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Series: Starfleet Corps of Engineers, No. 57
Author(s): William Leisner
Publication information
Published: eBook - October 2005
ISBN: ISBN 0743496922



Centuries ago, the SS Mariposa transported two sets of colonists—one a "back-to-nature" group called the Bringloidi, the other a collection of scientists—to new worlds. Over a decade ago, the starship Enterprise brought the colonies back together as a solution to two problems—the Bringloidi had lost their home to solar flares, and the Mariposans faced a breeding crisis brought about by their use of cloning.
However, the union has not been as fruitful as Captain Picard had hoped, and now the SCE team of the USS da Vinci has been called in to solve the Mariposans' problem—but will the solution be even worse than the problem?


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Carol AbramowitzAndrew AngelopoulosDomenica Corsi • Lana DiCamino • Sue DiCamino • Kieran DuffyEMHBart FaulwellDavid GoldSonya Gomez • Victor Granger • Wilson Granger • James Hammond • Kevin Hammond • Susan HaznedlTomozuka KimRennan KonyaEllec Krotine • Reade Latta • Elizabeth Lense • Kara McClay • Brenna Odell • P8 BlueKatherine PulaskiWilliam T. RikerMadeline RobinsAnthony ShabalalaSolomanFabian StevensMor glasch Tev • Elizabeth Vallis • Makk Vinx • Cory Wheelock • Songmin Wong
Referenced only 
Julian BashirConleyCrane • Angela DiCamino • Frances DiCamino • Martha DiCamino • Dobrah • EmmettEden GilmanRachel Gilman • John Hammond • Vance HawkinsGeordi La ForgeMaraJean-Luc PicardGabriel Marshall • Danilo Odell • Danielle Willa Odell-Granger • Rod PortlynMontgomery ScottPhil Selden • Sandra Vallis • Worf

Starships and vehicles

USS da VinciDancing StarUSS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • USS Enterprise-EUSS HammarskjöldUSS LexingtonSS Mariposa (DY-500-class) • Shirley • USS Tubman


Artemis IXBetazedCoroticus IIIDrovoer IIFicus Sector • Life Science Center • Galvan VIGaultPike CityRecreational Station HidalgoMariposaSetlikSherman's PlanetStarbase 73Starbase 314Tellar • Teneb

Races and cultures

AndrossiBetazoid • Bringloidi • BynarHumanIotianJabariKlingonKornakMariposanNasatRomulan • Shmoam-ag • Tellarite

States and organizations

Alliance for Mariposan Primacy • Dieghanists • DominionEuropean HegemonyFederation Diplomatic Corps • Kharzh'ulla University • New United Nations • Public Safety Force • Security Ministry • Sons of Bringloid • Starfleet AcademyStarfleet Medical AcademyUnited Federation of Planets • United Ficus Colony • Wilmut Party

Other references

Atomic Horrors • Battle of Wolf 359 • beets • Bentman Prize • biosynthesis • biosynthesizer • biosynthetic limbbutterfly • Capital Complex • chicken broth • Class Mclonescoffee • Conestoga Expedition • Dominion WarEMH • equizine-1 • equizine-3 • Federation Journal of Medicinegespar • green tea • grishnar catholonovelicoberry torte • Imprinting • Incubation • infonet • Jefferies tubes • Katowa Expedition • Lurian folk song • Lysserian larva • Molotov cocktail • Neo-Transcendentalism • Nobel PrizepetaQphaser riflePhindapig • plastiform • Pocheeny virus • poteenPrime Directive • Progenitors • quadrotriticalerop'ngorsehlat • Stage IV Computing Age • stasizine • tangerine juice • Telurian Plague • Terra 10 • tetryon field • whiskeyWorld War III • Yoshimitsu Systems




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