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Paladin Artifact Armor
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Paladins appear in Final Fantasy XI as an advanced job available to characters who have completed the Paladin flag quest after attaining level 30 with at least one job. The quest to become a Paladin begins in San d'Oria. This is the only quest for an advanced job that has prerequisites besides a level requirement and a quest. A player must first complete two Squire's Tests before they can be eligible for the Knight's Test. The Squire's quests can be completed before the character reaches level 30.

The Quest to become a paladin takes you to Davoi, the capital of the Orc nation. Strangely enough, the proud Elvaan Knights send you on what is basically a sneaking mission to find an old well. Inside is more than water, but a dead paladin's soul. After you retrieve the knight's soul you have proven yourself worthy and earn the right to level as a Paladin.

Paladins in Final Fantasy XI are one of the two main "tanks," a massive multiplayer term for a tough character that tries to keep the attention of an enemy. They do this by having a high Vitality and Defense, protective and curative white magic, and defensive abilities like Cover, Sentinel, Rampart, and Invincible which actually does render a paladin immune to physical damage for a short period of time (magic damage is still received as normal).


Becoming a Paladin

Paladin Abilities


Job Abilities

Level  Name
01  Invincible
05  Holy Circle
15  Shield Bash
30  Sentinel
35  Cover
62  Rampart
Merit  Fealty
Merit  Chivalry

Job Traits

Level  Name
05  Undead Killer
10  Defense Bonus
20  Resist Sleep
25  Shield Mastery I
30  Defense Bonus II
35  Auto Refresh
40  Resist Sleep II
50  Defense Bonus III
50  Shield Mastery II
60  Resist Sleep III
70  Defense Bonus IV
75  Shield Mastery III
Merit  Guardian
Merit  Iron Will

Spell List

Level  Spell
05  Cure
07  Banish
10  Protect
17  Cure II
20  Shell
Level  Spell
30  Cure III
30  Protect II
34  Banish II
37  Flash
40  Shell II
Level  Spell
50  Protect III
50  Raise
55  Cure IV
55  Holy
60  Shell III
Level  Spell
61  Reprisal
70  Protect IV

Combat Skill Ratings

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 37 Cap at Level 75
Sword A+ 6 114 276
Club A- 6 114 269
Staff A- 6 114 269
Great Sword B 5 109 250
Dagger C- 5 105 220
Polearm E 4 94 200
Shield A+ 6 114 276
Evasion C 5 105 225
Parrying C 5 105 225

Magic Skill Ratings

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 37 Cap at Level 75
Divine Magic B+ 5 109 256
Healing Magic C 5 105 225
Enhancing Magic D 4 101 210

Paladins in Final Fantasy XI


  • Strongest defense in the game.
  • An A+ Rating in Sword and access to unique weapon skills make Paladins capable of doing decent damage with the right equipment.
  • An A+ Rating in shield helps them reduce damage taken, as well as a job trait that allows them to get TP for every block increasing the number on weapon skills they can preform.
  • Cover allows Paladins to save other party members as well as other abilities that benefit all of the party.


  • Leveling styles from level 70-75 do not always rely upon a tank.
  • High experience loss due to many deaths exacerbates the difficulty in getting a party from 70-75.



Warrior is the major subjob for Paladins up through level 70 and for almost every purpose they would be used in high-end events. The simple reason for this is just that warriors get the ability provoke, the simplest and most reliable way of creating enmity. Certain other abilities are enjoyed by Paladins, such as Defender and double attack.


Sometimes Paladins between level 70 and level 75 will use a ninja subjob to function purely as a direct damage. With the subjob they can function reasonably well in TP-burn parties with their A+ rating in sword as well as benefit from Blink through Utsusemi. A ninja sub can also be useful for soloing because Utsusemi reduces the need for healing (and thus downtime), and Paladin/Ninja tanks can work in situations that don't require large amounts of enmity generation. Paladins have an advantage over some other jobs that use Ninja as a subjob in that Shield Mastery will prevent spell interruptions from damage if the hit is blocked with a shield, which when combined with Flash, substantially improves the efficacy of Utsusemi: Ichi.

Red Mage

When soloing, Red Mage can be an effective subjob for Paladins due to an increased MP pool and spells like Phalanx (Final Fantasy XI) and Stoneskin to reduce damage, while also having en- spells like Enblizzard to increase damage dealt, usually with a sword and shield set-up.

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