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Over the Horizon is the fourth episode of the first season of Star Trek: Swiftfire.



Starfleet has unlocked the power of an ancient moonbase that has greater firepower then an entire fleet. As the Fifth fleet with Klingon Defence Force reinforcements prepare a trap for the Dominion a less then welcome person from Captain Jonathan Masters' past appears. The stage is set for the Battle of Guyra.

Memorable quotes

"I don’t think that is going to happen. You’ll save a lot of lives if you surrender."
"So will you, Admiral. They can always breed more Jem’Hadar and they can release a new clone of me. Can they do that for you Admiral?"
Admiral Victor Harvey and the Vorta Sadok'toran
"Too many Federation citizens have died today; I will not be responsible for the death of another 500."
Admiral Dalton Masters.
"Nothing! Don’t tell me nothing! Did you even try? Or did you just run away like a scared little animal? I can’t believe you let them let my father die! You knew him, you were a good friend. You're a traitor!"
Captain Masters' outburst at Commander Core after the loss of his father's starship.

Background information


3rd Tactical Wing; 59th Tactical Wing; 268th Tactical Wing; USS Aldrin; USS Ambassador; Battle of Guyra; Brand, Cameron; IKS Che'tha; USS Creed; Deerjal; DeSoto, Robert; Douglas, Jennifer; Eighth Shodar; USS Excelsior; Fifth Fleet; USS Frontier; G'tor; Guyra III; Guyra IV; Guyra IV moonbase; Guyra IV Starbase; Guyra system; Harvey, Victor; Hemta Ship Yards; Hutet (prototype) Jem'Hadar Thirteenth Division; Klingon Third Battlegroup; USS Long; USS Malinche; Masters, Claire; Masters, Dalton; Muir (Founder); O'Meara, Isabella; USS Phar Lap; Pulnon; USS Shokia; Section 214C Enforcer; USS Sparrow; USS T'hanu; USS Tasman; Turath'ir; Twenty-Third Order; volleyball; USS Warwick

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  • "Over the Horizon" in PDF format at Star Trek Swiftfire

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