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Safe Range/Mage Spot(by the mushrooms to the north in below pic)
Otherworldly beings are found in Zanaris.

Otherworldly beings are found in the south-west of Zanaris, south of the range. They used to be popular monsters due to the chance of their dropping dragon medium helmets and their closeness to a bank; however, because of the frustrating and constant random events, the otherworldly beings are not commonly fought unless it is assigned as a slayer task. They use melee and can hit a maximum of 8. They can be located just south of the bank and range in a separate room. It can be quite dangerous for lower level players, because in Zanaris you get lots of random things (like turning into a pig or a chicken, or randomly performing the Dance emote). While that is happening, the otherworldly being attacks you, hitting for no damage, while you are unable to retaliate.

Slayer masters give the following advice for this creature: "Otherworldly Beings are ethereal beings making them weak to magical attacks."

Although the picture shows the beings crowding around a small pond, it is more difficult to safe spot them than most think. They hardly ever get stuck at the corners, so the best spot is in both crooks of the nearby pond(on the North and the South side respectively). If you fail to do this, move fast to the another side of the pond from the attacking being, as they are very persistent. In most cases, when you are on the other side, they would just ignore you and continue walking to and fro, leaving your ammo strewn on the floor (if ranging), and this cannot be countered by using an Ava's device. Another idea is to hold them behind the large trees, but this might take a few tries before succeeding, so it is dangerous to lower levels.

Great care is recommended for lower levels as they can hit continuous 7's, therefore it is recommended you have good food.



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