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William Shakespeare's bust in The Muppet Christmas Carol.
Miss Piggy and Kermit portray Titania and Bottom from A Midsummer Night's Dream, photographed for a 1982 calendar.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616) was the Elizabethan playwright and poet behind such enduring works as Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant of Venice, Richard III, Julius Caesar, and Hamlet. The latter in particular has often been spoofed or referenced by the Muppets. Shakespeare himself was caricatured as one of the Schoolroom Busts in The Muppet Christmas Carol.



In addition to the named plays above, which have been referenced many times, there have been assorted references to Shakespeare himself, his work as a whole, or one-shot references to other works.

The Muppet Show

  • In the At the Dance sketch in episode 101, Miss Piggy asks her male pig dancing partner if he prefers Shakespeare to Bacon. Naturally, he prefers anything to bacon.
  • Episode 213's Veterinarian's Hospital involves a series of puns on the writer and his famous plays. Statler is offended at the lack of respect, claiming to be a student of Shakespeare. Waldorf notes that he was a student with Shakespeare.
  • When Spike Milligan assists Sam the Eagle in episode 317, Sam gets so frustrated that he says he wishes they had gotten Lawrence Olivier instead. Milligan quotes Shakespeare to point out that Olivier, a Brit, only spoke as clearly as he did so that Americans could understand him.

Sesame Street

  • Several Monsterpiece Theater sketches parody Shakespeare plays, including "The Taming of the Shoe", "The Monsters of Venice" and "Much Ado About Nothing".


  • Garth Brooks and Miss Piggy try to perform the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet in episode 102 of Muppets Tonight, but Piggy's nephews, Andy and Randy Pig, ruin the number. Statler notes that Shakespeare would've hated the performance. Waldorf says that Statler should know about that, because he dated one of Shakespeare's sisters. Statler responds "Boy, was she ugly."
  • Bear quotes William Shakespeare in the episode "Words, Words, Words", and comments "I hear he was pretty good with words." The lines quoted by Bear are from Shakespeare's Sonnet 18.


  • Kenneth Branagh has acted in numerous Shakespearian productions, and for a time ran his own theatre company, The Renaissance Theatre Company which specialised in putting on Shakespeare plays and toured all over the world. His roles include Peter Quince in 'A Midsumemr Night's Dream and Edgar Son of Gloucester (both for Renaissance). He also worked with the RSC where he appeared in Henry V, and,Loves Labours Lost, other Shakespearian credits include Twelfth Night. He has also acted Shakepeare in film including Henry V and Much Ado About Nothing.
  • Louise Gold has played Kate in a production of The Taming Of The Shrew at The Nuffield Theatre in Southampton in 1993, and, Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream at The Open Air Theatre in Regents Park in 1991. She has also appeared in major roles in two musicals based on Shakespeare plays Kiss Me Kate and The Boys From Syracause both at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre (in 1991 and 1997 respectively).
  • Ben Kingsley has performed with The Royal Shakespeare Company including playing the title role in Othello. His Shakesperian credits also include: Demetrius in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Claudio in Measure For Measure, Ariel in The Tempest (for which he also composed music), and, Ford in The Merry Wives Of Windsor. He has also appeared in MacBeth.
  • Patrick Stewart has performed countless times with the Royal Shakespeare Company and on Broadway and other contexts.
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Standing at 6'9" Gabriel Washington was a shoe-in for the AWE-I's "Monster Factory."  There the liverpool native was trained by Vile "Vince" Viper, and Wilson Pound, first meeting longtime friend, Henry Auster ("Handsome" Henry).  With a letter of introduction, Washington headed to the states, where he quickly joined the NWC.  There he was put in a stupid plastic monster suit, and wrestled as Barbarian Lord.  As a larger than life villain, Washington was paired up with similarly themed "monsters" like Shack the Saboteur (Brian Calypso).  The two had an in-ring chemistry, and enjoyed complaining about their stupid gimmicks, soon became travelling partners.  The two eventually parted ways from NWC, but kept together as they headed to TWS, the problem was, anyone who recognized them as the NWC ghouls, would laugh them out of the building.  Donning blue masks, the two men started working the circuit as a tag team, the Blue Angels.  The two picked up a number of tag titles during their run, while polishing their skills, before losing a mask versus mask match to hated rivals the Marvelous Hellraisers.

Getting good press for their last match, Washington got the call from his trainer.  Vile "Vince" Viper needed some sidekicks in the internationally acclaimed UWA, and Washington was moving up.  Adopting the gimmick Othello, Washington's heavy tattoos were complimented by face paint to make him a truly intimidating presence.  Othello was paired up with longtime friend, "Handsome" Henry, forming the tag team Unstoppable Darkness, which tore up the tag division for half a year.  The UWA saw star potential in Othello, and pulled the trigger on the team, having them feud over the UWA TV title.  Things were looking good for a main event run, when tragedy struck, a blown spot caused Washington to destroy his back, requiring a dozen surgeries.

When all the operations were finished there was no way to keep up with a regular schedule, and Othello went back to England to become a trainer at the AWE-I.  A few years later, Othello's former partner, Brian Calypso, hit big in the IWA.  Othello was brought in to play up their former tag team, wrestling a few PPV matches, while kept on as a road agent to work with younger stars.  He stayed with the IWA for five years before it finally went under, at which point he returned to the AWE-I.


Aztec KIng

Barbarian Lord

Blue Angel #2


Tag Teams

Coffin Makers (as Gabriel Washington w/Henry Auster)

Dark Ages (as Barbarian Lord w/Despot)

The Blue Angels (as Blue Angel #2 w/Brian Calypso)

Unstoppable Darkness (as Othello W/"Handsome" Henry)

Signature Moves

Full Circle Powerbomb (shakes opponent around to make a Zen symbol in the air before hitting a sitdown powerbomb)

Super Hiptoss

Short Arm Uranage

Titles & Accolades

WFMagazine Rookie of the Year 1998

4 x AWE-I tag team champion (w/Henry Auster)

NWC Tag Team champion (w/Despot)

2 x EMCA tag team champions (w/Brian Calypso)

IWA tag team champion (w/Brian Calypso)

2 x UWA TV champion (Henry Version)


This article uses material from the "Othello" article on the eWrestling wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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