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Series: Titan
Author(s): Christopher L. Bennett
Publication information
Published: paperback - March 2009

Aftermath of Star Trek: Destiny.



As the Federation recovers from the devastating events of Star Trek: Destiny, Captain William Riker and the crew of the USS Titan are ordered to resume their deep-space assignment, reaffirming Starfleet's core principles of peaceful exploration. But even far from home on a mission of hope, the scars of the recent cataclysm remain with them as they slowly rebuild their lives.

The planet Droplet is a world made mostly of water without a speck of solid ground. Life should not exist here, yet it thrives. Aili Lavena, Titan's aquatic navigator, spearheads the exploration of this mysterious world, facing the dangers of the vast, wild ocean. When one native species proves to be sentient, Lavena finds herself immersed in a delicate contact situation, and Riker is called away from Deanna Troi at a critical moment in their marriage.

But when good intentions bring calamity, Lavena and Riker are cut off from the crew and feared lost. Troi must face a life-changing event without her husband, while the crew must brave the crushing pressures of the deep to undo the global chaos they have triggered. Stranded with her injured captain, Lavena must win the trust of the beings who control their fate -- but the price for Riker's survival may be the loss of everything he holds dear.




Alos • Anidel • Nanietta BaccoOlivia BolajiBralik • Balim Cel • Cham • Chamish • Mordecai Crandall • Zurin DakalFeren DenkenDennisar • Eres • Paya Fell • Gasa • Tamen Gibruch • Grabby • Hewton • Hriss • Kekil • Kershul • Ranul Keru • Kesi • Ellec Krotine • Kuu'iut • Aili LavenaMasc • Mawson • MeloY'lira ModanEviku nd'AshelefAlyssa OgawaOnnta • Ooteshk • Tasanee PanyarachunMelora PazlarNoah PowellSe'al Cethente QasXin Ra-Havreii • Radowski • Shenti Yisec Eres ReeWilliam RikerNatasha Miana Riker-Troi • Ruddle • Huilan Sen'karaPava Ek'Noor sh'AqabaaT'PelVidra TabyrTorvig Bu-Kar-NguvDeanna TroiTuvokTylithChristine ValeVennossReedesa Waen
Referenced only 
Leonard James AkaarJohann Sebastian BachBohn • Totyarguil Bolaji • Cafmor • ChwolkkDevilElieth • Germu • God • Great Anam • Pral glasch HaajFo HachesaSean HawkIchi • Ione • Kathryn Janeway • Jason • KinchawnKlagMiana LavenaNidani LedrahLivingstonLonam-Arja • Mother Sea • Jaza NajemKenneth Norellis • Odysseus • OkaforJean-Luc PicardRoaknSarekSurak • T'Lenye • Lwaxana TroiWorf, son of MoghWorvanNatasha Yar

Starships and vehicles

Armstrong (shuttle) • Ellington (Shuttle) • Gillespie (Shuttle) • Holiday (Aquashuttle-class) • Horne (Flyer-class) • La Rocca (captain's skiff) • Marsalis (Shuttle) • Scouter gig • USS Titan (Luna-class)
Referenced only 
USS AventineUSS CharonUSS da VinciDelta FlyerUSS Enterprise-EUSS GanymedeIKS GorkonUSS LunaUSS Voyager


Alpha QuadrantBeta QuadrantDelta QuadrantDropletKavrot sector • Lirht • Lumbu • New Kaferia • Vulcan
Referenced only 
AlrondAndor • Argelius • Arken IIAxanarBetazedCanis Major regionCarina ArmChand AadDeep Space 9DenevaEarthGemworldGum NebulaJapanJupiterKaferiaKnnischlinnaikMars • Mintaka III • Monea • NeptuneNew ErigolOraco systemOrion ArmOrishaPacificaRegulusRigel ColoniesRisaSan Francisco BaySyrTellarTezwaTrillUtopia PlanitiaVenus

