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Palamecia (パラメキア Paramekia), also known as Palakia in the unreleased English version on the Nintendo Entertainment System, is the name of a brutal and war-hungry empire from Final Fantasy II. It is ruled by the dictatorial Emperor Mateus for most of the game.


A previous Emperor of Palamecia once challenged the world to see who could reach his daughter on a high floor of his castle. Many men tried this challenge but they all failed until one man used a hot air balloon to reach her. The emperor was furious and embarrassed by this and swore revenge, from which the subsequent Emperors' desire for conquest was born. This story can be read in the Mysidian library in Dawn of Souls. It is basically an adaptation of the traditional Rapunzel fairy tale.

At the time of Final Fantasy II, raising demons from the depths of hell, the current Emperor was able to build himself an unstoppable army. Using this army, he quickly took care of the kingdoms of Deist and Kashuan. Progressing slowly, they eventually reach the kingdom of Fynn. While the people of Fynn resist, they are easily overrun by the Empire, due to Borghen defecting to the Empire.

The Emperor sowed the seeds of his downfall in taking over Fynn as four youths Firion, Maria, Guy, and Leon were left for dead after being attacked by his Black Knights. While Firion, Maria, and Guy would be saved by the Wild Rose Rebellion and join it soon after Leon was captured and became the Emperor's right hand as the Black Knight.

While the rebels build their forces, the Empire builds a giant airship, the Dreadnought. Using this giant ship, the Empire easily crushes every town that gets in their way, as well as capturing Princess Hilda and Cid and his Airship. However, the Dreadnought is taken down by the rebels, causing the Empire to rethink their plans, though it still had one trump. Although the Dreadnought fell, the Empire still held Princess Hilda a captive, and used her as a bait to lure the Wild Rose's attention on the Coliseum at Palamecia, where Hilda was the prize for the champion of the arena. The rebels succeed in rescuing their princess nonetheless, with the help of Paul and Gordon.

Later, while key members of the Rebels sought out the Ultimate Magic Ultima, the Emperor summoned a Cyclone to attack the towns and kingdoms again. He was killed by the three key members of the rebels and the last surviving Dragoon Ricard Highwind.

The Dark Knight takes his place as Emperor. Firion, Maria, Guy, and Ricard Highwind venture to Castle Palamecia in order to stop this new threat. Just as the party confronts the Dark Knight, the Emperor returns from Hell to reclaim his Empire. Ricard stays behind to stall the Emperor while a Wyvern saves the other four, but the Dragoon is ultimately killed by the Emperor's hellish new powers. Destroying Palamecia Castle, the Emperor raises the castle of Hell, Pandaemonium, to earth, to start a new reign.

However, the Palamecian army never has the chance to rebuild itself. Firion and his allies, including Leon, travel through the Jade Passage to confront the Emperor in Pandaemonium. Despite the Emperor's immense power, he is killed again, and the Palamecian Empire dies with him.


The Empire of Palamecia is located on a fertile haven surrounded by a mountainous, arid desert. The Castle is located on the mountains nearby, which makes it a natural, impenetrable fortress.



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