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"The Republic doesn't exist out here…we must survive on our own."
Shmi Skywalker
Map of the Outer Rim Territories.

The Outer Rim Territories, simply known as the Outer Rim, were located outside the Mid Rim. The Outer Rim was the last widely settled expanse of the galaxy before the Tingel Arm, Wild Space and the Unknown Regions. It was strewn with obscure worlds, and rugged, primitive frontier planets.



"…See, that's the problem with the Republic. In the Core, everything's great: people are healthy, wealthy and happy. But out here on the Rim things aren't so easy"

Pre-Republic era

For much of galactic history, little was known about the history and cultures of the Outer Rim until the formation of the Galactic Republic in 25,053 BBY.[1] During this period, the Gree Enclave reached its apex while the reptilian Kwa developed the Infinity Gates which allowed them to teleport between worlds.[1]Between 30,000 to 25,200 BBY, the far-reaching Rakatan Infinite Empire ruled a number of Outer Rim including Tatooine, Dantooine and Honoghr.[1] By the dawn of the Republic, these civilizations had faded into history and little remained of their former power.[1][2]

Around that period, the worlds of the Tion Cluster were colonized by Human settlers from an ancient Core Worlds sleeper ship.[1] Between 25,130 to 25,100 BBY, the tyrannical Tionese dictator Xim the Despot conquered much of the Tion Cluster including the Livien League. Eventually, his empire stretched from the Radama Void to the Maw.[3][4][1]

However, his incursions into the Si'klaata Cluster brought him into conflict with the growing Hutt Empire.[3][4][1] During the Third Battle of Vontor in 25,100 BBY, Xim was finally defeated by Kossak the Hutt's newly acquired army of Klatooinian, Vodran and Nikto mercenaries.[3][4][1] Xim died a slave in the dungeons of Kossak on Varl, but Tionese history claimed that he was treacherously killed at Vontor.[5] The Tion Cluster split into several competing states including the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion.[4]

The Old Republic era

The earliest known symbol of the Galactic Republic, dominant government of this period.

Circa. 25,000 BBY, the discovery of the Perlemian Trade Route linked the budding Republic with the Outer Rim world of Ossus, which became the domain of the Jedi Order over the subsequent millennia. Eventually, the Republic began colonizing other worlds within the vicinity of Ossus. While the Republic expanded in the Core Worlds and the Colonies, Ossus became a fortress world blocking Tionese and Hutt expansion into the Perlemian.[1]

In 24,000 BBY, war broke out between the Republic and the Union; spreading both sides of the Perlemian. The Republic won by turning the Hutts against the Tionese; ending the Union's existence as an independent state and paving the way for galactic domination by the Core-based Republic.[1] By 23,900 BBY, the worlds of the former Honorable Union had all joined the Republic as a means of protection against the Hutts with the exception of Desevro which remained proudly isolationist.[6]

In 12,000 BBY, the Republic came under the influence of the theocratic and humanocentric Pius Dea sect which posited Contispex as Supreme Chancellor.[1][7] Taking advantage of the unpopularity of the Hutts among the Republic's citizens, Constipex sanctioned a crusade against the Hutts.[7] Over the following centuries, his descendants sanctioned several crusades against some rival alien sects in the Outer Rim which fought back; leaving the galaxy in a never-ending state of alternating hot and cold wars.[7] Though Pius Dea rule came to an end in 11,000 BBY, the repercussions of these crusades would sour relations between the Core and the Outer Rim over the millennia.[1]

Around 10,000 BBY, Vall Kumauri established the short-lived Kumauri Empire in the remote frontier areas of the Outer Rim.[8] At its height, the Kumauri Empire included more than thirty star systems. Eventually, the Republic gained the upper hand in the conflict and re-conquered all the territory he had seized. Kumauri's legacy would live on in the tradition of warship design that culminated in the Cal-class battleship.[8]

At the end of the Hundred-Year Darkness in 6,900 BBY, several Dark Jedi were defeated at Corbos and banished into the uncharted expanses of the Outer Rim.[4][1][9] The Jedi exiles fled to the remote world of Korriban. After conquering it, they interbred with the native Sith species through the art of Sith Alchemy and began a long period of building and expansion. The Sith Empire developed in complete isolation in the Outer Rim for two thousand years before it eventually rediscovered the Republic.[4][1][9]

