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Paladin could refer to:

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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

Class Information for Paladin
Type: Crusader (Fighter) image:Paladin_Icon.jpg
City: Qeynos, Kelethin
Primary Power Stat: Strength
Secondary Power Stat: Wisdom
Armor: Plate Armor
Weapons: Swords, Hammers, Axes, Spears, Staffs, Great Swords, Great Hammers, Great Axes, Great Spears, Bows, Symbols
Shields: Bucklers, Round Shields, Kite Shields, Tower Shields, Symbols
Expert Spells: Combat Arts (Rare Loam)

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Spells Crusader AAs Paladin AAs Shadows AAs

Those who desire to fulfill a role of nobility, honor, and virtue will find the Paladin profession to be ideal. The Paladin excels in martial combat and possesses divine magical abilities to enhance their skills in combat. As a true martial combatant, the Paladin is most efficient on the front lines where they are able to engage the enemy in close combat. By invoking their protective magic, the Paladin may temporarily augment their martial skills, increasing their capabilities for both defense and healing during a fight.


Class Hat

Hoo'Loh's Knightly Helmet (67) - Kingdom of Sky Class Hat from quest: Blood of the Brood

Heavy Platemail Helm of Valor (67) Drops from Korgo the Vault Keeper in the The Vaults of El'Arad

Class Armor




Plate Cleric/Crusader/Warrior Series

Crusader Series


-PvP Server Only-

Epic Weapon

See also

  • Paladin Guides collectively written & maintained by the EverQuest II Paladin community!
  • Paladin Abilities - Stats overview for Paladin
  • Paladin Spell and Combat Art Lines - little overview

Combat Arts By Category

The first combat art in each category is listed. See the detailed description for the full upgrade line.


Pure Damage

Damage & Debuff


Buffs & Taunts

Offensive Buff

Defensive Buff

Miscellaneous Buff

  • Wisdom & base heal amount buff: Crusade (19)






Fun Spells

Spells & Combat Arts by level

Tier 1 Level 1 - 9 Tier 2 Level 10 - 19 Tier 3 Level 20 - 29 Tier 4 Level 30 - 39

1: Clarion
1: Faith Strike
2: Judgement
3: Prayer of Healing
4: Knight's Stance
4: Wrath Stance
5: Fighting Chance
5: Penitent Kick
6: Intercept
7: Holy Circle
8: Righteousness
9: Clarion II ¥
9: Divine Inspiration

10: Blessed Weapon ¥
11: Divine Vengeance
11: Holy Aid
12: Demonstration of Faith ¥
13: Heroic Dash
13: Judgement II
14: Ancient Wrath ¥
15: Faith Strike II
15: Power Cleave
16: Knight's Stance II
16: Prayer of Healing II
17: Clarion III
17: Pledge of Armament
18: Resolute Faith
19: Crusade
19: Penitent Kick II

20: Holy Steed *
20: Intercept II
20: Lay on Hands
20: Goading Gesture ***
21: Amends ¥
21: Holy Circle II
22: Holy Aid II ¥
22: Righteousness II ¥
22: Wrath Stance II
23: Divine Inspiration II
24: Blessing of the Paladin
24: Blessed Weapon II ¥
25: Divine Vengeance II
25: Rescue ¤
26: Devout Sacrament
26: Demonstration of Faith II
27: Judgement III
27: Heroic Dash II
28: Holy Strike
28: Ancient Wrath II
29: Power Cleave II
29: Faith Strike III

30: Prayer of Healing III ¥
30: Knight's Stance III
31: Clarion IV ¥
31: Pledge of Armament II
32: Wrath Stance III
32: Resolute Faith II ¥
33: Penitent Kick III
33: Crusade II ¥
34: Lay on Hands II
34: Intercept III ¤
35: Amends II
35: Doom Judgement**
35: Holy Circle III
35: Corpsecrush**
36: Holy Aid III
36: Righteousness III
37: Divine Inspiration III
38: Blessed Weapon III
38: Blessing of the Paladin II
39: Divine Vengeance III

Tier 5 Level 40 - 49 Tier 6 Level 50 - 59 Tier 7 Level 60 - 69 Tier 8 Level 70 - 79

