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Otoh Gunga
General information

3,032 BBY


Boss Gallo

Location information



Lake Paonga

Points of interest

Otoh Gunga Zoo

"Ex-squeeze me, but da most safest place t'would be Gunga city. 'Tis where I grew up... 'Tis a hidden city."
Jar Jar Binks

Otoh Gunga (also known as Gunga City) was the largest Gungan city on Naboo, and the seat of their government.



The city, anchored to a massive underwater cliff deep within Lake Paonga, was a mass of hydrostatic force field bubbles which keep water out while allowing the Gungans to enter through them.


It was founded by Boss Gallo 3,000 years before the Invasion of Naboo on the site of an older Gungan city, Spearhead. Otoh Gunga was originally occupied by the population of Otoh Jahai, Otoh Langua, Otoh Mandassa, Otoh Raban, Otoh Sancture, Otoh Urs, and Rellias, after Gallo united all the Gungan tribes under one banner.

As of the Battle of Naboo, Otoh Gunga was home to a million Gungans, living in a massive bubble city that had grown out from the original foundation laid by Gallo's people, an area now known as the Ancient Quarter. The main focus of the city was a dense cluster of bubbles in the central district, radiating out from between walkways and plazas.

Notable additions to the city included the Otoh Villages, where most Gungans lived and worked, and the City Bigspace, a popular concourse constructed on the orders of Boss Rugor Nass, wishing to leave his mark on the city. The city also included bongo pens, cantinas and one of its most famous attractions, the Otoh Gunga Zoo.

Otoh Gunga cutaway.

After standing for three thousand years as a symbol of Gungan unity and strength, Otoh Gunga fell to the might of the Trade Federation in the latter stages of the Invasion of Naboo. In the early stages of the invasion, the Trade Federation had only heard rumors of a primitive underwater civilization.

Having confirmed the existence of the Gungans, Nute Gunray ordered a full assault on their strongest fortress. Led by OOM-9 and assisted by Darth Maul, a contingent of battle droids and aquatic destroyers attacked and besieged Otoh Gunga. Demoralized and defeated, Boss Nass fled to the "Sacred Place" to plan his counterattack.

Behind the scenes

The name Otoh Gunga was never actually mentioned in The Phantom Menace. Jar Jar Binks called it Gunga City, and Obi-Wan Kenobi referred to it as "The Gungan city". In all novelizations of the film however, it is referred to as Otoh Gunga.


Hydrostatic bubbles of Otoh Gunga.
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