Under the Sith Lord Naga Sadow, the Empire invaded Republic space in 5,000 BBY, during the Great Hyperspace War, but it was defeated.[10]The Sith Empire was believed to have been destroyed by Republic forces during the Second Battle of Korriban, but in fact survived due to a single Sith Lord who escaped to the Unknown Regions. There, this new Sith Emperor, whose rule lasted for well over a thousand years, rebuilt the Sith Empire in preparation for a Great Galactic War against the Republic.[11]With the Sith threat apparently vanquished, the Republic continued exploring and colonizing worlds in the Outer Rim.[4][1]

In 4,800 BBY, the spice ryll was discovered on the Outer Rim world of Ryloth; home of the humanoid Twi’lek species. However, the Neimoidians seized exclusive distribution rights to the spice and sold them to the newly-discovered Porporite species. Unfortunately, the spice drove them into a homicidal frenzy. Terrified, the Neimoidians hired several Gank mercenaries to protect them. Instead, the Ganks exterminated the Porporites and then embarked on a full scale war against the Republic, but were eventually put down by the Jedi.[1]Around 4,000 BBY, the Mon Calamari and Quarren species of watery Dac were discovered though its inhabitants had already been exploring nearby star systems for several years.[12]

The Old Sith Wars era

The explosion of the Cron Cluster and the ensuing supernovae.

During the Great Sith War in 3,996 BBY, the Krath under Aleema Keto destroyed the Republic jump station of Kemplex IX in the Auril sector.[13] Shortly afterward, the Krath and their Jedi pursuers were destroyed in a massive supernova which engulfed the Cron Cluster, a nearby stellar body of ten densely packed stars. The ensuing blast devastated the surface of the ancient Jedi outpost of Ossus and created the Cron Drift.[13]

During the Mandalorian Wars (3,976-3,960 BBY), the Mandalorians chose the Outer Rim to begin their campaign against the Galactic Republic.[1] In 3,976 BBY, the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders under Mandalore the Ultimate embarked on a campaign of conquest along the Outer Rim Territories, on the edge of Republic space.[1] Conquering worlds as varied as Althir and Cathar, the Neo-Crusaders had carved out a clan territory larger that the space ruled by the Hutts in less than a decade. Weakened by the Sith War, the Republic and the Jedi Council refused to intervene at first.[2]

In 3,970 BBY, the Myrialites under Provisional Governor Myrial of Argazda seceded the Kanz sector from the Republic. Myrialite forces invaded worlds in that sector that resisted her rule including Lorrd and Amaltanna. For three hundred years, the her successors ruled the sector as an independent fiefdom known as the Argazdan Redoubt—enslaving many peoples including the Lorrdians. In 3,670 BBY, the "Kanz Disorders" came to an end when Jedi/Republic forces under the Lorrdian Jedi Master Mari-Elan Nora toppled the regime and restored Republic rule to the sector.[4][1]

In 3,963 BBY, the Mandalorians invaded the Galactic Republic proper; forcing the Republic to enter the war. In defiance of the Jedi Council, the Jedi Knights Revan and Malak led the Republic Navy in a fierce counter-offensive against the Neo-Crusaders; winning key battles at Taris, Jaga's Cluster and Althir. During the cataclysmic battle of Malachor V, much of the Mandalorian fleet was destroyed and the planet was fractured to the core. Defeated, the Mandalorians capitulated and destroyed their weapons and armor.

In 3,960 BBY, during the Jedi Civil War, Telos IV was devastated by a Sith fleet under the command of the renegade Jedi—turned—Sith Lord Malak and former Republic Admiral Saul Karath.[2] Later, in 3,956 BBY, Sith forces leveled the surface of Taris; destroying the world-spanning city and killing billions.[2]By 3,950 BBY, much of the Rim had fallen into chaos as a result of infighting amongst the various surviving Sith warlords. Thus, the Republic was able to reclaim much of the Rim that had been under Sith control since the Great Sith War.[1]

In 3,681 BBY, the resurgent Sith Empire struck back against the Republic in the Great War.[11] Catching the Republic by surprise, the Sith seized many worlds in the Outer Rim Territories, destroyed the shipyards at Sluis Van and cut off the Rimma Trade Route.[11] The Republic suffered further defeats at Agamar and Utapau, and was constantly harassed over the century.[11]

Large areas of the Outer Rim Territories were ceded to the Sith Empire under the Treaty of Coruscant.

