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The Palamecia is a location in Final Fantasy XIII. It is the airship that serves as the base of the Sanctum Skyfleet. It is where Sazh Katzroy and Oerba Dia Vanille are held after being captured by Jihl Nabaat.


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The Palamecia's Engine Core

When Vanille and Sazh are captured in Nautilus, Jihl Nabaat imprisons them upon the Palamecia, where Galenth Dysley is also present. They break out of their cell and retrieve their weapons, meeting Lightning, Snow, Fang, and Hope who have seperately boarded the ship. On the ship's external shell, they defeat an electric Garuda, which gives Fang an idea about how to infiltrate the Palamecia's main cabin, where Galenth and Jihl are. Vanille uses her weapon to entangle a Garuda Interceptor, and Fang subdues it. All six of them ride on the Garuda's back, evading gunfire from the Palamecia, and crash into the central part of the airship.

They reach Dysley's chamber, and Nabaat leaps down to confront them. Galenth, however, has other ideas as he strikes Jihl down with his powerful magic before killing the rest of his Sanctum assistants, dissolving the roof of the Palamecia. Soon after attempting to bring Lightning's group to his side, Galenth assumes true form as the fal'Cie Baldanders and battles them.

Enemy formations


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