40: Summon Squire *
40: Refusal of Atonement
40: Demonstration of Faith III ¥
40: Devout Sacrament II
41: Judgement IV
41: Heroic Dash III
42: Ancient Wrath III ¥
42: Holy Strike II ¥
43: Power Cleave III
43: Faith Strike IV
44: Knight's Stance IV ¥
44: Elixir of Resuscitation ¤
44: Prayer of Healing IV
45: Clarion V
45: Pledge of Armament III
46: Resolute Faith III
46: Wrath Stance IV
47: Penitent Kick IV
47: Crusade III
48: Lay on Hands III
49: Amends III ¥ ¤
49: Holy Circle IV

50: Hand of Bayle *
50: Decree
50: Holy Aid IV ¥
50: Righteousness IV ¥
51: Divine Inspiration IV
52: Sigil of Heroism ¤
52: Blessed Weapon IV
52: Blessing of the Paladin III
53: Divine Vengeance IV
53: Doom Judgement II
54: Devout Sacrament III
54: Demonstration of Faith IV
54: Refusal of Atonement II ¥
55: Judgement V
55: Consecrate
55: Heroic Dash IV
56: Ancient Wrath IV
56: Holy Strike III
57: Power Cleave IV
57: Faith Strike V
58: Prayer of Healing V
58: Knight's Stance V
58: Divine Favor ¤
59: Pledge of Armament IV
59: Clarion VI

60: Wrath Stance V
60: Resolute Faith IV ¤
61: Penitent Kick V
61: Crusade IV
62: Lay on Hands IV ¥
63: Holy Circle V ¥
64: Holy Aid V ¥
64: Righteousness V ¥
65: Divine Inspiration V
65: Castigate
66: Blessing of the Paladin IV
66: Blessed Weapon V
67: Divine Vengeance V
68: Demonstration of Faith V
68: Refusal of Atonement III
68: Devout Sacrament IV
69: Judgement VI
69: Heroic Dash V

70: Ancient Wrath V
70: Decree II
70: Holy Strike IV
71: Power Cleave V
71: Doom Judgement III
71: Faith Strike VI ¥
72: Clarion VII ¥
72: Prayer of Healing VI
72: Knight's Stance VI
73: Crusade V
73: Pledge of Armament V
73: Wrath Stance VI
74: Consecrate II ¥
74: Lay on Hands V
74: Penitent Kick VI
75: Holy Circle VI ¥
76: Divine Inspiration VI
76: Righteousness VI
76: Holy Aid VI
77: Blessing of the Paladin V
77: Divine Vengeance VI
77: Blessed Weapon VI
78: Castigate II
78: Refusal of Atonement IV
78: Devout Sacrament V
79: Heroic Dash VI
79: Judgement VII
79: Demonstration of Faith VI

Tier 9 Level 80 - 89

80: Ancient Wrath VI
80: Decree III
80: Holy Ground
80: Holy Strike V

The first combat art in each category is italicized.
¥ Indicates a Master II Training Choice
¤ - Currently no upgrade for this spell (as of TSO)
* - Fun Spell (Must be purchased from the Paladin Trainer NPC - not granted automatically on level.)
** - This spell comes from The Bloodline Chronicles
*** - This spell comes from The Splitpaw Saga

Grandmaster Training Choices

Tier 2 - Level 14 Tier 3 - Level 24 Tier 4 - Level 34 Tier 5 - Level 44
Tier 6 - Level 54 Tier 7 - Level 64 Tier 8 - Level 75



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From The Vault

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Paladin can refer to:

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Cecil Harvey, from Final Fantasy IV, eventually becomes a Paladin.

The Paladin (パラディン Paradin), also known as Holy Knight or White Knight, is a special Job that appears in several games in the series.



The Paladin is a sacred knight, and acts as a counterbalance to the Dark Knight. Paladins equip heavy swords and armor, and use special swords that have been imbued with sacred power. They generally can use basic White Magic spells, and have the ability to Cover allies whose HP are low. Some games also give Paladins skillsets that emulate these abilities and expand upon them, giving them the power to strengthen and protect allies and attack enemies with holy-themed techniques. As Dark Knights wield the Deathbringer, the holy-sword Excalibur is sometimes associated with Paladins. Another common Paladin weapon is the Save the Queen.


Final Fantasy III

Main article: Magic Knight
Main article: Knight (Final Fantasy III)

In the original game, the Magic Knight was a class granted from the Water Crystal which possessed strong physical power and could cast White Magic. The Knight job, obtained from the Fire Crystal is a strong fighter who can also shield other party members from attacks and cast certain healing spells.

