle's battle background.


The Background Music that plays inside Palamecia Castle is the "Imperial Army Theme".



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