By 3,653 BBY, the Republic had been driven back to the Core Worlds; leaving the Sith in control of much of the Rim.[11] Following the Sacking of Coruscant, the Republic was forced to give up many outlying systems to the Sith in the punitive Treaty of Coruscant.[11] The end of the Great War set the stage for a Cold War between the Sith Empire and the Republic in the years that followed. This cold war saw a number of border skirmishes and proxy wars, pushing the two super powers to the brink of another war.[11]

The New Sith Wars era

In 3,000 BBY, the female pioneer Freia Kallea discovered a new hyperspace route which became known as the Hydian Way.[4][1] Spanning the width of the galaxy, the Hydian Way ran from the Outer Rim world of Bonadan and continued through the Core Worlds to Eriadu on the other side. The Hydian helped open up much of the galaxy beyond the region known as the Slice, fundamentally altering the scale of galactic civilization.[4][1] As a result, the Republic established new colonies in the Mid Rim and Outer Rim Territories.[4][1]

In 2,000 BBY, the Republic once more faced the menace of the Sith, who had formed a Sith Empire that was far larger than any of its three predecessors.[1] Over the centuries, the Republic continuously fought various Sith factions across the galaxy including the Rim. The losses for the Republic were so catastrophic that a dark age began in the 1,100 BBY, with widespread social unrest and economic collapse. The collapse of the HoloNet and interstellar commerce precipitated a breakdown in communication and trade between the Core and the Rim.[1]

The Republic itself shrunk to a mere rump state surrounding the Core Worlds, with the Sith Empire encompassing virtually the rest of the entire galaxy. The Jedi took over absolute authority, ruling the remainder of the Republic directly. In 1,000 BBY, the Sith were finally defeated in 1,000 BBY at Ruusan in the Mid Rim although much of the galaxy was left scarred and devastated by the attritional warfare.[1]

Tensions still lingered between inhabitants of the Outer Rim and the Core Worlds due to the former's perceived exploitation by the latter, as in the case of Apatros which was controlled by the Outer Rim Oreworks company.[14] Both the Republic and the Sith sought to exploit the labor and resources of many Rimward worlds.[14] Taking advantage of regional tensions, the Sith enticed many Rim inhabitants into their military forces and the Sith order.[14]

Rise of the Empire era

CSA propaganda efforts to encourage investment in the Corporate Sector, beyond the Outer Rim.

Under the Ruusan Reformations instituted by Supreme Chancellor Tarsus Valorum in 1,000 BBY, many Outer Rim systems and sectors benefited from the Republic granting greater administrative power to local and sector governments.[1] With the demobilization of the Republic Military in favor of smaller Judicial Forces, many Outer Rim governments developed their own local defense forces including Utapau.[15] Over the centuries, much of the galaxy including the Outer Rim presumably recovered from the Sith Wars. Still, the region was considered remote and undeveloped by the Core-based government.[1]

Around 702 BBY, the Grissmath Dynasty ruled the Meridian sector. The Dynasty exiled dissidents to Nam Chorios and attempted to exterminate prisoners by seeding the planet with the Death Seed Plague.[16] However, they survived and their descendants would become known as Oldtimers.[16] At an unknown date, the capital Meridian was reduced to a charred radioactive ball as a result of orbital bombardment. Soon, the Grissmath Dynasty collapsed.[16]

In 600 BBY, a fallen Jedi Knight named Allya was exiled to the rugged frontier world of Dathomir.[17] The planet had served as an outlying penal colony since it was colonized around 3,000 BBY by the Paecian Empire.[17] Gradually, she established a matriarchal Force-sensitive cult known as the Witches of Dathomir.[17]

In 490 BBY, a free enterprise fiefdom known as the Corporate Sector was established beyond the Outer Rim, in the Tingel Arm region, to resolve differences between the Republic government and the various corporations and to establish a free trade zone. Over the following centuries, the sector became dominated entirely by various corporate interests including Kuat Drive Yards, Cybot Galactica. The sector had its own government which remained outside the jurisdiction of the Coruscant government known as the Corporate Sector Authority.[1]

In 340 BBY, the Jedi training vessel Chu'unthor crashed on Dathomir.[17] A group of Jedi (including Yoda, Gra'aton, and Vulatan) were sent to attempt a rescue of the vessel's crew and passengers, but were stopped by the Witches of Dathomir.[17] However, after Yoda saved the life of a young witch named Rell, the two parties were able to come to a peaceful settlement. In 300 BBY, the Republic took over Lianna in the Tion Cluster from Barseg.[18]