Final Fantasy IV

Cecil Harvey transforms into a Paladin on Mt. Ordeals. As a Paladin, Cecil has access to low-level White Magic and will use Cover to protect weakened allies.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Cecil returns as a Paladin, retaining his skills from Final Fantasy IV. His son Ceodore Harvey similarly has White Magic and wields heavy equipment. During the game Kain Highwind becomes a Holy Dragoon, the Dragoon equivalent of a Paladin, giving Kain the ability to use White Magic.

Final Fantasy VI

Leo Cristophe is officially classified as a General. However, he equips heavy equipment, has a strong sense of honor and justice, and bears the Shock ability, all attributes associated with Paladins.

Final Fantasy IX

Beatrix is a Paladin and is temporarily playable, as well as being fought as a boss. She has her own skillset, Seiken, which combines Sword Arts with White Magic.

Final Fantasy XI

Main article: Paladin (Final Fantasy XI)

Paladins are an advanced job, and are popular tanks due to having several defensive skills along with strong armor. They can also cast White Magic.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Basch is given the Paladin job. He uses heavy equipment and swords, and his skillset consists of abilities that protect and strengthen the party.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Main article: Holy Knight

Delita Heiral, Agrias Oaks, Cidolfus Orlandeau and Wiegraf Folles are Holy Knights; Folles' title is White Knight, though his abilities are virtually identical to that of the others. The Holy Knight skillset is made up of holy-themed attacks that can inflict status ailments on enemies.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Main article: Paladin (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance)

The Paladin job is exclusive to humans in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. The job is a strong attacker and can use abilities with the rare Holy element.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Main article: Paladin (Final Fantasy Tactics A2)

The hume-exclusive Paladin makes a return in Tactics A2. Frimelda Lotice is a Paladin.


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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

Paladin is a slang term for a character with Warrior as the primary profession and Monk as the secondary profession. It is derived from other games such as D&D where "paladin" is often a warrior-type class with healing abilities.

See Also:

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

Character Template Help
Real Name
Current Alias

Paul Dennis






6' 2"

225 lbs (102 kg)




Mercenary, private investigator

Trained mercenary

First appearance

Daredevil #150
(January, 1978)



Paladin was a mercenary and private investigator. He sought Daredevil while engaged in an assignment to track down the Purple Man, and battled Daredevil. He clashed with Daredevil a second time after the crime fighter inadvertently interfered with Paladin's search for the Purple Man. Paladin allied with Daredevil in battle against the Cobra, the Jester, and Mister Hyde, who were under control of the Purple Man.

Paladin next battled the Phantasm. Paladin aided the Wasp against Baron Brimstone, acquired a modified uniform, and began a romance with the Wasp. Paladin aided the Avengers in battle against the Masters of Evil IV. Paladin allied with Spider-Man and the Wasp against mobsters.

Paladin was later employed by Silver Sable to investigate a conspiracy which threatened her native country of Symkaria, and he allied with Spider-Man. Paladin was then hired by Diamondback to raid Serpent Society headquarters. He was captured, but freed by Captain America. Paladin accompanied Captain America in his search for Diamondback, the Asp, and Black Mamba. With his new allies, Paladin battled Superia's horde of female superhumans.

An unabashed womanizer, Paladin would often flirt with any woman who caught his eye. He briefly dated the Wasp at a time when she was separated from Hank Pym, much to the Black Knight's jealousy, who was also attracted to her. For a time, he enlisted Generation X into helping him retrieve a sword for Adrienne Frost, the sister of Emma Frost. During this period, the mutant known as Jubilee was strongly attracted to Paladin, but that affection disappeared when Generation X and Paladin later went their separate ways. He has also been a longtime ally to Silver Sable and her Wild Pack organization, working for pay, of course. He once helped them protect a scientist from a kidnapping attempt by the Heroes for Hire, a group he would later join. His main opponent was Misty Knight, who seemed to be an equal match.

Paladin has a certain amount of honor. For example, he was once hired by a corrupt government to assist rebels as part of a sting operation. He aided the rebels in a bomb-laying operation at a government facility. When the rebels were caught, his government handler remarked how lucky they were that the bomb had not gone off. Paladin replied, "I'm sorry, that would have been extra," and activated the bomb by remote control while driving away.

