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map marker: Osceolla
leaders: Gammorin
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Osceolla was the main base of operations of Gammorin's (Paladin Latham's) super mutant army. It was a military compound constructed near the place where part of the Brotherhood of Steel Air Convoy crashed. Gammorin himself, as well as High Inquisitor Toccamatta stationed here. Roshambo could be found on the ruins of the airship. The Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel squad under the leadership of the warrior came here to assassinate Gammorin and save General Simon Barnaky who was presumably kept somewhere here. They succeeded in their first objective, but General was already captured by robots. The letter to his wife, Maria, and a nuke control device, which could be useful with the nuke from Kansas City, were also retrieved.

Mission walkthrough

chapter: 3
location: Osceolla
given by: General Dekker
main objectives: Eliminate Gammorin
optional objectives: Save General Barnaky
previous: Kansas City
next: Junction City
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Suggested equipment: 1 sniper rifle, 1 browning and 1 pancor jackhammer with Flechette shells. This is a pretty easy mission. First sneak to the signed buildings southeast corner with the character armed with the jackhammer. Be agressive in CTB mode. Wait until the northern patrol arrives. Then wait again and shoot the western patrol from here. In the other building are 3 supermutant with a siren. So sneak there and kill them (2 of them are sleeping). Go north with your Browning to the fence's corner. Go either way in agressive mode to shoot the gate-guards without dying.

Go to the Zeppelin. Talk with the guy here but he won't help you much. This part may never have been finished (you supposed here to buy a map about the minefield, what are on the western and northern part of the map, signed with dead creatures as a warning).

Go to the ruined buildings with a burst weapon, possibly in sneaking mode as here will be mutants too. Then get your browning and climb up the sniper nest. Here will be 2 mutant with SAWs. Aim first on the closer one - this saves your life. Do this in CTB. After clearing out the nest send up your sniper and shoot what you can. Then stay up there. Send your grenadier to the north to throw grenades through the fence eliminating 4-5 supermutants without consequences. Disarm the mines around you as they can blow your face off if your throw lands short. Go in the camp from the south (through the western gate). This is the easiest way. Stay in agressive mode (66% will do). Dangerous point: in the small house there are 2 mutants. Use your sniper from a distance, otherwide you will be shot and most likely killed. Also, when you enter the underground section, loot the gate guard corpses before going down since the corpses will disappear.

For the last part, I leave it to you to find out your strategy, although there will be some notable danger: First, do not enter the room filled with gas tanks; instead, shoot them from as far as possible. Second: Talk with the green mutant. Third: There is a mutant with a flamethrower behind the bar's door, waiting in ambush. Last: Gamorrin will hit you hard, so use TB, run before the door, then step back immediately.

  • Worth to loot: in the last room you can find 2 quest items worth a promotion: A briefcase in a chest (it is a laptop actually) and a holodisk, at the top of the "western" wall (as the PipBoy says, otherway it is the southern), under the table in the room, near a chair next to the table. This is pixelhunt, but really worth it.

One last thing: Roshombo (at the Zeppelin) will turn to hostile after you kill Gamorrin, so you can go back and kill him too for the measley 24 exp and a yellow nuka cola. He just pissed in it. After this mission, you will be able to hire supermutants.

Appearances in games

Osceolla appears only in Fallout Tactics.

Fallout Tactics missions

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