In 150 BBY, the Bakur Mining Corporation of Hemei IV under Captain Deredith Arden colonized the planet of Bakura in the Shiritoku Spur.[19] Around 100 BBY, Sienar Technologies set up operations on Lianna. Soon after, the company was taken over by Kerred Santhe, who moved his company's headquarters to Lianna.[18]

In 124 BBY, the Jedi Master Omo Bouri helped passed the Treaty of Trammis.[1] However, that same year, the Galactic Senate declared the Outer Rim to be a free trade zone. This allowed corporations like the Trade Federation and the Commerce Guild to represent local governments that aligned with them in the Senate, giving them voting power.[1][20]

In 53 BBY, the dictatorial Governor of Telos Crion was overthrown during the Telosian Civil War.[21] In 44 BBY, the pirate Iaco Stark was defeated in five consecutive battles around Troiken during the short-lived Stark Hyperspace War.[22] Despite the defeat of the piratical Stark Commercial Combine, the heavy casualties sustained by the Republic forces in bringing down the insurrection renewed calls for the rejuvenation of the Republic Army and Navy.[1]

In 33 BBY, a trade summit on Eriadu was interrupted by the successful assassination of six Trade Federation Directorate members and a failed attempt against Chancellor Finis Valorum. The Summit ended prematurely, with nothing resolved.[23]The Senate unilaterally passed Senate Resolution BR-0371 which increased taxation of hyperspace routes in the Mid and Outer Rim with revenue going to the Republic. Aspiring Senator Palpatine—who had orchestrated the assassination as Darth Sidious—was a prominent supporter of the resolution.[1][24]

In defiance of the taxation of the Outer Rim trade routes, Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray blockaded the Mid Rim world of Naboo in 32 BBY.[24] Concurrent with the events on Naboo, the Force-strong Anakin Skywalker was discovered by Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn on the remote desert world of Tatooine. Shortly afterward, Qui-Gon and his Padawan Kenobi were attacked by Darth Maul.[24]

In 29 BBY, the Republic Outland Regions Security Force under Wilhuff Tarkin launched an unsuccessful attack against the planet Zonama Sekot in the Gardaji Rift. In response, the sentient world unveiled its own hyperdrive system and fled into the Unknown Regions.[25]

Clone Wars

The Battle of Geonosis rages.

Between 24 BBY to 22 BBY, dissatisfaction with the Republic for various reasons culminated in the Separatist Crisis. The Outer Rim, dissatisfied with their lack of representation in the Senate, and the disproportionate amount of economic or military attention they received, even during times of crises, made up a large portion of those who supported the Separatists. Under the leadership of former Jedi Count Dooku, various worlds, corporations and factions across the galaxy seceded from the Republic. Many Outer Rim worlds including Geonosis, Muunilinst, Jabiim and Sullust joined the budding Confederacy of Independent Systems, offering their labor and resources to the Separatist cause.[1][26]

In 22 BBY, the Elrood, Danjar, Tantra, Sluis, Lahara and Abrion sectors left the Republic; bringing parts of the Rimma Trade Route, Mirgoshir hyperspace crossroads and over 200 agriworlds under Separatist control.[1]Later that year, the Clone Wars started with the Battle of Geonosis which pitted the clone-based Grand Army of the Republic against the Separatist Droid Army.[1][26]

Lianna was strategically important to the Republic as the site of a Sienar Fleet Systems starfighter facility. With Raith Sienar’s designers working on new fighters for the Republic Navy, it was invaded by Separatist forces. However, Republic forces under the Jedi General Cei Vookto repelled them.[1][27] In 22 BBY, Republic forces under Kenobi and Skywalker captured the Separatist financial center Muunilinst.[1]

Another important Outer-Rim planet was Tatooine since Jabba the Hutt controlled major routes. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano went there to arrange a peace treaty with Jabba as did Count Dooku. This resulted in the Republic earning the alliance of Jabba Desilijic Tiure's criminal empire against the CIS during the war.[28]

During the Battle of Hypori, the cyborg Kaleesh General Grievous made his first debut.[29] That same year, the Republic suffered a massive defeat at Jabiim.[1][30] In 20 BBY, Honoghr was devastated by the toxin TriHexalophine1138 released from the crashed Lucrehulk-class Core Ship Gahenna.[1][31] Separatist forces also conquered Gentes, enslaving the native Ugnaughts.[32]