He was offered 10 million dollars by mobster Vincent Mangano to kill the Punisher. Paladin agreed to this arrangement, but did not succeed, and in the ensuing fight both of his legs were broken by the U.S. Agent.[1]

Paladin once took down Daredevil with a sniper rifle from a helicopter at a great distance. He did so for the FBI, in exchange for getting his record expunged. The hit, while serious, was not fatal, though did lead to Daredevil's arrest.

He was also employed once to help investigate the Life Foundation where he worked alongside Spider-Man.

Civil War

During the Civil War resulting from the Superhero Registration Act, Paladin accepted an offer from Misty Knight and Colleen Wing to join the new Heroes for Hire, purely for the money. However, Paladin betrayed the team on their second mission when Misty Kinght took them to see the underground Captain America to try and talk him into a peaceful resolution after the death of Goliath. Seeing a bigger pay day Paladin struck a trap with the intention of capturing Captain America for SHIELD. However, the trap failed to capture Shang-Chi who was able to turn the tables on Paladin. Captain America then swapped costumes with the unconcious Paladin and SHIELD took him into custody believing he was the Captain.

Powers and Abilities


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed: Paladin is capable of running and moving at speeds greater than even the finest human athlete.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Paladin's musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. He can exert himself at peak capacity physically for several hours before fatigue begins to impair him.
  • Enhanced Durability: Paladin's bodily tissues are somewhat harder and more resistant to injury than those of an ordinary human. While not invulnerable, his body can withstand blunt and impact forces that would severely injure or kill and ordinary human with mild to moderate discomfort.
  • Enhanced Agility: Paladin's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Paladin's reaction time is enhanced to a level that is beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.


Paladin is an excellent hand to hand combatant. Paladin is an excellent marksman and is familiar with the use of all conventional firearms. He is also a talented spy, actor and detective.

Strength level

Paladin is superhumanly strong and is capable of lifting about 1 ton.



Paladin wears a body-suit of synthetic stretch fabric, and his boots, gloves, helmet, torso, and knee and elbow guards are made of bulletproof composite materials. Paladin's helmet is equipped with a belt activated faceplate which slides down to make the helmet airtight, and has its own one hour air supply. The lenses in Paladin's helmet can be adjusted for infrared vision.


Paladin typically uses his Stun-Gun, which generates enough force to disrupt the nervous system sufficiently to render most people unconscious. However, he has been known to use more conventional firearms.


Discover and Discuss

  1. The 1990 one-shot The Punisher: No Escape

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Up to date as of February 07, 2010

From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

Paladins are found in Ardougne commonly found wandering near the castle and market. Players can pickpocket Paladins at level 70 Thieving, giving 151.75 experience, 80 coins and 2 chaos runes. Not many people train Combat on them, as they have mediocre drops, probably the most notable of the drops being level 2 clue scrolls, and can hit up to 8, and often.

Paladins will attack players that they catch trying to steal from the silver stall, gem stall, and spice stall. They are from Ardougne's Holy Order of Paladins.

A good strategy when training on Paladins is by using Protect from Melee then restoring your prayer points by the nearby altar. Keep repeating the process to prevent any excessive health loss. Healing using food stolen from nearby stalls is also an alternative. Paladins are weak to magic and stab attacks, the latter being unusual for a platebody and square shield wearing NPC.



100% drop: Bones


Armour, Weapons and Ammunition


Wikipedia has an article about:

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ST Expanded

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The Star Trek Expanded Universe Database is for fanon and related content. See for the canon Star Trek wiki.

Paladin was the name of the captain's yacht attached to the USS Scandalon in the late 24th century.

In 2376, Captain Stephen Tecklenberg took the Paladin to rendezvous with Dr. Bill Hoesch in the Letchworth Nebula. The Orions captured Tecklenberg, and though Starfleet investigated, the Paladin was declared missing in action after six weeks. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Paladin was a term that referred to some kind of knight, perhaps someone dedicated to the protection of palace.

Paladins of the Chatos Academy were early forerunners of the Jedi Knights.

Paladins was also a name for the palace guards of Iziz; however, they obviously were unrelated to the former. A Paladin character is mentioned in the Rodian play The Trickery of Vosdia Nooma.