Species and cultures

AndorianArkeniteBalosneeanBetazoidBetelgeusianBolianBoslicCaitianCardassianCatullanChandirChangelingChelonChoblikDeltanDenevanDenobulanEdosianEfrosianElaysianFerengiHumanIthenite • Izarian • KazariteKriosian • Kumpen • Lumbuan • Matalinian • Mintakan • Monean • OrionPahkwa-thanhRemanSeleneanSelkiesqualestar-jellyS'ti'achSyrathTellariteTrillVulcan
Referenced only 
AlonisBorgCaeliarChir'vajiHreekhKlingon • Orocoan • Pa'haquelRomulan

Governments and organizations

Lirhten Council • StarfleetStarfleet CommandUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Borg CollectiveDominionFederation CouncilFifth House of BetazedKlingon EmpireStarfleet AcademyStarfleet Corps of EngineersTyphon Pact


admiral • Ancient Greek • anicium • anlec'ven • antigrav suit • Argoan sur-snake • bagpipe • Bendii SyndromeBiblebilitrium • binoculars • bugeye piscoid • buzzfish • calciumcaptainChancellor-classClass McombadgeCommandercommunicator • cuttlefish • Deep sound channel • diburniumDominion War • dragonfly • dreadnought creature • elkruh • Endgame Program • Ensign • Eye of Vetlhaq • Federation StandardFerengi Rules of Acquisition • flaming idiot fish • floater coral • guinea pig • Gospel of Saint John • gryt • gwik • helium • holodeckHoly Rings of Betazedhumpback whaleHurricane Spot • Hvov Memorial Hospital • hydrationsuit • hydrogen • hydronalin • icebreaker • imzadi • indurite • ironjazzjellyfishlatinum • lekipanai • lieutenantLivingston • Mercury Missions • methane • parrises squarespergiumphaser • plutonium • President of the United Federation of PlanetsPrime Directivequantum slipstream drivequantum torpedoRed Spot • Regent of Kump • replicator • ri'Hoyalina • rodinium • Sacred Chalice of Riix • sail-jelly • St. Elmo's Fire • sarium • shenshuttlebay • si'hali • sickbaySong of Life • spirit-wain • squalestar-jellystardatetactical officerthongtractor beamtransportertricorderuniversal translator • voltarium • wadji • weather balloon • World War III • yurium
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Related stories

  • VOY episode: "Endgame"- Tuvok refers to the destruction of the Borg's transwarp network as a cause of their massive retaliation
  • TNG episode: "I, Borg"- Tuvok said it was possible to blame Captain Picard for Deneva's destruction because he didn't use the Endgame virus in this episode
  • TNG episode: "Who Watches the Watchers?"- Counselor Troi referenced Captain Picard's handling of possible cultural contamination on Mintaka III as a way to deal with possible contamination on Droplet
  • TNG episode: "Sarek" - Counselor Troi recalls the effect of Ambassador Sarek's Bendii Syndrome aboard the Enterprise


The historians note at the beginning of the novel places the main body of the book between July 1 and August 4 of 2381, the epilogue takes place about a fortnight after the preceding chapters. The epilogue is in three sections; The opening Utopia Planitia section takes place in February, a week before the epilogue of Lost Souls; The Vulcan section takes places some weeks after Lost Souls, on stardate 58239.3; And the final USS Titan section in late-April is on 58327.6, which with a reference to the Titan about to finish its mission in the Kavrot sector places it just after chapters 12-14 of A Singular Destiny.

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Lost Souls
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Sword of Damocles
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Christopher L. Bennett
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Chronological Order
Previous adventure:
Full Circle
Chapters 20, 21 (section 1 & 3), 22, 28-33 & 34 (sections 1 & 3) & Epilogue
Memory Beta Chronology Next adventure:
Captain's Glory
The above chronology placements are based on the primary placement in 2381.
The Memory Beta Chronology places events from this story in 4 other timeframe(s):
Previous adventure:
Losing the Peace
February 2381
Prologue, Utopia Planitia section
Next adventure:
Lost Souls
Previous adventure:
Full Circle
Chapter 26 (sections 1 & 4)
Prologue, Vulcan section
Next adventure:
Full Circle
Chapter 27
Previous adventure:
A Singular Destiny
April 2381
Prologue, USS Titan section
Next adventure:
Losing the Peace
Previous adventure:
Captain's Glory
4 August 2381
Next adventure:
Once Upon a Tribble

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