Republic forces under Skywalker succeeded in securing the key HoloNet hub of Praesitlyn.[1] By 19 BBY, the Republic had driven much of the Confederacy from the Core Worlds and Colonies into the Mid and Outer Rims. This set the stage for the Outer Rim Sieges which embroiled worlds as myriad as Saleucami, Utapau, Sluis Van and Felucia.[1] With the death of the Separatist Council on Mustafar, the Confederacy was defeated by the Republic's successor state—the Galactic Empire.[33]

The Imperial era

Much of the early Imperial period was spent suppressing the remaining Separatist holdouts including Acherin, New Plympto and Enarc.[34][35][36][37]In retaliation for the signing of the Petition of 2000 by both Mon Calamari and Quarren senators, their homeworld of Dac was invaded by Imperial forces under Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin.[38][39] Under Order 66, all Jedi operating in the Rim were targeted for execution, forcing the survivors into hiding.[1]

Due to its distance from the Core Worlds, the region was home to many supporters of the Rebel Alliance.[4] Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker—son of Anakin Skywalker—was raised on the desert world of Tatooine.[40] Mon Calamari Admiral Ackbar, who became a prominent naval commander in the Alliance and New Republic during the Galactic Civil War, was a native of the watery world of Dac.[41] Jedi Master and Alliance operative Kyle Katarn, who destroyed the Dark Trooper program, came from the moon Sulon in the Sullust system.[42]

Grand Moff Tarkin was assigned the difficult task of bringing and keeping the Outer Rim Territories in line.[40] Much of the Outer Rim was consolidated under Oversector Outer.[43]As part of the Tarkin Doctrine, the planet-destroying Death Star superweapon was constructed for twenty years over the planet Despayre through the use of slave labor.[4] Soon after the battle station was completed in 0 BBY, Despayre itself was destroyed to test the Death Star's effectiveness.[44]

As a means of increasing the Empire's presence in this region, three Stormtrooper batches were grown in the Outer Rim. In 18 BBY, Palpatine dispatched the Eye of Palpatine dreadnaught on a mission to destroy Belsavis's Plawal Rift which sheltered Ho'Din Jedi Master Plett and the Children of the Jedi. However, the battlemoon was sabotaged by Jedi Purge survivors Geith and Callista Ming.[45][4][1]

During this period, Lianna in the Tion Cluster remained the main center of operations for the pro-Imperial Sienar Fleet Systems which supplied starfighters and starships to the Imperial Navy.[46] Around 15 BBY, Ylesia was first settled by Aruk Besadii Aora who established the Cult of The One and The All as a cover for their spice mining operations.[47] The Abominor known as the Great Heap was also destroyed on Biitu by the efforts of R2-D2 and C-3PO.[48]

In 13 BBY, the descendants of the Republic-era Grizmallt colonists in the Renatasia system were rediscovered. The next year, in 12 BBY, Imperial and Centrality forces under Osuno Whett conquered the Renatasia system.[49][4] In 11 BBY, Gizor Dellso's Separatist Remnant was defeated on Geonosis by the elite 501st Legion.[50] Around 9 BBY, Captain Thrawn finally succeeded in crushing the decade-long Kaleesh insurgency albeit heavy casualties on both sides. As a result, the Kaleesh Bentilais san Sk'ar joined the Imperial military.[51]

In 5 BBY, the Erhynradd Mutiny occurred. In 4 BBY Moff Sarn Shild considered seceding from the Empire and carving out his own empire in the Outer Rim territories once he tapped into the wealth of the Hutt clans. During the Firrerreo Genocide that same year, the Firrerreo Procurator of Justice Hethrir destroyed all life on his homeworld of Firrere by unleashing a lethal strain of the hive virus. The planet was quarantined while thousands of adult Firrerreo were abducted and imprisoned in suspended animation aboard passenger freighters.

Meanwhile on Rafa IV, the activation of an ancient Sharu relic discovered by Lando Calrissian known as the Mindharp unleashed subharmonic emanations which started a reversal of social order in the Rafa system. The Toka were restored as the legendary Sharu while the pyramids crumbled, with strange, new cities emerging. This also created an interdiction field which prevented hyperspace travel in and out of the system for weeks. Many of the Human settlements had also been destroyed, and the surviving settlers fled. Trade with the Rafa system also collapsed overnight.