Behind the scenes

Used loosely, the term 'paladin' can mean any virtuous hero; more specifically, it denotes the companions of Charlemagne, his palatini or "palace officers", who became the heroes of the medieval cycle of stories known as the Matter of France.

In-universe, the word could be related to Palawa and/or Padawan.

In modern fantasy, the term paladin has been used for fictional orders of knights, often with 'divine' powers to perform miracles and other supernatural feats, more or less like the Jedi. If Jedi are described as 'knights' in the Star Wars works, then 'paladins' is an appropriate name for an ancient order of holy warriors.

The use of this term to describe the heroes of the Chatos Academy could contain a subtle implication that they were associated with a seat of government, perhaps the Academy itself. However, it is by no means clear that it denotes anything more specific than a group of chivalrous heroes.


  • Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith (Iziz palace guards only)
  •  Rodian Campaigning Mixes Drama & PoliticsHoloNet News Vol. 531 52 (Mentioned only)
  • Coruscant Nights I: Jedi Twilight
  • Coruscant Nights II: Street of Shadows
  • Coruscant Nights III: Patterns of Force


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From TibiaWiki



Paladin Mousepad

Paladins are masters of distance weapons, e.g. Bows, Crossbows, Spears and Stars. Paladins are balanced between physical and magical abilities. They advance very fast in Distance and aren't totally inept concerning magical skills. Compared to Knights, Paladins increase at the same rate in Shielding and advance slightly slower in Melee.

Paladins are not severely lacking in any ability, but their forte is the use of distance weapons.



Gains and Regeneration

Gains by level

With each level, every player recieves an increase in Capacity, Maximum Hitpoints, and Maximum Mana.

With each level, a paladin will gain:


As time passes, every player will regenerate lost Hitpoints and Mana, as long as they have eaten recently (see page on Regeneration for more information).

A paladin will regenerate:

a Royal Paladin will regenerate:


When a paladin reaches level 20, he can purchase a Promotion and become a Royal Paladin with certain benefits.

See the page on Promotion for more information.

Tips and Tricks

All vocations should use their strengths to their own benefit. For example, it would be useless for a knight to try and make money selling runes. Instead, use the unique aspects of the vocation to your advantage.

Making Money

  • Sell Ammunition. Using the Conjure Arrow, Conjure Bolt and Enchant Spear spells, you can make ammunition to either use yourself, or sell. After the summer update 2007 the demand is lower, but there are still lots of people buying backpacks of bolts and arrows and there are a lot of people that buy Enchanted Spears.
  • Use Your Melee Skills. Although knights are the best vocation for melee, an advantage to paladins is that they have good shielding skill and acceptable melee skill advancement. When low on cash for ammunition, get a shield and melee weapon and hunt some weaker creatures. This will train your shielding skill, give a little exp, and also give some gold to pay for more ammunition!
  • Use Your Capacity. Since Paladins have the second best capacity after knights, you can also make some money by looting dead corpses of monsters and sell items that have been left behind by other players.

Gaining Experience

  • "Run" large creatures. Running a creature involves attacking them from a distance while staying far enough away from them that they cannot attack you. This is best done in large open areas, but can also be effective in caves if you are careful. It may help to keep a steady distance of 3-4 squares from the monster, depending on your weapon, and to stop for a slight second every 2-3 paces.
  • Hunt with a Blocker. You can usually find a knight that is willing to block for you. This way, the knight will absorb most of the damage from the creature(s), and you will gain most of the experience. Depending upon your prior arrangements, you will usually split the loot with everyone in the hunting party. But it is also possible to block with a paladin as well using spears and a shield. The risk of dying is slightly higher than with a knight, but with good skills and equipment it becomes less wasteful and faster.
  • Hunt with Convinced Creatures. The most valuable way for a paladin to use a summon, is to make the summoned creature block for you. Either convince a creature where you are hunting, or get a mage to summon a creature for you to convince. At level 47 a paladin can convince a Demon Skeleton, which works very well to block most creatures with Poison or Fire attacks.

Advancing Your Skills


  • Hunt with Small Stones. When your distance skill advances, you will kill creatures very quickly with your Bolts, Arrows and even Spears. Since Small Stones have a much lower attack, it will take longer to kill the creature you are attacking. Since more time is spent attacking a creature, your distance skill will advance more rapidly than hunting normally.
  • Train with players. On Pvp worlds and Pvp-Enforced worlds you can train with people by using Small Stones or Spears at lower levels to advance in skills without increasing your level.
  • Use Balanced Fighting or Defensive Fighting. When using Balanced or Defensive fighting mode you will cause less damage to your opponent and "breakable" weapons (Spears, Throwing Stars, Small Stones, etc.) will not break as frequently.
  • Do not train on Rookgaard, this is one common mistake people make, because those few skill points you get will be obtained much easier and quicker in main.


