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An Overdrive is the Final Fantasy X version of the earlier Limit Breaks. These are powerful attacks, which can be utilized when a character's Overdrive bar has been filled. Each character has their own Overdrive specific to their personal abilities. The modes of filling the overdrive can be chosen, once a character has fulfilled certain qualifications for learning that "mode", e.g. a character prone to damaging enemies will learn "Warrior" and one prone to healing allies will learn "Healer". The number of turns a character must use doing what is needed, in order to learn a new mode, in active battle, is different for every character.


Overdrive Modes

Main article: Overdrive Mode

Character Overdrives



Tidus' Overdrive is called Swordplay. Swordplay can inflict masses of damage onto single or multiple opponents, depending on which attack you use. Once you select Swordplay, a bar will appear with a time limit, a small cursor and a white space in the middle of the bar. Players must stop the cursor in the white space, by pressing the 'X'-button, before time runs out to increase the power of the overdrive. This will become increasingly harder the more powerful swordplay you use. Tidus learns new overdrives from using his overdrives over and over again. He has a total of 4 overdrives he can learn.


Yuna's Overdrive is called Grand Summon. Grand Summon lets Yuna summon any Aeon she has acquired and grant it a full overdrive gauge. Once the Aeon has used it's overdrive, the aeon's overdrive gauge goes back to what it was before This means it is possible to unleash two consecutive overdrive if the aeon's Overdrive Gauge was already full before Grand Summoning it.


Wakka's Overdrive is called Slots. The overdrive is similar to Setzer's slot ability in Final Fantasy VI and Cait Sith's Slots Limit Break. The player must stop the symbols like on a slot machine. Wakka can learn new overdrives by the player winning them as prizes in Blitzball tournaments. Once the prize is won, Wakka automatically learns the new overdrive (it is not necessary to have Wakka on the blitzball team in order to learn the new overdrives). He has a total of 4 overdrives.


Lulu's Overdrive is called Fury. Fury allows Lulu to cast multiple versions of the same spell, but without it sticking to the "rules" of normal spell casting. As each single attack is weaker than a normal spell, it can be used even when silenced; the spells bypass Reflect and Shell and they don't consume any MP. Players must just rotate the right analog stick after choosing what spell to cast, and for each successful rotation the counter goes up by one, indicating how many times the spell will be cast. How big a rotation is, is based on Lulu's magic stat and how many successful rotations the player has already made, meaning that a successful rotation might be 720 degrees on the analog stick. Lulu's overdrive is limited to the spells she has currently learned, meaning that it isn't possible to cast Thundaga as an Overdrive until Lulu actually learns Thundaga. In addition, the Fury overdrive is limited to Black Magic spells only.

Kimahri Ronso

Kimahri's Overdrive is called Ronso Rage. By using the technique Lancet on certain enemies, Kimahri can learn their special skills, which he can then use as overdrives. It is possible to use the spell Scan to check what overdrive Kimahri can learn, if there's something to be learned at all, by using lancet on that monster. Kimahri can learn a total of 12 overdrives. If Kimahri learns a new Overdrive using Lancet, his Overdrive meter automatically refills.


Auron's Overdrive is called Bushido. When the player chooses which overdrive to use, the player must then input the button sequence to that overdrive before the timer runs out, for it to be successful. Auron has a total of 4 overdrives. One is available from the beginning, while the remaining three must be learned by collecting Jecht Spheres (there are a total of 10 Jecht Spheres).


Rikku's Overdrive is called Mix. Rikku can mix two items together from the current stock to create an item which is immediately used as part of the overdrive. The item can be healing, damage inflicting or status changing. Though the possible outcomes may seem endless, many different mixes have the exact same effect, even though different items were chosen for the mix.


Seymour's Overdrive is called Requiem, but it can only be used during the one time Seymour fights in the party against the second incarnation of Sinspawn Gui during Operation Mi'ihen. It is powerful enough to achieve Overkill on all four parts of Sinspawn Gui (though its body may need to be attacked beforehand).

The animation for Requiem also doubles for the animation of Use item Dark Matter.

Aeon Overdrives


Valefor is the only Aeon usable by the player that has two different overdrives, Energy Ray and Energy Blast. Both of them deal non-elemental magic damage to all opponents. Energy Blast is learned by talking to a dog in Besaid.


Ifrit's overdrive is called Hellfire, and deals Fire-Elemental damage to all opponents.


Ixion's overdrive is called Thor's Hammer, and deals Lightning-Elemental damage to all opponents.


Shiva's overdrive is called Diamond Dust, and deals Ice-Elemental damage to all opponents.


Bahamut's overdrive is called Mega Flare, and deals non-Elemental magic damage to all opponents. It automatically has the power to break the 9999 damage limit.


Yojimbo does not have an Overdrive, but four Special Abilities. However, a full Overdrive Gauge slightly increases his chances of unleashing Zanmato, a one-hit kill similar to Odin's Zantetsuken. This move also works on bosses, as well as the Dark Aeons in the International version.


Anima's overdrive is called Oblivion, and deals major non-Elemental magic damage to all opponents. This overdrive was upgraded for the International and PAL versions of FFX, dealing 16 hits instead of 1.

The Magus Sisters

The Magus Sisters' overdrive is called Delta Attack, and deals non-Elemental magic damage to all opponents. All three sisters' overdrive gauges must be filled in order to use this attack. It was also upgraded for the INT/PAL versions, now dealing 6 attacks instead of just 1. The Delta Attack was originally used by the Magus Sisters in Final Fantasy IV.

Boss Overdrives

Whenever an Aeon is fought as an enemy, they have the ability to activate their Overdrive as listed above. Some other bosses have Overdrives as well.

Braska's Final Aeon

Braska's Final Aeon has two different overdrives when fought. The first is Triumphant Grasp, which does heavy physical damage to a single character and inflicts Zombie status. The second, used when the Aeon is weakened, is Ultimate Jecht Shot, which inflicts massive damage to the entire party, upwards of five thousand each.


Sin has an Overdrive meter during the final battle to get inside it. Sin's Overdrive is Giga-Graviton, which is an instant Game Over if used.

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