In 3 BBY, the Imperials and Centrality attempted to exterminate the Oswaft species but were thwarted by the joint efforts of Calrissian and Vuffi Raa during the Battle of ThonBoka and the arrival of the mysterious Silentium. The Sorcerer of Tund Rokur Gepta was also slain during the battle. In 2 BBY, Han Solo and Chewbacca accidentally started the Cult of Varn amongst the insectoid Kamarians of the desert world of Kamar who revered water.

By 2 BBY, most of the Separatist holdouts in the Outer Rim had been absorbed into the newly formed Alliance to Restore the Republic, beginning the Galactic Civil War. In 1 BBY, the Mon Calamari Resistance succeeded in wresting Dac from Imperial control. However, that same year, Sriluur and Sulon were conquered by the Imperials. Meanwhile, the Rebel Alliance launched an attack on Ylesia; disrupting the Besadii clan's spice mining operations and freeing the slaves.

With the dissolution of the Imperial Senate in 0 BBY by order of Emperor Palpatine, Moffs and Regional Governors were given direct control over their systems and sectors. That same year, the Rebel Alliance scored an important victory at Toprawa by capturing a large portion of the Death Star plans. In retaliation, the Imperials destroyed Alderaan using the Death Star. However, the Alliance scored a major victory when X-wing pilot Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star during the pivotal Battle of Yavin.

In 0 ABY, the Alliance managed to evacuate its base on Yavin IV despite an Imperial blockade. During the ensuing fighting, Admiral Ackbar launched a feint attack in the Vallusk Cluster to draw away Imperial forces. Meanwhile, Rebel General Jan Dodonna was captured and later imprisoned aboard Ysanne Isard's Executor-class Star Dreadnought Lusankya. In 1 ABY, Bakura was annexed by Imperial forces under Governor Wilek Nereus. Ore from its mineral rich moons would be used in the construction of the second Death Star above the Forest Moon of Endor in the Moddell sector.

In 2 ABY, the Rebel Alliance established a new base known as Echo Base on the icy world of Hoth. In 3 ABY, Darth Vader's elite Death Squadron including his new flagship Executor launched an attack on Hoth, forcing the Alliance to retreat. Later, Cloud City in the gas giant Bespin was occupied by the Empire after Baron Administrator Calrissian defected to the Alliance. Meanwhile, Imperial Admiral Harkov ended the Sepan Civil War.

In 4 ABY, the Hutt Desilijic crime family suffered a severe setback with the death of Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine at the hands of Princess Leia. Later, the Rebel Alliance scored a major victory during the Battle of Endor with the destruction of the second Death Star and the Order of the Sith Lords with the deaths of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. As a result, the Rebel Alliance was reorganized into the Alliance of Free Planets with Endor as its capital.

That same year, the saurian Ssi-ruuk launched an invasion of Bakura from the Unknown Regions but were repelled by the combined efforts of the local Imperial garrison and an Alliance task force under Skywalker. Bakura subsequently joined the Alliance of Free Planets. During the brief Nagai-Tof War, the Nagai and Tof invaded Endor and Iskalon but were quickly defeated and retreated back into Wild Space.

New Republic era

When news of the events on Endor reached the galactic public, hundreds of worlds predominantly in the Rimward territories joined the newly-formed New Republic—the successor to the Alliance of Free Planets. With the deaths of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader at Endor, the Imperial forces throughout the Rim were unable to put up and effective resistance against the New Republic.

Across the galaxy, the Galactic Empire fragmented into squabbling kingdoms ruled by local Imperial military commanders and Moffs who established themselves as independent warlords. Admiral Gaen Drommel established a dictatorship in the Oplovis sector while Grand Moff Ardus Kaine created the Pentastar Alignment which dominated a large area of the Outer Rim. Meanwhile, Moff Getelles and Admiral Zsinj consolidated their control on the Antemeridian and Quelii sectors respectively.

In the wake of Endor, the Corporate Sector's capitalistic regime attempted to remain neutral and sold products to both the New Republic and the Imperial warlords. The New Republic, however, was too burdened with establishing a new government to sign a long-lasting partnership with the corporate-minded fiefdom—especially since some in the New Republic considered the Corporate Sector Authority to be just as bad as the Empire.