  • Use a one-handed weapon and a shield. When you are hunting less-dangerous creatures, or if you are hunting in a place that you cannot "run" your opponents, use a shield, and one-handed weapons like Small Stones, Throwing Stars, Spears, etc. You can still do substantial damage with some of these weapons, but you will be advancing your shielding skill and your distance skill.

Magic Level

  • Never have full mana. Your Magic Level is advanced by using mana. Every second that you have full mana, you are losing potential magic level advancement.
  • Spend as little time as possible in Protection Zones. You cannot use mana that you do not generate, so spend as little time as possible in situations where you do not regenerate mana.
  • Always eat. Make sure you have access to Food at all times. If you run out of food, then you will not be able to regenerate mana for using.
  • Carry Mana Potions. Not only is this a good idea if you get in a jam, but using Mana Potions will help you advance your Magic Level faster.
  • Use your mana shield. As a paladin, you do not need mana points to attack creatures and thus, if you are jammed, or just as training, you can cast the mana shield spell. Keep in mind that mana lost from taking damage while wearing mana shield will not count towards your magic level.
  • Use exori spells. Really useful for their range and damage, Divine Missile and Ethereal Spear are a really good ways to spend mana especially hunting Undead.

Additional Information

Related Pages

Pages of Particular Interest to Paladins






Instant Spells

Name Words Prem Mana Level Price Type Effect
Antidote exana pox no 30 10 150 Healing Cures poison.
Conjure Arrow exevo con no 100 13 450 Supply Creates 10 Arrows.
Conjure Bolt exevo con mort yes 140 17 750 Supply Creates 5 Bolts.
Conjure Explosive Arrow exevo con flam no 290 25 1000 Supply Creates 8 Burst Arrows.
Conjure Piercing Bolt exevo con grav yes 180 33 850 Supply Creates 5 Piercing Bolts.
Conjure Poisoned Arrow exevo con pox no 130 16 700 Supply Creates 7 Poison Arrows.
Conjure Power Bolt exevo con vis yes 700 59 2000 Supply Creates 10 Power Bolts.
Conjure Sniper Arrow exevo con hur yes 160 24 800 Supply Creates 5 Sniper Arrows.
Divine Caldera exevo mas san yes 160 50 3000 Attack Image:Holy Damage Icon.gif Instant area spell (like Groundshaker) dealing holy damage.
Divine Healing exura san Yes 210 35 2100 Healing Heals the user with holy powers.
Divine Missile exori san yes 20 40 1800 Attack Image:Holy Damage Icon.gif Causes Holy Damage focused on the square directly in front of the caster, or hits a target at a distance of up to 4 square meters away.
Enchant Spear exeta con yes 350 45 2000 Supply Turns one ordinary Spear into an Enchanted Spear. You need to have 1 spear in your hand to make it work (not more than 1).
Ethereal Spear exori con yes 25 23 1100 Attack Image:Physical Damage Icon.gif Attacks the monster targeted with an Ethereal Spear.
Find Person exiva "NAME" no 20 8 80 Support Tells you which direction a certain player is, relative to you, and a rough idea of the distance.
Food (Spell) exevo pan no 120 14 300 Supply Creates various kinds of food.
Great Light utevo gran lux no 60 13 500 Support Has greater illumination range compared to Light.
Haste utani hur yes 60 14 600 Support Increases your Speed for 33 seconds, can also cure paralysis. To determine your speed with this spell, go to the Formula page.
Intense Healing exura gran no 70 11 350 Healing Heals you more than light healing.
Invisible utana vid no 440 35 2000 Support Makes you invisible (to some creatures, not players) for 200 seconds (3 min, 20 sec).
Levitate exani hur up
exani hur down
yes 50 12 500 Support Allows you to magically levitate up or down a level.
Light utevo lux no 20 8 100 Support Makes the screen brighter.
Light Healing exura no 20 9 170 Healing Heals a small amount of HP, can also cure paralysis.
Magic Rope exani tera yes 20 9 200 Support Teleports you up through a hole when you are standing in a rope spot.
Magic Shield utamo vita no 50 14 450 Support All damage received after casting this spell reduces your Mana instead of your Hit Points. The effect will last for 200 seconds (3 minutes 20 seconds).
Protect Party utamo mas sio yes Varies 32 4000 Support The Protect Party spell will raise the shielding by 3 for 2 minutes for every party member standing on one of these fields.
Sharpshooter utito tempo san yes 450 60 8000 Support Increases the distance skill of Paladins by approximately 50% for 10 seconds.
While this spell is in effect, the paladin's speed is reduced by 70%, they cannot cast any healing, support or supply spells, and they cannot block attacks.
Swift Foot utamo tempo san yes 400 55 6000 Support Increases the paladin's speed by 80% for 10 seconds, they however can not attack or use attack spells during this time.
Ultimate Healing exura vita no 160 20 1000 Healing Heals a large amount of HP.

