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Pablo Riviera
race: Human
gender: Male
role: Bar owner
location: Hoover Dam Rim
appearances: Van Buren (canceled)
quests: Get liquor for Pablo
SPECIAL: ST 5, PE 6, EN 6, CH 7, IN 6, AG 5, LK 5
level: 5-7
The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Pablo Riviera is the owner and proprietor of the Look Out Below Café & Bar in Hoover Dam in 2253.



Pablo Riviera is the owner of a swanky, big shack that serves great spirits and good fun... well, it used to before the BOS war. Unfortunately for Pablo, those happy days are gone. His regular supplier of hooch, the 3-Some Caravan Company, has not been able to get fresh stock to Pablo for some time. No hooch means no customers, and poor Pablo is feeling the pinch[1].

Interactions with the player character

Dusty's Desires Bar & Entertainment, located in Downtown, has plenty of booze for her customers. Her supplier is the Crimson Caravan Company. Pablo would use them, but since he used to exclusively use 3-Some, Crimson will have nothing to do with Pablo. He'll be in a funk when the player first meets him and explain his woes to a kind listener. It's up to the player if he wants to bother helping him. The player may bring Pablo liquor and sell it to him for a good price, or the player can help 3-Some caravan with liquor runs and try to restock poor Pablo's bar. Of course ending the war would be the optimal path since that frees up a lot of things, including 3-Some's caravan routes.

Pablo also offers some rooms to rent for safe rest, and some hot meals for hungry bellies. Also, when Pablo is not serving up overly expensive drinks or questionable food stuffs, he is the person to see for real-estate transactions. At first the price of a fancy PC pad is ridiculously high (not impossibly high, just ridiculous). Should the player solve Pablo's liquor shortage problem, the price for the Fancy PC pad will drop dramatically[1].


Pablo Riviera was going to appear in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.


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Hoover Dam

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