By 7 ABY, the New Republic's successes in securing the Outer and Mid Rim territories allowed the Republic to secure several key worlds in the Colonies and Core Worlds including Borleias and the galactic capital Coruscant itself. With the defeat of warlord Isard in the Bacta War which embroiled the Inner Rim Territories, Republic forces were able to turn their attentions to warlord Zsinj's territorial ambitions in the Outer Rim. By now, Zsinj was embroiled in war against both the Republic and rival Imperial factions. During the Battle of Ession, Alliance forces under Wedge Antilles scored an important victory against the warlord's forces. During the Battle of Selaggis, however, Zsinj tricked Republic forces under Han Solo into believing that his flagship Iron Fist had been destroyed.

In 8 ABY, Zsinj unleashed his Orbital Nightcloak satellites on Dathomir in retaliation for the Nightsisters' failure to destroy the Singing Mountain Clan. However, the warlord was defeated in the succeeding Battle of Dathomir by a joined Republic and Hapan fleet under General Solo. With the acquisition of captured Star Destroyers supplied by the Hapes Consortium, New Republic forces under Admiral Ackbar were dispatched to the Outer Rim to finish off the scattered remnants of Zsinj's forces.

Unfortunately mid-way, they were intercepted by Mid Rim warlord Treuten Teradoc who inflicted heavy casualties on the New Republic fleet, forcing a retreat to the Hast Shipyards. By the end of the standard year, the Republic controlled three-quarters of the known galaxy including large areas of the Outer Rim. The Outer Rim worlds of Dac, Sullust and Sluis Van became prominent member worlds of the New Republic within the region.

However, in 9 ABY, the Republic suffered serious military reverses with the arrival of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Having returned from the Unknown Regions, the blue-skinned Chiss commander rallied the scattered Imperial forces and unleashed a military campaign against the New Republic. During the Battle of Sluis Van, an Imperial victory was narrowly prevented by the last-ditched efforts of Calrissian.

On remote Wayland in the Ojoster sector, Thrawn's forces acquired an operational cloaking device, several Clone Wars-era Spaarti cloning cylinders and the services of the Dark Jedi clone Joruus C'baoth. Utilizing these resources, Thrawn launched several attacks against Republic worlds including the Outer Rim worlds of Ord Mantell and Ukio. However, Thrawn's Noghri commandos turned against him and he was assassinated during the Battle of Bilbringi.

Despite his death, the New Republic had lost a third of its territory to Thrawn's Imperial forces especially in the Rimward territories. The Republic was forced to move its forces further into the Outer Rim away from the strategically-important Core Worlds. Taking advantage of this, the clone incarnation of Emperor Palpatine launched a second offensive from his stronghold in the Deep Core in 10 ABY. Several key Core Worlds including the capital Coruscant were recaptured and the New Republic was forced to evacuate to Da Soocha V in the Outer Rim.

Shortly afterward, Imperial forces attacked several New Republic worlds in the Borderland Regions and the shipyard world of Dac with World Devastators to punish the native Mon Calamari and Quarren for their resistance to the Empire. Due to the efforts of Skywalker and R2-D2, the Devastators were defeated. In a second skirmish over Pinnacle Moon, Palpatine's flagship Eclipse was destroyed. In retaliation, he destroyed Pinnacle Moon itself with a projectile from the Galaxy Gun.

The Emperor continued to launch more projectiles, destroying unruly worlds and nearly crippling the New Republic. As a result, the Empire quickly regained key territories in the Outer Rim. However, this victory was short-lived as Palpatine's spirit was finally destroyed during a showdown on Onderon. By 11 ABY, the Galactic Empire had yet again descended into infighting amongst the Warlords and high military officers.

Still, Imperial Royal Guardsman Carnor Jax and his Interim Council controlled a thin band stretching from the Outer Rim to the Colonies. Amidst the infighting among the Council, Xandel Carivus established himself as the new Emperor on the Outer Rim world of Ord Cantrell. Tensions between Carivus and fellow Imperial Baron D'Asta culminated in the Battle of Ord Cantrell where the former was forced to sue for peace. During this period, several Yuuzhan Vong advance agents including Nom Anor were active in stirring up local conflicts.

Meanwhile, New Republic attempts in the forms of Han Solo and Chewbacca to establish contact with Kessel were met with failure. The duo only succeeded in rescuing the Force-sensitive Kyp Durron from slavery. Fleeing into hyperspace, the former Rebels stumbled upon an isolated Imperial research base known as the Maw Installation. There, they encountered Admiral Daala—one of the few high-ranking female Imperial military officers and a protégé of the late Grand Moff Tarkin.