Note: These spells were buyable in the past from spell scrolls, some older paladins still have them.

Energy Beam exevo vis lux Unknown 40 mana lvl 23 1000 gp Image:Electrified Icon.gif Shoots a 5 tile long beam in front of the caster.
Summon Creature utevo res "creature name" Unknown varies mana lvl 25 2000 gp Summons a creature to help you.

Rune Spells

Name Words Subclass Dmg. Type Voc Prem Spell Price Mana to Make Lvl to Make Rune Price SP ML to Use Charges Effect
Desintegrate Image:Desintegrate.gif adito tera Support Druids, Sorcerers, Paladins. yes 900 200 21 80 3 4 3 Destroys movable objects.
Destroy Field Image:Destroy Field.gif adito grav Support Druids, Sorcerers, Paladins. no 700 120 17 45 2 3 3 Destroys fire, poison and energy fields, from any distance as long there's nothing blocking the path.
Holy Missile Image:Holy Missile.gif adori san Attack Holy Paladins yes 1600 300 27 80 3 4 5 Image:Dazzled Icon.gif Shoots an attack that inflicts Holy Damage.

Possible Hotkey Assignments

If you are having trouble with too many hotkeys to remember, then the following table may be useful for you. It provides an organized set of hotkey assignments for the most commonly used spells for this vocation.

This table is only an idea to help you build your own set of hotkeys, you obviously do not need to use these key assignments if you do not want to. See the page on Hotkeys for a blank template.

You can also print this table out and place it above your keyboard as a quick-reference. Make sure you print "landscape" instead of "profile", or you will not print the entire table.

Healing/Support Attack Support
F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 F12
Health Mana Intense Healing. Ultimate Healing. Divine Missile. Divine Caldera. Ethereal Spear. Sharpshooter Haste. Levitate Up. Invisible. Magic Shield. Standard
SHIFT+ Light Healing Antidote. Find Person Divine Healing. Explosive Arrow. Power Bolt. Enchant Spear Swift Foot Levitate Down. Magic Rope. Protect Party Powerful
CTRL+ Destroy Field. Desintegrate. Holy Missile Food Runes
Missing Spells:
Missing Runes: None

See also: Paladin Template

Concept Art

Pwetty Pwetty Pally

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City of Heroes

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Paladin is a Giant Monster that is one of the Clockwork.


The Clockwork have outdone themselves. This Paladin of the Clockwork King must be destroyed!


  • You will not receive a badge for defeating Paladin. A badge is rewarded for preventing his construction, however.

Paladin is constructed in three spawn points in Kings Row. Once completely constructed, he will wander around the entire zone, followed by a parade of Clockwork.

There are 3 spawn points.

  • One is in the southwest corner, around an electrical tower just bordering a warehouse. (513.0, -42.0, 2787.9)
  • One is towards the middle of Kings Row, and is in the large electrical complex. (-1639.7, -42.0, 1729)
  • The final one is in the northeast, just south of Royal Refinery, near the spherical silos. (-2865.3, -42.0, -506.9)

Paladin X 3

Paladin is capable of wandering the zone, whilst another instance of Paladin spawns, making multiple Paladins wander, somtimes together. They will eventually get trapped in the small park directly south of the Galaxy City gate.

See Also

  • Paladin's Clockwork profile for a list of its powers

This article uses material from the "Paladin" article on the City of Heroes wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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