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Star Trek: Pioneer (abbreviated PNR) is a fan fiction series which follows the USS Pioneer (NCC-78399)'s mission of exploration.

Major plots include time travel and the Guardian of Forever. The series often borders on being more science-fantasy than science-fiction.


Original incarnation

See: Pilot (PNR episode).

Canon and continuity

The continuity of Star Trek: Pioneer includes all canon works:

Also events from certain video games are considered part of the overall continuity, with events from each often referred to in dialogue or stories:

The events of fan series Star Trek: New Voyages and 'Star Trek: Unity' are also considered "canon".

Because every episode is already outlined in great detail before it is even written, this also allows some early episodes to foreshadow later ones. An example would be "Destiny of Freedom" where Daniels mentions events from the series finale "Moebius". These two episodes are very far apart.



Main characters

The crew in Season 2
Commanding officer. Portrayed by Ewan MacGregor.
First officer. Portrayed by David Tennant.
Helmswoman. Portrayed by Zooey Deschanel.
Operations officer. Portrayed by Garret Wang.
Chief security officer.
Chief engineer. Computer generated.
Chief medical officer. Portrayed by Amanda Tapping. (Season 1 only)
Science officer. Computer generated. (Season 2 onwards)
Secondary science officer. Portrayed by Alyson Hannigan.

Mirror universe counterparts

Commanding officer. Portrayed by Ewan MacGregor.
Commanding officer, ISS Renegade. Portrayed by David Tennant.
Helmswoman. Portrayed by Zooey Deschanel.
Commanding officer, ISS Defiant. Portrayed by Kate Mulgrew.
Science officer. Portrayed by Jeri Ryan

Notable recurring characters


0. Unposted pilot

Season 1

1. "The World at the Edge of Time"
2. "Beyond the Final Frontier, Part 1"
3. "Beyond the Final Frontier, Part 2"
4. "Dark Reflection"
5. "Destiny of Freedom, Part 1"
6. "Destiny of Freedom, Part 2"
7. "Messengers of Doomsday, Part 1"
8. "Messengers of Doomsday, Part 2"
9. "In Thy Image"
10. "Yesterday's Pioneer"
Near completion
11. "Time's Legacy, Part 1"
Beginning production
12. "Time's Legacy, Part 2"

Season 2

Episodes in pre-production

13. "Return of the Empty Crown"

Planned episodes

14. "Rainy Days"
15. "Nanoprobe"
16. "A Mirror, Shattered"
17. "Something Kinda New"
18. "Tribble Trouble"
19. "Predestination"
20. "Tarlus' Ressurection, Part 1"
21. "Tarlus' Ressurection, Part 2"
22. "Aftermath"
23. "Reality's Threshold, Part 1"
24. "Reality's Threshold, Part 2"

Season 3

Planned episodes

25. "The Ancient Adversaries"
26. "Future's Past"
27. "Festivities"
28. "Infinite Empires"
29. "The Brightest Star"
30. "Helix"
31. "Take On She"
32. "Stardust"
33. "Raptor"
34. "Blast Wave"
35. "Moebius, Part 1"
36. "Moebius, Part 2"
S1. "Star Trek: Pioneer and the Eye of the Universe"

Special episodes

S1. "Star Trek: Pioneer and the Eye of the Universe"
A sequel to episodes 11 and 12, 24 and 36.

Related projects


The Time Travelling Adventures of Ria McCarthy

See: The Time Travelling Adventures of Ria McCarthy

Star Trek and the Keepers of the Canon

A comedic Star Trek fan fiction following a group of people who try to "Seek out new timelines and continuity errors" in the hope of correcting them. A pilot episode is in progress.

Recurring gags/themes

The list of starships in this image[1] contains references to science-fiction and other elements. Among the list are: USS Harkness, USS Red Dwarf, USS Nadine Coyle, USS Tardis and the NSEA Protector.
There are a few recurring jokes in Star Trek: Pioneer stories, often very unusual and in no way actually related to Star Trek:

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    • Character biographies on the Pioneer website

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