During an escape attempt, the companions made off with an experimental Imperial superweapon the Sun Crusher, capable of destroying entire stars with a projectile. Shortly afterward, New Republic forces launched a successful attack on the Maw Installation, destroying both the Sun Crusher and the Death Star prototype and forcing Daala to retreat. Daala's surviving Imperial forces fled to the Deep Core and succeeded in unifying the Imperial forces there.

As part of his efforts in establishing a New Jedi Order, Jedi Master Skywalker established a Jedi Praxeum at the former Rebel base on remote Yavin IV. In 12 ABY, Skywalker and Jedi Purge-survivor Callista succeeded in destroying the Eye of Palpatine in the Moonflower Nebula. Later that year, the New Jedi Order successfully fought off two successive attacks by Daala's Imperial fleet and the Empire Reborn.

Meanwhile, the Hutt crimelord Durga attempted to construct a down-scaled version superweapon known as the Darksaber in the Hoth asteroid field with the assistance of former Imperial weapons designer Bevel Lemelisk. A New Republic task force including General Madine and Admiral Ackbar succeeded in destroying the Darksaber by driving it into the asteroid field. In the ensuing conflict, Madine was executed by Durga.

Following Daala's defeat at Yavin IV, Daala retired and was succeeded as Supreme Commander by Admiral Pellaeon —Thrawn's second-in-command. Under Pellaeon, the Imperial Remnant began harassing Republic shipping in the Outer Rim and consolidated Imperial control over that region and the neighboring Mid Rim and Wild Space. The Imperial Remnant also annexed Kaine's Pentastar Alignment.

In 13 ABY, conflict broke out on Nam Chorios between the "Oldtimer"s and the more recent group "Newcomers". During a diplomatic mission to Chorios, Chief of State Leia Organa Solo was kidnapped by former Republic senator Seti Ashgad. Ashgad planned to unleash a deadly infection of drochs throughout the Meridian Sector called the Death Seed Plague as part of a deal with Moff Getelles and the Loronar Corporation. However, their efforts were thwarted by the combined efforts of the Skywalkers, Solo, Calrissian and Daala.

Later, Skywalker was able to negotiate and establish contact with the native crystalline Tsils who agreed to help eliminate the drochs within the sector. Meanwhile, the New Republic dispatched two full fleets and invaded the Antemeridian Sector. Getelles proved unable to stop them and the sector, along with much of neighboring space was captured by the Republic before Pellaeon halted their advance.

In 14 ABY, Chief of State Organa Solo embarked on a diplomatic tour of several Rimward worlds with her three children Jaina, Jacen and Anakin Solo. At Munto Codru, the children were kidnapped by agents of the Empire Reborn. Their leader Dark Jedi Hethrir attempted to indoctrinate the Solo children and planned to sacrifice Anakin to the demonic Waru at Crseih Station. However, the Empire Reborn was defeated during a confrontation and the Crseih system was destroyed in the resulting supernova.

With the defeat of the Empire Reborn, the Republic freed and repatriated many of Hethrir's former slaves including the kidnapped children on the Worldcraft Rebirth and the imprisoned passengers aboard Hethrir's passenger freighters. At an unknown period prior to 17 ABY, former Jedi cadet Dolph overthrew the tyrannical Je'har regime on his homeworld of Almania. Having turned to the dark side he adopted the pseudonym Kueller and established a military junta which attempted to overthrow the Republic in 17 ABY.

He used rigged bombs to exterminate the populations of Pydyr and Auyemesh and then attempted to overthrow the New Republic through a mixture of subversion and terrorist attacks. After the defeat of Kueller, Almania came under the control of his chief lieutenant, Yanne, who opened diplomatic talks with the New Republic. However, Yanne was soon overthrown by Gant, who in turn was overthrown by an unstable military junta. As a result Almania remained impoverished and was never able to join the New Republic.

As of 22 ABY, trade languages were common in the Outer Rim.

Legacy era

Political Divisions

Map of the Outer Rim's sectors as of 0 ABY.

The various galactic, regional and planetary governments and factions in the Outer Rim throughout galactic history are listed here in chronological order. Galactic governments are highlighted in bold.



Other Regions


Outer Rim Worlds


Star Clusters

Behind the scenes

In the first and second drafts of the Star Wars script, the Outer Rim was called the Outlands, and stretched from "the celestial equator to the farthest reaches of the Great Rift". It was the center of resistance to the Empire.


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The Outer Rim Territories was a region of space outside the Galactic Republic. It was where many notable planets, including Tatooine, could be found.

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