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Oshtur (Earth-616)
Real Name
Ostara, Osthur the Omnipotent, Bright Lady, Bright Lady of the Dawn, Gracious Lady, Lady of the Skies, Goddess of the Eastern Star, possibly the Bird Goddess



Vishanti, formerly Elder Gods.

Agamotto (son), Gaea (sister), Set, Chthon (brothers)


Base Of Operations
The enchanted dimension of the Vishanti;Temple of the Three







Oshtur began existence as an Elder God.

First appearance

Strange Tales #120
(May, 1964)



After witnessing children play, Oshtur was moved and gave birth to Agamotto. She instructed Agamotto then left him to undertake the paths of magic.

Oshtur had a fascination with the realms beyond Earth, unlike her siblings. She took to the heavens before the fall of the Elder Gods and their degeneration into malevolent demons. It is unknown for how long Oshtur left earth, but it is presumed to be millions of years. While exploring the universe, she met a companion in Hoggoth, and they eventually departed the Marvel Universe for a mystic dimension, where the two resided with Agamotto.

With Agamotto and Hoggoth, she formed the Vishanti. As even Elder Gods as Gaea require a mate to produce offspring, Oshtur could not have spawned Agamotto alone, and thus would have required another to spawn him; Hoggoth is the most likely mate of Oshtur, though no definite confirmation as of yet has been given.

Oshtur is also responsible for creating the Tome of Oshtur and the Book of the Vishanti.

Oshtur herself is known to be very kind and noble. In fact, her Egyptian alias, Ma'at, is the Goddess of truth, law, order, and justice. She is the mother of Agamotto, the first Sorcerer Supreme; however, her Ishtar incarnation degenerated into a demoness of malevolence instead. Oshtur is regularly depicted as a green or golden-skinned woman with hair that is either leaf-like, bald, or long and blue.

Another interesting note, is that Oshtur appears to have strong favor for the bloodline of Ororo Munroe. For some unknown reason, since the dawn of Atlantis, this line of African women has been given distinguishing features of white hair, blue eyes, and poweful magic potential. The white magic Oshtur bestows on those faithful to her, is the equivalent of the dark magic the Elder God, Chthon, bestows upon his followers.

In Mystic Arcana, Ian McNee has a vision of Oshtur in which he is assigned to find the Four Cornerstones of Creation. In the final book he learns that this was a deception by Chthon, and the real Oshtur intercedes. In Book I, McNee claims Ma'at and Ishtar as names Oshtur is known by.

Powers and Abilities



Oshtur possesses vast magical power. She is associated with the element of air, intellect, and reason. Her "mighty hands" and "omnipotence" are usually noted by magicians.


As one of the eternal mystical Vishanti and an Elder Goddess of Earth, Oshtur holds such vast magical power in both the Marvel Universe and the enchanted realm of the Vishanti, derived both innately, from ambient magical energies, and from worshipping by those of innumerable dimensions that she is often known as “mighty” and even “omnipotent,” though such a term in the Marvel Multiverse does not usually indicate infinite power (omnipotent: All-powerful. The term is also used generically to describe numerous beings possessing vast power, which, although not unlimited, by far surpasses that of most sentient beings). A formidable rival of her wicked brother Chthon, whose presence on Earth threatens the entire universe, Oshtur fights to support the Sorcerer Supreme, having spawned Agamotto and with him and Hoggoth forming the Vishanti, and aid good from afar. Skilled mystics such as the Ancient One, Doctor Strange, his apprentice Clea, and several others of benevolent nature have called upon her magic to empower their mystic enchantments, for numerous effects (though not uncommonly in conjunction with other potent Principalities of mystic nature, ranging from the other two Vishanti, Watoomb, Ikonn, Munnopor, Raggadorr, Cyttorak, the Seraphim and even Dormammu, Satannish and Zom), release Gaea from her enchanted prison by the Faltine Dormmamu, such as repulsing humans by a radius of five feet, enable two people to exchange bodies, reawaken another from a mystic trance or sleep, use the Cloak of Levitation as a weapon, congeal demons, teleport others from outer space to Earth, banish beings from whence they came, dark forces and a mystic trap, clock pendulums, mystic bonds, girls to other dimensions, illusory presences, or simply to directly supply power and/or wisdom to the sorcerer and/or others. Oshtur is also able to “grant” Doctor Strange the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, despite Cyttorak a separate entity not of such benevolence, creating engines of destruction such as the Juggernaut and supplying power to those such as Doctor Doom. Either with the other two members of the Vishanti or without them, Oshtur is capable of projecting herself or at least her image across dimensions to Earth, even to human dreams, appearing to virtually anyone or anything there.

Oshtur has also hurled a lance, according to Dr. Strange in one of his many spells, and has been called the “tower of towers,” potentially indicating the colossal size of one of her physical manifestations. Oshtur also appears to possess a "fearsome visage, before which all things do shake" in at least one of her physical forms. “Puissant” and "swift to chastise or to curse," Oshtur’s hands are usually described as “mighty,” and Dr. Strange has also spoken of her “eyes,” apparently referring to the fact that in her usual physical avatars such body parts do exist. Oshtur is associated with the element of air, just as Chthon was based on fire. The Sword of Bone was the Elder Goddess Oshtur's contribution to the Cornerstones of Creation; composed of a series of sharp, interlocking bones surrounded by a mystic blue flame, the blade can penetrate most substances. Its aura once damaged even the Hulk. The Sword of Bone has a mystic connection to the Pale Horseman. In fact the Horseman summons the Sword by reaching into his ribcage and tearing out one of his own rib bones, which magically transforms into the Sword of Bone.

Strength level

Physical strength at least 25 tons, the average for a goddess of Earth, yet likely as an Elder Goddess and one who has mastered magic, can augment it to levels beyond Class 100; Oshtur, mostly, however, has grown beyond the need of physicality.


If ever Oshtur was to return to Earth permanently, it is likely the Demogorge would seek to target her, though her benevolence, magical skill, affliation with Gaea, and Atum's current demise would limit her chances of harm.



Though last in Dr. Strange's possession, Oshtur is at least partially responsible for the creation of mystic items as the Book of the Vishanti and the Tome of Oshtur, as well as the Sword of Bone, holding magic so strong it even harmed the Hulk once


According to Doctor Strange, the Vishanti are essentially genderless, though even Elder Gods of Earth and cosmic entities sometimes are specialized with a fixed sex.


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